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- FRANCE: Please find hereafter some excerpts of the "Board Book" which the association SOS MOTHERS/UNEC (BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien) sends periodically to its friends.

- Wednesday February 8th, 2006. A young woman of 20 years, 6 months pregnant, Deborah, gives us a call from Argenteuil close to Paris: she doesn't find where to lodge, even with a regular work (McDonald) and the possibility to pay for the rent! Since she is pregnant, her family where she is living - 6 children living with their parents in 45 m2! - are no more able to keep here. The township cannot satisfy her request for lodging. Nothing can be done, because no low fare social flats are available. - These authorities are criminal: they let legally enter the foreigners into France ("with a tourist visa", recognizes minister Sarkozy), and then, when they don't want to leave France - and this is perfectly foreseeable! - they can give them neither work nor lodging, maybe just something to eat. Those are the pharisees of "human rights"! More charitable would be to forbid the foreigners to get installed in France, and to take seriously care of those who are already installed, if this is not already too late. We, from SOS MOTHERS, we see the consequences of this criminal policy of all recent governments. We collect the pregnant mothers from the streets. - By the way, today we received a phone call from Rose, 18 years old; she gave birth to a baby 3 months ago, and is lodged in one of our 4 emergency studios in the Paris area, in fact a room of hardly 10 m2, with cabinet and shower, a used sofa and a hotplate for warming up things. Rose cries over the phone, and baby Ines with her: "It's much too small!". She almost accuses us, who are doing what we can for her. Naturally it's much too small, but what can we do? A mother in similar situation, Patricia, whom we had lodged some years ago, had to wait 3 years in one of our small emergency studios until obtaining a first proposal of a low fare social flat from the social services of the municipality of Paris, yet with 3 children in low age... This is intolerable! Rose did not say it, but we feel what she is thinking: "But find something else for me, you see perfectly that 10 m2 is no more sufficient for my baby and myself!" She's right, but we are impotent. We suffer with her, and with her baby, in front of this injustice against the motherhood and the young childhood. Imagine you were 18, just out of the school, and already confronted with such problems! It's like that that you treat the future of France, Gentlemen ministers and legislators, gang of pharisees, only for not seeming to be "racists" by closing rigorously the borders for foreigners? It's incredible that rich townships like Argenteuil (aircraft manufacturing Marcel Dassault!) are sending to us, a small private association, these mothers, because those Gentlemen don't know how to lodge them! Facing this situation, dear friends, don't let us alone with our mothers! Think of Bethehem, of the Good Samaritan, and let's HOPE against all hope! Thanks to God our little mothers know what is Hope. The proof: their babies!

- Friday February 17th, 2006. Today, for the first time, we saw Lea - our person responsible for our Paris operations - crying: she is at the end of her capacities. It's especially the story of Kalinka (pseudonym!) which weighs on her. We already are dealing with this young woman since some time. Yesterday she gave birth to twins, Roman and Leo. It's a Russian prostitute working in Paris, a friend of Tatiana whom we had already rescued two years ago from the Parisian Boulevards and who is now a happy mother, back in Russia. Kalinka would also like to get out of her sexist slavery, but we don't know where to lodge her. That's why Lea cries. YES we saved her 2 babies from abortion, NO we didn't save the mother from prostitution. God of Love, come to our help!

- Wednesday February 22nd, 2006. We could pull out Kalinka and her 2 new-born babies of the grip of her jailers! Since she had to give birth, she had taken an appointment in a hospital in Paris; the bad fellows had a copy of the registration from the hospital and didn't worry. What they didn't know, is that we had prepared a room in another maternity ward. This was a brilliant operation, we succeeded in fact to escape from their surveillance. 3 days later, with the help of a little network of Good Samaritans, we could evacuate her towards another country in Europe, near a couple of surgeons who have already 4 children. "Two babies more, no problem!". Kalinka will take care of the 6 children, thus disappearing from surface during 6 or 12 months, the necessary time to recover and - to make forget herself in the milieu.

- Saturday March 4th, 2006. Three days before, we received a phone call: "Here is Mrs.... Do you practice prayer chains? A girl here, called Christine (pseudonym), 22 years old, wants to abort her baby tomorrow... " A direct contact between Christine and us couldn't be established. This morning, Christine came spontaneously to see us, very sadly: "I ended up going for abortion, because they harassed me; I wanted to finish this story", she said. This is the 2nd young woman whom we know, who aborted her baby because she felt harassed by "pro-lifers". This harassment, in their minds, became almost the major motive for the 'final solution'. It's the only two abortions of which we had knowledge in 11 years of work in this field: terrifying lesson for us Christians! May God, in His Love, receive these two innocent babies in His arms, and may he forgive to the two young mothers - as well as to the implied harrassers! - Conclusion: Loving doesn't mean to do anything. An ill-advised or badly led charity action can wound - or even kill. True Love is a very delicate, divine matter, impossible for us poor humans, except "BY HIM, WITH HIM AND IN HIM", according to the inspired words of the (ancient) Holy Mass. - (ru).

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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