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RED DANGER FOR ELYSEE PALACE (ru, April 30th, 2012). - It sounds like a rumbling in the ground, a right wing tsunami at the horizon: “Never again the red devils in the Elysée Palace!” The Christian political movement AMEN has just released a last statement before the final vote for the French presidential election on May 6th. Quote: “To avoid the worst solution (“the least of two evils”), we clearly advocate, without any ambiguity and without any conditions, to vote for M. Sarkozy, no matter what his personal qualities are. Didn’t Saint Joan of Arc put a poor king on the throne of France as well? Those who will not vote, or leave a blank ballot, will help the Hollande-Aubry-Mélenchon team - declared enemies of the Church & of the Christians - to enter the Elysée Palace on the morning of May 7th. In the worst case, a victory of the Reds, we will send a scathing letter to all the guilty Catholics, whether traditionalist or not. We will ask them to keep silent when the Red Revolution will start again even more the following day : abortion without any conditions up to the 9th month, homosexual marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, unlimited euthanasia, pressurizing and finally closing down of the Traditional Catholic schools, mosques everywhere, chaotic genetics… You should not have done what cannot be repaired, you should have voted for the right side on May 6th and definitely not go fishing that day, as some fools are proud to say. No matter which ballot recommendation Marine Le Plen – the fake Joan of Arc - gives on May 1st. she is ready to sacrifice France just to promote her own party (Front National) one step ahead. Saint Joan of Arc fought for the king by divine right, Marine is fighting for herself (“I am the only candidate of France” she shouted on March 7th in a Paris meeting). Our own guide line is the one of Joan of Arc: ‘To us the battle, to God the victory!’ ” End of quotation.
CATHOLIC MEDIA (ru, April 30th, 2012). - A very interesting press statement was issued by Cardinal Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for media and social communication, during a conference entitled “God on the Web” that took place on Saturday, April 28th, in the Heiligenkreuz monastery near Vienna. He underlined not only the need for Christians to evangelize with the new communication tools such as the Web, but also the need to come back to silence. According to him, communication and silence are not conflicting but do complement each other. These two poles must be balanced, particularly in a surrounding where silence is proudly neglected, and this omission makes words meaningless. We must discover silence again in the middle of hectic means of communication. - Our own radio, dear readers, is called “Radio Silence” (, which deliberately broadcasts only one to two hours per day. It focused on silence since its foundation in 2000. Isn’t silence the path to God? Isn’t it the language of the monks? Isn’t it the translation of the suffering, of the continued silence of the Passion of Christ and of His tomb? Isn’t it the language of the catacombs and of the martyrs? And of all new life during nine months? A silent scream? “What is essential, is invisible to the eye” said the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry. It’s also inaudible to the ears. The essential is hidden. The true words are those who bring people back to the silence, the silence of sincere thinking and wordless adoration. - At Radio Silence, we are actually studying how to build a half silent programme, a kind of meditation, with only a few sentences scattered here and there. It is surely our role to contribute this mark stone.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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