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RU 02/2011 - TUNESIA

TUNISIA (ru, Jan. 18th, 2011). - The biggest zero in the present Revolution in Tunisia is France. This well known specialist of Arab issues was mistaken over the whole line during the 23 years of the dictatorship of Tunisian President Ben Ali, because France supported with all its Francs and flanks this criminal of common law and biggest national thief (5 billion Euro placed in foreign accounts). Did not the French minister for foreign affairs Michele Alliot-Marie, still two weeks ago, propose to dispatch French policemen to Tunisia to help Ben Ali to suppress the 'social disturbances in the road’? Therefore, if France was fully mistaken about what happens just in front of her, around the "mare nostrum » (Mediterranean), one can imagine on how many other subjects it is wrong from top to bottom, captivated by the bait of money which transforms all sound policy of alliances and friendship into simple customer marketing and money management.

How to avoid this? In order not to be deceived, we must keep our eyes open and analyse things without prejudices, in other words we must look for THE TRUTH. Only the Christians know that truth is independent of our own ideas, mental schemes and biased reflections, since the Truth is a person, and a divine person, O.L. Jesus Christ: "I am the Path, the Truth and the Life". The love of truth which should be the first virtue of a journalist, is therefore a religious exercise which can lead to holiness, because Jesus-Christ is God.

Let’s go back, as objectively and humbly as possible, to what’s going on in Tunisia. In our view, this "revolution" is the cry of the poor, the hungry, oppressed and desperate. It’s therefore an evangelical situation: "Happy you the poor, those who weep…” And who says evangelical situation, says incredible chance of salvation: "because you will be satisfied and consoled, you will receive the Kingdom of God". At the condition of seizing the opportunity of grace and choosing the right road, the one of respect of the poor and the oppressed, as well as the primacy of the Kingdom of God, instead of choosing the easy way of money, luxury, and selfishness. It is therefore incumbent to us other Christians to pray for the Tunisian people, so that they chose the right path, and be attentive to their deepest conscience, that one which God lodged into each human soul ("the natural law").

If we had the grace of having a truly Christian president in France, he would, at the present decisive hour, give into the hands of the Tunisian policy makers the small book of the former missionary in African countries Rev. Fr. Jean-Jacques Marziac: "Letter to the Heads of State of Africa", containing a summary of the social doctrine of the Church (Edition E.P.S. , Caussade 1991, sorry exists only in French). This booklet treats about the true democracy (which is necessarily limited), the perils of the modern world, the false religions, and the elements of reconstruction. This former missionary, today aged 88, priest of our dear Catholic Church "expert in humanity" (Paul VI), indicates the excellent path to be chosen by Tunisia; but of our politicians and diplomats - or bishops or popes - who will stand up and transmit this message of salvation? There are people in human history who managed this kind of turn, at least for some decades, sometimes even for several centuries. The "kairos » for Tunisia seems to have come: may it take advantage of the grace of the hour! The right choice, this should not be Communism, Islamism or other Capitalisms, as all of them are despising the poor and the Kingdom of God, but Christianity which leads straight to the One who is the Path, the Truth and the Life. Real peace, including social peace, can only be achieved through Him. That is our prayer for Tunisia, while fearing a larger conflagration for the other countries of Islam, precursor of the global war which will arrive: the war of survival of the poor against the rich. Let’s recall that the Revolution of May 68 began in March 68 when the German leftist students attacked the Shah of Iran visiting Berlin. The result is known: an extreme Islamic regime in Iran. Some of those incendiary red Germans are always running around, even in France, sometimes in a green coat. Let’s wake and pray !

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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