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RU 06/2011 - Seligsprechung von Johannes-Paul II ?

CATHOLIC CHURCH (ru, February 21st, 2011) - Pope John Paul II, if God wants it so, will be beatified with great honour by Benedict XVI himself on May 1st in Rome, in front of the cathedral Saint-Peter. Two million and a half "pilgrims” are announced. For comparison: when the beatification of Padre Pio was celebrated, there were “only” 400,000 pilgrims. So this beatification will be grandiose, disproportionate.

Remember that this pope had
-    embraced the Koran in public;
-    encouraged the young Muslims during his visit to Morocco: "Be yet more Muslim!”;
-    maintained a practical prohibition of the venerable former Roman-Catholic mass, replacing it by a rite of guitars, slapping of hands, hugs, and hunting between microphones;
-    excommunicated archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, providential defender of the Tradition in the Church;
-    yielded to the diktat of the Jews at Auschwitz ordering to evacuate not only the crosses, but also the Carmelites who wanted "to pray where nobody prays";
-    dared to disfigure the Holy Rosary offered to the Church by Saint Dominique ;
-    attended, managed and let go the terrible decline of the Church (decrease of the religious practice average of 20% to 3% under his pontificate, at least in Europe);
-    prayed at Assisi with all religions of the World "to the same God";
-    visited repeatedly the temples and mosques in honouring these false religions by prayer;
-    accepted in public the blessing by wizards and witches in India and elsewhere;
-    sacrificed on the altar of ecumenism our dear and courageous Uniates of the Orient;
-    strengthened the respectability of the Communist regimes in accepting to meet them at the highest level, thereby delaying by several years the fall of the Berlin wall and of those criminal regimes;
-    practically let chase the Latin, unique language of dogmatic and liturgical clarity, from the seminars, thus giving free access to all currents and counter-currents which are flowering in this valley of tears ;
-    left with impunity invade the clergy by immoral modernism which makes today the Church crumble in America, Germany, England etc., because of the trial against the paedophiliac priests;
-    reduced the divine message of the Church, especially near the United Nations, to some miserable assumptions of human rights invented by some atheist revolutionaries;
-    reduced the Church to such a degree of decay that the cardinal Ratzinger felt obliged to cry out in Rome, at the Way of the Cross in 2005: “The Church is taking water from all sides, only God can yet save the Church ! »

In short, this man, perhaps saint in his interior, but devastating in his actions as Pope, will be elevated on the altars and delivered to the devotion of the faithful so that all are invited to imitate him. Thus the damage is far from being completed. Let’s note by the way that, according to the opinion of most of the theologians, the beatification is not an act of infallible character. Is infallible only the canonization, towards which the beatification is only a step. In the meantime, let’s remain humble and calm while they are beatifying themselves mutually, et let’s struggle vigorously not against our dear Mother Church, but against these dramatic deviations and abuses.

A word of Mgr Marcel Lefebvre, in this difficult situation, can give us consolation and confirmation: "I said to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, summarizing in a few words : Eminence, please consider, even if you give us a bishop, even if you give us some degree of autonomy towards the local bishops, even if you give us the liturgy of 1962, if you allow us to continue the seminars and the Fraternity as we are running them now, we cannot work together, it’s impossible, impossible, because we are working in two opposite directions: you, you are working  towards the dechristianisation of society, of the human person and the Church, and we are working on their christianisation. We cannot collaborate! » (Le Sel de la Terre N° 31, page 194). Archbishop Lefebvre had not the honour to be declared saint by the Church; however, according to the opinion of hundreds of thousands of Catholics over the world, he had the immense advantage of being it. Deo gratias !

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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