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COLOGNE (ru, Jan. 8th, 2011). A report from the Catholic news agency "Newsletter St Josef » dated January 8th announces that the biggest bell of the cathedral of Cologne has lost its hammer. This bell is the biggest swinging bell of the world called "the big Saint Peter". The hammer broke on January 6th, just before the solemn mass of the feast of the three Magi, patrons of the cathedral. The bell St Peter weighs 24 tonnes and has a deep, festive and melancholic sound. They ring it only on three occasions: 1) on high liturgical feast days, 2) after papal death, and 3) at the end of war. The elder people of Cologne will remember the sound of the "Dicke Pitter » the thick Peter), as it is popularly called, when this one, on the day of the armistice in 1945, announced the restored peace to a city which was only a vast field of ruins where only the cathedral, miraculously preserved in its essential parts, elevated its two towers unperturbedly towards the sky. The bell was manufactured in 1923, on an initiative of the city mayor of that time, Dr. Konrad Adenauer, the same one who, after World War II, conducted Germany, by his CDU party (the Christian party), towards the famous ‘economic miracle’. The new bell was supposed to replace the old ‘Kaiserglocke’ (bell of the emperor) which had been melted during World War I to manufacture canons. Shortly the broken hammer will be repaired or replaced (in fact it is broken into two pieces). But the party CDU, also, lost since long time its Christian "C", and there is no one to think about its renewal. Unless Angela Merkel wake up in remembering that she was christened in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as did so courageously the catholic Dr. Konrad Adenauer, founder of the CDU ?

AMEN (ru, Jan 8th, 2011). A striking appeal from the political movement AMEN (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn), for the beginning of the New Year. Quotation :
``Dear friends, in the beginning of this year 2011 - a new year of grace after all – let’s take the time to look straight to the essential things. 2011 will be another year in the frenzied rush of Europe, formerly Christian, towards an Islamic Europe expected for the years 2025 (Holland) to 2050 (France and Germany). No party displays a solution for this announced historical disaster, one can read in their programs only the dreams of ‘failed integration’ (Angela Merkel !) or outdated nostalgic visions (Identity Clubs and others). In France, the government went very recently so far as to close down the Ministry of the Family, to that point they are blind! They lead us towards disasters by selfish policies with short vision.
We are since 2008 the only political movement to announce a realistic program, inspired – let’s hope so - by the One who is the Path, the Truth and the Life, O.L. Jesus Christ:
a) unconditional and substantial help to babies sentenced to abortion death and their mothers (675 babies directly rescued from abortion since 1995 by our own efforts);
b) the evangelization of the Muslims in France, in order to bring these lost brothers and sisters to the Light of Christ (already 3 Muslims every Sunday in the Catholic catechism in Paris since the beginning of our missionary initiative in summer 2010). You should know that our friends and advisers at Vienna have already converted over 200 Muslims to the Catholic Church, which is the only way of salvation for every human being according to Saint Paul. For God’ sake, please do come and join us! Do not lose your valuable time with the utopians ! Each one counts in this ultimate fight, the fight of life and of death of Christian Europe. Those whose health is valid, may they come to engage; those who are not valid, may they go on their knees to pray Our Lay (as at the time of Lepante). In this spirit we wish you a Good and Holy Year - together! You can become member of AMEN by sending a check of 25 Euro (USD 33) for the year 2011 to : AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, , . »

End of quotation.

UNEC (ru, Jan. 8th, 2011). Please find hereafter the report of the General Assembly of UNEC for the years 2010/2011, interesting also for those who are not (yet) member of UNEC. Quotation :
"Report of the General Assembly 2010 of UNEC : UNEC is 21 years old!
Place and time: Restaurant Le Palais, Paris 5th, Dec.31st, 2010, from 8 PM.
Unec was founded in 1989, and its basic (Franco-German) idea was and is: to (re)create CHRISTIAN EUROPE. Topic No. 1 from the outset: LIFE! Axes of activity up to today: European network (mainly in the east), press agency RU, SOS Mothers, international PILGRIMAGES, AMEN (pro-life party), BNM (conversion of Muslims). In brief: 300 members, annual budget abt. 100,000 Euro (of which 90% for SOS Mothers), today positive balance of 6,357 Euro (or USD 8,330). Balance sheet being elaborated.

Main activities, created on the basis of individual initiatives :
COSTA : Didier Huguet and +Roseline Libeau: annual pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil, daily pilgrims, 2nd colloquium COSTA on April 9th, 2011, at Argenteuil on the Relics of Christ.
COELI : François Burel : monthly program on Radio Silence, postcards to the pope, X King crusade. PILGRIMAGES: W. Wuermeling : Turkey in 2008, Turino in 2010 ; then in 2011: Ireland; 2012: Quebec; in 2013: Algeria; in 2014: Armenia.
RU : network of correspondents : dispatch of weekly Christian news in 3 languages.
SOS MOTHERS : responsible Lea: 675 babies saved from abortion (of which 64 in 2010, still 50 to be born), book soon to be issued by us? Who would give a car for our house SOS Mothers in Georgia?… RADIO-SILENCE: Michel de Poncins : separate association, 20 actives, expansion (mobile 3G).
AMEN : Jacqueline Robert: separate association, 150 ‘party cards’, special stamp A. M. E. N. , information letter ‘Tribune’, next electoral campaign: the presidentials in 2012 (3 options).
BNM (supported by Unec and Amen) : 1st missionary flier, 3 catechumens (in cooperation with Vienna).

Managing staff (proposed by the Group of the founders for 3 years, from Jan. 6th 2011 onward) : Chairman: Alain GUILLO
Vice-Chairman: Jean-Pierre HUGUET, Belgium
Accountant : Christine BISCHOFF
Assistant accountant: M. MATHON (after Mrs. Rosquin)
Secretary-General: W. WUERMELING

Belgium : JP Huguet
Sweden : Joacim Svensson
Austria : Traudl Wally
Holland : Jan Leechburch Auwers
Hungary: Rainer Wadewitz
Poland : Jan Graff
Ukraine : Irina Kone
Georgia: Princess Murat
Russia : Elena Gonsharova

This renewal of the members of the Managing Staff is unanimously approved by the assembly.
Prospect towards the future : Christian Europe, more necessary than ever.
So that UNEC can live, all are invited to send their membership fee for 2011 (30 Euro, or USD 40) to
UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, , .
Report by: W. W. , secretary general »

End of quotation.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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