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HUNGARY (ru, April 25th, 2011). - First and foremost an excellent news. To recover from the moral, cultural and economic morass into which the European Union is increasingly sinking, Hungary has bravely taken the lead to amend its Constitution of 1990. In fact, the Hungarian parliament has adopted on Monday afternoon April 18th a new constitution, cutting clearly with the wooden language of most of the current constitutions in Europe, and taking explicit references to God, Christianity and the traditional family, with 262 votes in favour, 44 against, and one abstention. While the socialists (MSZP) and the left party Liberal-Greens (LMP) decided not to participate in the vote, the Jobbik (extreme right) voted against the text. "We have lived through a historic moment," said the chairman of the parliament, Laszlo Köver, after the vote on the text which was marked by the conservative Prime minister, Viktor Orban, who has, thanks to his party Fidesz, a two-thirds majority in the new parliament. The new constitution must still be signed by the head of State, Pal Schmitt, on April 25 and it shall come into force on January 1st, 2012. But already the atheistic bureaucrats of the E. U. at Brussels are shouting up noisily,  saying that the new Hungarian constitution must be immediately examined on its conformity with the "democratic European principles, the principle of the rule of law and the respect of Human Rights". Let’s hope that the superb catholic Hungary keeps staying upright!

BELGIUM (ru, April 25th, 2011). - Here is unfortunately the 1st bad news of today. Mgr. Roger Vangheluwe was bishop of Bruges until April 2010 when he had to resign after he had shocked Belgium by the revelation of sexual abuse that he had committed on a minor nephew between 1973 to 1986. This Thursday, April 14th, he relapsed, stating to the Flemish television VT4 that, in fact it he had committed these atrocities not only on one nephew, but on two. And he added that he found an arrangement with the family by buying their silence for a few dollars. Two days later, upon the order from the Vatican via its nunciature in Belgium, he had to leave the monastery in France where the Church had cloistered him in view of a "spiritual and psychological treatment". Destination: unknown. "This exceeds the limits of what is acceptable", protested the Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme. "The Church must take its responsibilities, this can no longer continue like that", he pounded (TV chain France2 on April 19th). One can only weep on the state of the Church to which some members of the clergy, not only in Belgium, have lowered it. We are far from the time of strong popes, upright bishops, and saint priests, worthy of the Church MAGISTER GENTIUM. Today it’s atheist bureaucrats who stand up to remind the Church of the moral order.

FRANCE (ru, April 25th, 2011). - The French bishops are not much better, even if this is dissimulated under other forms. The CCFD (Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development), under the control of the Conference of Bishops of France, openly supports - i.e. in a way visible to everyone on the Internet site of the CCFD - at least two movements which are strongly engaged in the promotion of abortion in Latin America, in other words two gangs of baby murderers. In Argentina it is INDESO MUJER (Institute for Legal and Social Studies on Women) which is supported by the CCFD since 20 years! The home page of INDESO displayed as one of its goals "the sexual and reproductive rights", which include "the right to secure and legal abortion". In addition they are fighting for the "sex rights" as "the sexual pleasure including masturbation" and "free sexual association free others". INDESO participates in each month of September in the campaign for the decriminalisation of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbeans. Finally they advocate "sexual education for taking contraceptives to avoid abortion, and for legal abortion to avoid death”. In addition they seek "the right to sexual relationships regardless of age, marital status or family models", and claim the right to "a joyful, recreational, and independent reproductive sexuality”. Not less than that! - In Mexico the CCFD co-finances the pro-abortion centre "Antonio de MONTESINOS" (Centro de Estudios Sociales y Culturales Antonio de Montesinos). The latter participated, with 4 other movements, under which "Catholics for Free Choice" (pro-abortion), to the ECCLESIASTICAL OBSERVATORY, an organization which criticized the hierarchy for its opposition to abortion. This Observatory admits that abortion is not good in itself, but maintains that "the continuation of a non-scheduled or non-desired pregnancy which represents very probably a danger to the physical life and mental well being of the woman, or of the couple, of the family and even of the society, cannot be considered as desirable." This Observatory blamed the bishops’ opposition to abortion, calling it "a lack of charity and mercy". Similarly the Centre MONTESINOS is a signatory of a report of the year 2006 which requires "that progress be made in all states of Mexico to broaden the basis of legal abortions, so as to make it accessible everywhere in an equal manner". One can imagine a little old lady in France who gives "to the Church" her mite of Lent, to finance finally the murder of babies and the sexualization of the society in South America and the Caribbeans. Our congratulations the Monseigneurs in France! You can contact, for this sordid case, if you want so, the following addresses: 1) Archbishop Andre VINGT-TROIS, Archbishop of Paris, president of the Conference of Bishops of France, e-mail 2) CCFD, 4 rue Jean Lantier, 75001 Paris, phone 0144828000, fax 0144828143. For more information: of April 18th, 2011 .

CONCLUSION (ru, April 25th, 2011) - To be concrete, let us rather twice think it over before giving our poor mites to “Christian” associations. We can guarantee at least for the following addressees, among others:
-    two really active and effective pro-life movements: SOS TOUT PETITS (of Dr. Xavier Dor), 11 rue Tronchet, F-75008 Paris, phone 0147839742, , ; and SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, phone/fax 0134120268, , (under the heading SOS Mothers).
-    Two political movements which are 100% Christian, totally anti-abortion: SOLIDARITY-FRANCE (Christian party chaired by Axel de Boer), 31 avenue de SEGUR, F-75007 Paris, , ; and AMEN (political Catholic movement), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, phone/fax 0134120268, , .
-    Two actions for the evangelisation of the Muslims in France: the Rev. Father Guy Pages, Paris, , ; and the action BNM-AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, phone/fax 0134120268, .
-    Two Catholic actions in the media: Radio-Silence, 5 rue Dufrenoy, 75116 Paris, , ; and the mini press agency RU (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, phone/fax 0134120268, , (under the heading RU).
-    Two actions to help persecuted Christians in the world: CSI (action of Christian aid, based in Switzerland, particularly for Turkey and the Sudan), 72 rue Marius Aufan, F-92300 Levallois-Perret , Phone 0147481470, fax 0147481473, ,; and the CARMEL of Lisieux (channelling financial aid to the Christians in Baghdad via their Carmel monastery in that city), convent Sainte-Trinité, 42 rue du Dr. Lesigne, F-14100 Lisieux, .
-    There should be some mention of other excellent associations, such as those for the Catholic schools which are entirely free, some religious orders etc. , but let’s stop here for the moment, if you permit.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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