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RU 09+10/2011 - FRANCE, project of repentance

FRANCE (ru, March 12th, 2011). In this double issue of our RU news, for the beginning of Lent, please let us quote below, for its relevance, a genuine outcry, and yet full of hope, of our correspondent in Metz/France who proposes a draft for a public repentance to be used by the "Church-which-is-in-France'. Quotation in extenso, for a good meditation of Lent:

“- I repent for giving access to heterodox theologians (in order not to say heretics), already stigmatised as such by Rome, and to syncretic cultural mix-ups like Taizé, as well as for having looked for help from the diatribes of more than doubtful ‘Catholics’ to prepare in secrecy - or even in FM lodges - the second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, called ‘pastoral and not dogmatic’, of which the true (and achieved) purpose was to produce "1789 in the Church", a formula triumphantly launched, just after Vatican II, by the very progressive Cardinal Suenens.

- I repent, in particular, to have falsified this Council even before it started, and to have practiced until the end a permanent hold-up, in the purest tradition of the Bolshevik Agitprop… It’s true that, during the negotiations at Metz with Cardinal Tisserand, I took the engagement not to renew the essential condemnation of the genocides committed by the Communists, sworn enemies of God and Christianity, my goal being to ensure the ‘ecumenical’ presence’, during the Council in Rome, of members of the Russian ‘Orthodox Church’, packed at that moment by the KGB, and thus I acted in defiance of those Catholics whose persecution by Moscow and its satellites never had ceased and did not diminish since, on the contrary, though many observers believe naively that Communism has been defeated. Thus I cooperated everywhere with the perennial Revolution and its latest achievements, up to the point of betraying, thanks to my stupid ‘Ostpolitik’, the Catholics in the countries governed by that repugnant regime, for example by leaving alone the Uniates of Ukraine, who have not ceased to be persecuted by our allegedly orthodox, but genuinely devout to Moscow and hatefully anti-roman ‘separated brethren’..

- I repent to have prohibited in the most arbitrary, illegal and totalitarian way the celebration of the only worthy Mass : the timeless one which pope Saint Pius V had restored in ordering to the priests to celebrate it until the end of times, not without throwing in advance the anathema against anyone who would claim to stop it. This aberrant attitude should lead me to excommunicate (de facto, if not de jure !) the last Catholics and their pastors decried as schismatics, while leaving freely talking and parade the neo-modernist heresy, when I did not encourage it directly. Witness, among others, the grand charivari that I have allowed to be organized by the ‘charismatics’ (those convulsionaries of protestant inspiration and possessed by "the spirit", of course, but which one?) in the heart of Christianity, in the basilica Saint-Peter of Rome, and subsequently on its square, even though everywhere in the world, I closed the sanctuaries to the Tradition and to its genuinely Catholic ceremonies.

- I repent to have desecrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, at the point of transforming it into a kind of festive New Age event focused on the adoration of "Man" rather than of God. I repent of having transformed it into a simple memorial, a vulgar "community meal", implicitly denying the real Presence and Transubstantiation, in order to make the frequentation of the "mass of Paul VI" acceptable to the Protestants by their hierarchy, who since Luther, that secularised, debauched and eccentric monk, excludes the essence of the Mass which has always been, is and will always remain above all a non-bloody Sacrifice of atonement. I repent to have established a service which is at 98 % protestant, with a zest of Kabbalah ("God of the universe" instead of "God of the celestial forces" to translate Deus Sabaoth) and a suspicion of FM jargon ("fruits of the earth and work of men" instead of "the sacred bread of eternal life and the chalice of eternal salvation" to translate Panem sanctum vitæ æternæ, and Calicem salutis perpetuæ), which is not very surprising when you consider that this "mass" has been entirely fabricated by an obscure commission (a Lodge, in sum) of which I had appointed the presidency to the FM prelate Annibale Bugnini, assisted by six protestant advisers and a few neo-modernists playing the "Catholic alibi".

- I repent for having desecrated the holy places in lending them to anyone for any use, relegating the Holy Sacrament to the low-sides, and even to the sacristy, leaving the hosts to be given by non-consecrated hands into the non-consecrated hands of the faithful, allowing young girls to serve the "mass", by replacing the altar by a ironing table, turning the priest’s backs to God, but facing "Man" (that same ‘Man’ about whom Paul VI had proudly proclaimed that I should have his cult !), by evacuating the closure of the church choir, removing the statues, etc. etc. , in short, doing everything to eliminate the respect due to the supernatural. I repent of having thrown away the Latin liturgical language, sacred since the days when the early Christians borrowed it from their persecutors to worship God with one voice in all the Roman Empire, overcoming thus providentially that crazy drive towards a new Babel. I repent to have desired, by all these attacks, to kill the Holy Sacrifice of the mass, in the crazy and ungodly hope to demolish the Catholic Church which is the very foundation of the mass, in order to substitute myself definitively to the latter.

- I repent to have rejected the teachings of all the popes before 1958, mainly by supporting this repeatedly condemned monstrosity that is the "religious freedom", fatal carrier of secularism, i.e. of the permanent revolt against Christ-King, under the obvious influence of "free thinkers" whom I had received in my bosom. I repent, in fact, to have ridiculed in the spirit of the overwhelming majority of the faithful the concepts of Catholic dogma, doctrine, and of magisterium, thus exposing the souls to doubt, indifference, apostasy and exterior darkness. I repent to have been the wolf in sheep’s cloths, exposing them to better losing them.

- I repent of having allowed (at least in France) many of my bishops, archbishops and cardinals which were channelled into the Church by its greatest enemies, to  rave in the most grotesque and ignoble way in all possible areas, for example:
-    in meeting openly with the atheist enemies - talmudists, Marxists, Protestants and freemasons, among others - even to the point, for many of them, to become themselves outright freemasons… when it were not the free-masons who made themselves priests for making progress in the two hierarchies according to the high teachings of their great ancestors of the Alta Vendita of Italy;
-    in closing the churches of France to the "undesirable" ones - namely members of the national non-pagan right who wished to receive the baptism or to whom their relatives wanted to give a religious funeral, or to the faithful of the Tradition who died, among whom priests - for easier open the doors to everything that is not catholic, and preferably everything that is the most anti-catholic ;
-    in a suicidal reasoning, by donations to proselytising and conquering Islam (above all not to the “radicalists", that is to say to the small rest of real Catholics!) of churches deserted by the faithful because, precisely, of the Council Vatican II drift; however, this fact is, for Islam, a sign of weakness and an infallible proof that he now has the free hand over the territory of a Christianity of which the pastors are endeavouring to expedite the decomposition; because of their soft bellies. Thus western Europe is no more the dar-el-harb (country of the war against the "non-faithful") that the Moslems have attempted unsuccessfully to invade during thirteen or fourteen centuries; it is now going to get assimilated to the dar-el-islam (countries of the Islamic "peace") and to see its inhabitants more or less willingly integrated into the ummah (the community of Moslems), whose members despise, repudiate and persecute the non-Moslems, who are in their eyes mere dhimmis (citizens of second order), subject to the odious chariah (Islamic law) ;
-    by petitioning, parading and demonstrating at the slightest opportunity with the trotskyist hordes, who are fanatically internationalist, immigrationist, anti-clerical and pro-abortion ;
-    by multiplying the declarations, positions and actions which are the most basically demagogic, collaboranionist, or even heretic, because well rooted in the irrespirable "air of the time", which is hedonism, relativism, naturalism, half-heartedness, forced population mixture, destruction of the nations, tolerance of the intolerable, etc. etc. etc. –

- I repent of having introduced the error into the truth, it is to say to have obscured the latter, which is an insult to the memory of all the martyrs who have paid with their blood for it during two thousand years, in promoting, practicing and imposing a false ecumenism, a real trap of Satan which is tantamount to believing that everything is equally worth : the true Religion and the false ones; however, this so-called ecumenism (which is procuring to me growing contempt from the false religions: a great result among others !) strips in fact our Religion of all its credit, both near the faithful as near the souls who could have been converted, but who are now strongly urged to continue to seek for impossible "ways of salvation" in their usual heretic, schismatic, pagan or satanic cults, while the completely disoriented ex-faithful are losing partly or totally their faith, become indifferent, when they do not accept to be co-opted by religious or anti-religious sects which are mushrooming everywhere.

- I repent, in the same order of ideas, of having organized at Assisi, and then a little bit everywhere in memory of this insane happening, real pandemonia of false religions, placed on the same level as the true one. I repent of having agreed to understand nothing about the premonition which came from Heaven when, eleven years, day after day, after this first and gigantic scandal, Assisi was struck by a devastating earthquake which, among other unequivocal signs caused the destruction of the main altar of the cathedral, on the tabernacle of which I had requested the Buddhists to place their idol, whereas under the same altar, in the crypt, the sepulchre containing the relics of Saint François remained intact. I am repenting of having reissued the same “ecumenical” exploit in the Marian shrine of Fatima where, thanks to my eager care, an Hindu idol has been adored in the chapel of the apparitions.

- I repent of having sought to make believe that the "Vatican II achievements" (for example, the "elimination" of the daemon and the original (and present) sin, were irreversible, as if some tens of years of tragic odysseys, which are recalling the errors of Arius, could wipe out nineteen centuries of saint and patient labour in the service of that Faith, Hope and Charity which has been preached by the One whose name is the only one by which we can be saved.

- I repent of having wasted in the most excessively mediatic and ostentatious World Youth Days - intended to prove the force of the faith of young people, but having on the contrary bluntly pushed to daylight the distressing ignorance of the youths in matters of religion - the thirst for the absolute of the young people which, when it is able to escape from the ambient religiously correct concepts, notes the futility of the Novus Ordo Missae and is moving more and more towards the Catholicism of Tradition.

- I repent of having confused the faithful yet a little more by practicing the "repentance" on all kind of occasions, in other words in beating my breast on the breast of the saint popes who have succeeded in the course of centuries, and that for imaginary faults : to have evangelised the heathen in reversing their idols according to the instructions of the Divine Master, to have corrected the heresies by fighting resolutely against them when they started to impose them by weapons, to have reopened the roads of Jerusalem to pilgrims after several centuries during which the predator Islam had, with impunity, killed, ransomed or reduced  to slavery thousands of them, or even – like the Venerable Pope Pius XII – to have saved thousands of Jews from extermination, only to be accused, long time after, og having been disinterested in their fate and of having collaborated with the nazis, without that I would have reacted with due firmness against such nauseating slander, as the considered pope presented in my eyes the obvious feature to have been the last pre-conciliar pope, i.e. the last pope undoubtedly catholic in spite of his weaknesses.

- I repent for having accelerated my escape forward towards the precipice as the failure appeared more and more. The tree is recognisable at its fruits, and mine – as coloured and appetizing as they may look at the view of someones - have proved dry, bitter, spoiled or rotten to the tasting of all those who retain a little bit of taste. Thus, I repent for having caused the emptying of the churches, monasteries and seminars and have stretched, before this real disaster, the smoke of an alleged "new Pentecost", in order  to try to forget the statement of Paul VI himself deploring that the "smoke of Satan" had entered into the Church.

- I repent of having reserved a burial of first class to the miracle and to the secrete revelations of Fatima, and in particular to have lied at least by omission on the third secret (which is absolutely unfavourable to me: this, at least, is a commonly known secret), while exalting the “Marian” apparitions of Medjugorje, which cannot come from the Heaven, as the messages of "Our Lady" are repetitive, soothing and inconsistent (conciliar, in some kind), and as they attract the "Charismatics" like the syrup attracts the flies; moreover both the seers and their "sponsors" present a holiness which is for the least doubtful. I am repenting therefore, on one side of having censored the very Holy Virgin Mary, on the other side of having fainted to recognize her words in a true soup of banalities.

- I repent of having placed the Holy Shroud of Turin under the cover since its so-called dating by Carbon 14 of 1988, while I have learned since with utmost certainty that the latter was only a gross sham (in my idea, the ostensions of 1998 and 2000 should have been the last ones, if possible). It is true that I have not been slow to kneel down before the false science and its anti-Christian dictates, for example the blabber about evolution which Jean Rostand – an atheist but honest biologist - had the intellectual courage to denounce in writing that the "evolution" was "a fairy tale for adult people". I repent of having seen in fact in the Holy Shroud, as in its miraculous and absolutely non-ambiguous message, a tremendous obstacle to my only real obsession: the extension of the "ecumenism" to everything and anything.

- I repent to have contributed – especially by this deviated ecumenism - to the establishment of the throne of the Antichrist, whose reign will achieve the construction of a world religion which has obviously nothing to do with the Catholic Religion, and which can only lead to the end of times announced by Saint John in his Apocalypse,  the summit of the Revelation. The precursors of "the man of inequity" have been many in my bosom…

- I repent to have led, by these multiple and criminal misdeeds, the fall into hell of a large number of souls, and I know that I will be questioned about that on the Last Judgment, and that’s why I’m awaiting that Day with shivers.

- I repent of not being able to repent all my wrong deeds and deficiencies as they have been too many and as their evocation is appalling me today.

- I repent, for the essential, to have sunk into schism and heresy by separating myself from the Catholicism of always, and to have done the evil until this blessed moment where, with the deepest and most sincere contrition as well as with the fervent hope to see the supreme Judge forgiving my members, I have the unspeakable relief of reintegrating myself finally to the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, the unique holder of the message of Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Saviour of men of good will, to which Church I shall humbly relinquish the keys of Saint Peter which I usurped to my custody for almost half a century.

- I repent. I repent. I repent… I  REPENT. Signed: F. T. , Metz. »

End of quotation.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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