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RU 15/2011 - JOHN-PAUL II

JOHN PAUL II (ru, April 16th, 2011) – Report from one of our correspondents in Germany: Red Alert for the Church ! Serious objections to the planned Beatification of our pope John Paul II (JP2).

“To live in heroic virtue, cannot be considered as a sufficient reason for beatification. Because a Blessed must always, and at any occasion, explicitly witness in his saintly life, especially when he has been entrusted with St Peter’s duty, that Jesus Christ IS THE LORD AND THE ONLY SAVIOUR of the world. In addition, a Pope must stick, always and very seriously, to all the commandments of God and the Church's teachings, in accordance with the warning of Jesus: “the one who reverses the smallest one of the commandments and teaches people in that way, will be the smallest one in the Kingdom of Heaven”. It's no coincidence that the hardest correction that Jesus ever pronounced against a person during his life on earth – “Out of my way, Satan, behind me !” – were addressed to the first Pope.

As to this hard and merciless correction, one must consider that Peter had not done any evil, on the contrary, he wanted that his best friend would not painfully die. From this incident one can conclude that all words of a Pope which he announced publicly and which concern more or less the essence of the Christian message, are to be examined and evaluated with a maximum of rigor.

But it is evident that our Pope John Paul II seized many opportunities to assimilate our faith in Jesus Christ to the same level as the faith of Islam. In his speech in Casablanca on August 19th, 1985, JP2 announced before thousands of Muslims that we are all worshipping the same God. At such occasions JP2 never pointed out to the Muslims that Allah, a God designed by the founder of Islam, is a cruel and unapproachable tyrant; neither did he announce that Jesus Christ has revealed by his life to all men the true God, the truth and the essence of true love. What JP2 also has systematically concealed, is that the people can get true redemption only through baptism and inner conversion.

If one compares the equal levelling between Allah and Jesus Christ with Jesus’ word: “I am the Path, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me”, one notes that this equality is incompatible with the Catholic faith. By this setting to the same level, the uniqueness of Christ is relativized. This goes straight towards a denial of Jesus Christ, and therefore it is unacceptable for a Christian.

A summit of the priority given by JP2 to Islam appeared when, on March 21st, 2000, at the place at the Jordan where Jesus had been baptized by John Baptist, JP2 said: “Saint John Baptist, protect Islam!” Yes, he said Islam, which in the Koran not only denies the divinity of Christ, but curses the Christians and declares them as under-men who have to pay a pro capita tax if they don’t accept to convert to Islam or to live in their own country.

Equally unacceptable is what Pope John Paul II wrote in his Encyclical – a doctrinal document! –entitled Evangelium Vitae on March 25th, 1995, in the last section of the paragraph 73: “So it may happen …, that when it is not possible to overturn or completely abrogate a pro-abortion law, an elected official, whose absolute personal opposition to procured abortion was well known, could licitly support proposals aimed at limiting the harm done by such a law and at lessening its negative consequences at the level of the public culture and morality.”

With this statement our pope JP2, as successor of Peter, leaves to the free choice of Catholics the option to support the selfish requirements of certain groups in the population, who are not prepared to restrict themselves in favour of other people and therefore want to destroy them, instead of adhering firmly to the eternally valid divine order “Thou shalt not kill”. Thus, saying this, John Paul II., as Peter who, on the human level, had only good intentions and who, precisely because of this, became guilty, also receives  Jesus’ condemnation.

In reality, from the moment a man has approved by his ballot an abortion law, this man  is coresponsible of the death of every human being killed by abortion – i.e. who without anaesthesia is torn into pieces while alive, and evacuated by aspiration from the maternal womb.

Then they will answer: Lord, when did we execute thee? The Lord will reply: Amen, I tell you, what you did to the least of my brothers, it’s to Me that you have done it. And they will be obliged to answer: a Pope, your representative on earth, John Paul II., has recommended us to vote for abortion, in order to reduce the negative impact on the level of culture.

This relativization of the obligation of the 5th commandment for the protection of life already yielded fatal consequences, as it is illustrated by the following fact:

When, in 2009, the government of Luxembourg wanted to legalise euthanasia, it was in need of a majority in the Parliament to support the proposal, because the Christian party strongly opposed it. At that moment a member of parliament discovered this paragraph 73 of the Encyclical Evangelium Vitae, and the entire Christian party, returned by this clause from the Holy Father’s document, changed its opinion : they voted unanimously for the legalization of arbitrary killing on demand, for limiting the damage. When older people in countries where euthanasia is allowed,  are delivered to a hospital, they must fear for their lives, because there already many people have been “recycled” in a legitimate way. God only knows the number of old people who became a load to their family and have been urged to approve their voluntary death !

Imagine only the disastrous situation in which the Church would find herself if one day she was to realize that she was obliged to withdraw the heresies of a beatified Pope, in order to remain the Church of Christ ! When in 553 the heresy of Apokatastasis of Origenes was sentenced in the 5th Oecumenical Council, Origines had fortunately not been subito elevated on the altars after his death - though having been a courageous witness for Christ.

Therefore: ceterum censeo Johannem Paulum Secundum non esse beatificandum.
Author: Wilhelm Dresbach.”

PS: RU would like to add the following considerations.
1)    A beatification is not in itself infallible, but is only a step towards a possible canonization, which in fact is an infaillible act of the Church. This may be a little consolation.
2)    Consolate may also the fact that the beatification of JP2 would permit the official cult only in the dioceses of Rome and Poland, and in other places only if a request has been addressed to Rome - and accepted from there (cf. Vatican News Agency ZENIT, April 12th, 2011).
3)    Many more questions regarding JP2 could be cited, in particular the fact that he excommunicated His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefèbvvre, heroic defender of the faith, which was a so destructive measure for the faith and the Church that our present Holy Father B16 had to revoke it, if not totally to cancel it.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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