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RU 03/2011 - The Good News to the Moslems

PARIS (ru, Jan. 24th 2011) - Here's a press release from AMEN of January 3rd, 2011:  

“Birth of the action BNM (the good news to the Muslims). AMEN, a Catholic political movement since 2008, has two basic goals:
- on the one hand the abolition of abortion (SAVE THE LIVES),
- and on the other hand the conversion of the Muslims (SAVE THE SOULS).

The inspiration of the first goal is born from the activity of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) which, since 15 years already, descends into the streets in order to encounter pregnant women and girls and which was able to save, by a direct aid to the mothers in distress, 675 babies from abortion death. But to stop abortion, there must also be a political action, denouncing this crime in public. This is the main purpose of AMEN which is, for the moment, only a "political movement", not yet a party.

The 2nd inspiration is born from a debate on the French identity at the summer university of Renaissance Catholic at Tours in July 2010, where nobody dared to tackle the essential mission of France: the one to convert the Muslims to the only Saviour of all human beings, O.L. Jesus Christ. It should be in fact France, the "eldest daughter of the Church", to accomplish this task, one of the most difficult ones between those which the Church of yesterday and today is facing. Dismayed by the fact that almost nobody in the Church in France deals with this issue, with a few exceptions like Mgr. Rey at Toulon and Father Guy Pages of the diocese of Paris, AMEN has included this concern as 2nd basic goal on its political program, since without this option for the conversion of Muslims in France, any political vision of the French future becomes obsolete, since totally ineffective, given that the only projects of integration (government and left) and of recovery of the French identity (catholicist right) do not lead to anything else than the emergence of an Islamic France on the horizon of the year 2050, or even earlier. In the rest of Europe, it’s the same situation. Of course, a political movement has not to convert, but it must promote the implementation of this noble goal, the setting-up of the favourable structures, and the direct funding of missionary projects.

That’s why the associations UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians, founded in 1989) and AMEN (founded in 2008) have created in summer 2010 the informal group BNM (the Good News for the Muslims), in seeking advice from the Institute St Justinus in Vienna, which, with the blessing of the cardinal archbishop of Vienna, obtained hundreds of conversions of Muslims in Austria. In the meantime the first French flier for evangelization of Muslims has been worked out by BNM, and Rev. Father Pages (site:, counsel and spiritual guide of BNM, could already start a course of catechism for 4 Muslims in Paris in view of their Catholic baptism. Welcome to all those who want to cooperate to this redemptive work of France and Europe, without which we shall perish ! May God bless our poor efforts for the arrival of His Kingdom ! Signed : AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, , .”

End of quotation.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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