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RU 49/2010 - UNEC INFO of Xmas 2010

FRANCE (ru, Dec. 13th, 2010). We publish hereafter the letter UNEC INFO No. 41, dated Christmas 2010 regarding its program of the end of the year 2010 and the year A. D. 2011.

"Dear members and friends of UNEC !

“If you do not become like these small children, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven! » These children, it’s first of all Jesus Himself in the crib. Let us kneel down before Him, that little child, for getting closer to His majestic divine height. UNEC wishes a merry Christmas to you and your relatives, and a holy and happy New Year of grace A. D. 2011 !

Please find hereafter some strong points of the agenda UNEC for 2011, starting with the night of Saint Sylvester, in order to enter into 2011 with the joy and hope which characterizes the Christians in the middle of this valley of tears: God our Saviour is here, this is the message of Christmas and any new year, a message that is more important than anything else. Between the various activities, let’s emphasize that of our action SOS MOTHERS to save the babies from abortion. This is indeed the most important enterprise of UNEC, far ahead of the other ones (AMEN, BNM, RADIO-SILENCE, COSTA, COELI, RU, PILRGRIMAGES…). Let’s recall that our association UNEC has saved, up to now, 671 babies. Thanks to your support and your prayers we shall continue, encouraged by your presence alongside our rescue teams.

If abortion is the main scourge we have to face in France, Islam is another one. This pseudo-religion wants to force an Islamic Europe instead of our Christian Europe, Kingdom of Christ and of the M.H. Virgin Mary. UNEC responds with a double action: organisation of a direct help to our brothers and sisters persecuted by Islam, and also, by our new group BNM, conversion of the Muslims in France to O.L. Jesus Christ, which is the only realistic solution to the disaster which is otherwise coming. Volunteers are welcome !

Omnia ad maiorem Dei Gloriam. Good courage and let’s go ahead!
Faithfully, signed : UNEC".

The letter continues by a page of practical information that we take the liberty to quote completely:

"Strong points on the agenda of UNEC in 2011, please note now:

On Friday Dec. 31st,  2010: HAPPY NIGHT OF SAINT SYLVESTRE WITH UNEC. This is our traditional New Year dinner, from 8pm (with Said’s restaurant, 50 E per person) between friends, including a 15 minutes session of the obligatory general assembly 2010 of UNEC.

On Monday Jan. 3rd , at 11 a.m. : the usual PRESS CONFERENCE of AMEN at the hotel Claude Bernard, 43 rue des Ecoles, Paris 5th, with a traditional cup of Champagne between friends (free entry); this meeting will replace the meeting of the “first Friday of the month" for this January 2011. We will clarify our intentions on the political level in the years 2011 (cantonal elections) and 2012 (presidential and legislative elections). The policy of AMEN ? Well, let’s say it with the wonderful word of a famous French bishop (Mgr Tissier de Mallerais SSPX) : "Our leader is Jesus Christ, and our statute is the Gospel and the 10 commandments." We must remember that the particular purpose of AMEN is the defence of life on the political level: to protect the babies from criminal abortion, and the France from pagan Islam.

On the weekend of the first Sunday of the Passion (April 9th and 10th, 2011) : HONOR TO THE HOLY TUNIC ! On Saturday April 9th, from 10 AM to 6 PM, at the hotel TAVERNE OF EUROPE, place de la gare, Argenteuil (10 km north of Paris) : new international symposium COSTA (UNEC) under the title "THE HOLY TUNIC AND THE OTHER RELICS OF CHRIST". Speakers:

Professor Giulio Fanti/Padova (Italy);
Professor Gerard Lucotte/Paris (with Mr. Jean Legros);
Ms. Traudl Wally/Vienna (Austria);
Mr. Marcel Alonso, France;
Ms. Claire van Oosterwijck/Marseille;
Mr. Pierre Dor, France;
Rev. Fr. Luertzener/Prüm (Germany).

On Sunday April 10th, our annual pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil. Schedule: at 3 PM departure of the procession from the Parking of the Salle des Fêtes Jean Vilar, right near the Seine river, just under the Bridge of Argenteuil (boulevard Heloïse). AT 3.30 PM passage before the railway station of Argenteuil (for those who are joining us from Paris St Lazare station). At 4 PM entry into the Basilica of Argenteuil, Way of the Holy Cross, veneration of the Holy Tunic. For these 2 events please let us know if you are specially interested, for enabling us to send you an invitation at the appropriate time.

From July 27th to August 5th, 2011: PILGRIMAGE UNEC TO IRELAND : "On the Footsteps of Saint Patrick". This is a pilgrimage by coach "Bourmaud". The 3 strong points of this pilgrimage will be  the following ones:
on Sunday July 31st, our participation in the traditional ascension of Croagh St Patrick in the beautiful landscape of Connemara in the west of the island (8 + 8 km walking); several tens of thousands of enthusiastic Irish Catholics participate each year. We would like to feel that Irish Catholic faith which finds a way to resist until today to the modern evils of abortion and homosexuality, or even to the sirens of the atheist European Union by a referendum which was first negative;
On the other hand, in the center of Ireland, a holy mass in the magnificent church ruin of Devenish, an island in the (lower) Erne lake, to revive our faith (and liturgy) of all times;
and finally a full day at Downpatrick in the northern part of Ireland (actually occupied by the British), with our intense prayer for Christian Europe before the granite tomb of St. Patrick (385 to 461) in the graveyard, if possible with a Catholic Mass celebrated by our chaplain in the anciently Catholic but now Anglican Cathedral of this picturesque City where reposes St Patrick. Overall price : 950 Euro (USD 1,250), including travel insurance, but without alcoholic drinks:
payment terms:
150 E by check at registration (possible now, maximum 40 pilgrims),
400 E by check on March 1st 2011,
and the balance of 400 E when entering into the coach on July 27th 2011 in Paris, in cash if possible.
Additional Price for single room only for the 7 nights in hotel: +150 Euro (only if necessary please , in order to maintain the non-tourist - for not to say ascetic – spirit of every true pilgrimage, symbol of our journey on earth towards God).
Please note that we assure 1 breakfast and 1 complete meal per day, and only a light snack as 2nd meal. You will find the detailed program of the pilgrimage as well as a map of the circuit on the Internet site of UNEC , under the heading PILGRIMAGES (sorry, in French language only).

Pilgrimage registration with the advance payment please to : UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/F +33-134120268, , »
End of quotation.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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