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RU 47/2010 - Persecution of Christians, Condoms, 3 announcements

PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS (ru, Dec. 1st, 2010). We publish hereafter a remarkable article from the Bulletin André Noël of Nov. 22, 2010. One cannot better sum up what is happening today to the Christians in the whole world. Title: ‘Never the Christians have been persecuted as much’. Quotation:
“In the beginning of the 20th century, as in the first centuries of our era, the most persecuted religion, or even the only one, was Christianity. The Church has more martyrs in our time than she had in the beginning during the Roman empire. John-Paul II elevated on the altars more martyrs than his predecessors of the preceding centuries. The martyrs of the 20th century were the fruit of the hatred of the Christian faith, primarily by the Communists : in Spain (during the civil war), in the USSR, China, Vietnam, etc. The cruel novelty, in our century, is that, if the Christians are still persecuted by the Communist regimes in China, Cuba or in North Korea, the most important persecutions are now practiced by the Muslim countries. Almost each day, from Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt, as well as from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Maldives and Yemen, we receive atrocious news. In those States, it is prohibited to a Muslim to leave Islam. Those who do it, expose themselves to rejection by their families and are subject to general ostracism. They may also go to prison and even to death if they don’t revert to Islam. In Iraq the Christian quarters are emptied of their inhabitants, the faithful are massacred by tens and churches are burned. In Iran the year 2009 has been one of the worst which the Christians have known since the Islamic revolution of 1979. The regime has intensified its policy of destruction of churches by imprisoning tens of believers. Afghanistan has become the fourth country where Christians are the most persecuted in the world. In Eritrea, the number of faithful Christians imprisoned because of their faith passed from 2000 to almost 3000 in the year 2009. They are kept prisoners in abominable conditions, for having held a Bible or participated in a Christian worship. In early August 2008, the leaders of the military camp of Sawa seized and burned 1500 Bibles belonging to new converted. Eight young men have protested. They found themselves locked up in metal containers. We could multiply the examples, but all this Bulletin would not be sufficient ! The Pope protests and with him number of Catholics and Protestants, but the governments aren’t taking resolute steps! For fear of the reaction of Muslims in our countries? France has hosted and treated the Christian survivors of the massacres in Iraq. This is a good thing, provided that this temporary shelter does not become definitive, which would allow the ethnic and religious cleansing aimed at by the Muslims, and would dispense the western governments from imposing religious freedom on Muslim territories. And during that time, in France, the Muslims are crying in public because of ‘ persecution’, because the Government prohibits the burqa while giving them everything else! » End of quotation.

CONDOMS (ru, Dec 1st, 2010). Following the last issue of our RU bulletin, a Catholic professor of medicine thought it wise to point out that the condom is not "intrinsically immoral » (Pius XII), because children who would play by chance with condoms (by lack of balloons), would not commit a sin. We should have thought it! One sees here which kind of evil constructions the unfortunate recent statements from the Vatican concerning the condom can provoke, statements which spread more fog and smoke than light and salt of the Gospel. "Instead of bread they give stones to eat to their children''. Let us briefly resume, in order to conclude this dark debate: -
- It is unfortunate that a pope enters into such horrible details ("condom", "prostitute man"). A priest of the Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet church in Paris preached much more decently about "those illicit objects in marriage".
- Indeed, it’s precisely this trivialization of unspeakable things, in particular by speaking openly about them, which causes the moral devaluation in the spirit of the people. The only place to speak about those things is the confessional, that’s why we shall not talk here about them any more.
- The Church may solemnly invite to prayer vigils against abortion, while playing herself the incendiary fireman; because was it not the Church herself which, by the ‘religious freedom’ utopia concocted by the Vatican Council II, provoked and forced the fatal separation between Church and State, which brings about today that one State after the other of the former Catholic States (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Latin America, not to mention France) introduces inexorably divorce, the right to abortion and tens of other abominations? Crocodile tears are worth nothing in the Kingdom of God, the only thing which applies is PENITENCE, in the sense of reneging one’s faults and abandoning one’s scandalous attitude. If the Church wants to save human life, she must abandon the smoke of ‘religious freedom’ and reintroduce the necessary supremacy of the Church over the States, and millions of lives will be saved. Pray for our Church, ‘it takes water from everywhere’ (Benedict XVI)!

THREE ANNOUNCEMENTS (ru, Dec 1st, 2010):

1) on Thursday, December 9th, at 7.30 PM, dinner-debate with Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès ("And now: the artificial man? ") In the restaurant Le Grenadier, Railway station Gare d Austerlitz, Paris. Reservations (27 Euro) : Radio-Silence, 5 rue Dufrenoy, F-75116 Paris.

2) On Friday, December 31st, at 8 PM: festive dinner of St Sylvestre between friends from UNEC and SOS Mothers (with children who were rescued by us from l abortion) at the restaurant LE PALAIS, 16 rue Monge, Paris 5th (50 Euro/person). Reservation : UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, T/F +33-(0)134120268, .

3) On Monday January 3rd, 2011, at 11 AM: New Year press conference AMEN (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn), at the hotel Claude Bernard, 43 rue des Ecoles, Paris 5. A cup of Champagne between friends to start with joy and energy this new year of battle for life, which is also a political struggle. Reservation: AMEN (c/o secretariat UNEC as mentioned above), .

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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