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- IRAQ (ru, Nov. 9th, 2010) - UNEC published today the following communiqué: »We have been able to gather 6000 Euro (USD 8,300), from France and Germany, which are now routed - via the nuncios of Paris and Ankara - to the Catholics of Iskenderun in Turkey (where the bishop has been ritually killed on June 4th, 2010 by a Moslem), as a sign of brotherly help between Catholics. - In the light of the carnage of the weekend of All Saints, 10 days ago, in the Catholic cathedral of Baghdad (58 deaths, including 3 priests, plus more than 30 wounded), we can’t avoid to start immediately a new collection for the Roman Catholics, this time in Iraq, the land of new martyrs for Christ because of the appalling persecution by Islam, which does not stop the slaughter of Christians - and always more savagely - since 13 centuries. For distributing this help to the Catholics of Baghdad we’ll choose the small monastery of the Carmel, in the 'green zone’ which is particularly attacked by daily shelling, that we have already been able to support five years ago. They are only 7 Carmelites, including 3 priests, all Iraqis; they have only 50 faithful left, coming to Sunday mass, (before: 300!), following the flight of the Christians from Baghdad, and they are involved in helping some 40 very poor families... They are living virtually from nothing. We’ll channel our donation, via a friend Carmel in France, through a Lebanese bank which holds a subsidiary in Baghdad (even if the superior of the Baghdad Carmel intimated to us that it’s quite risky to take money from that bank, because the terrorists are observing the clients before the door of the bank in order to know where cash money is still existing in the city…). The French Superior, Father Michel, died of a heart attack, and we know personally the new Iraqi superior since his visit to Paris. These are men of prayer and sacrifice, perhaps soon they will be martyrs... We really want to show our friendship to the persecuted Catholics of Baghdad, remaining faithful to our principle: "Crocodile tears are worth nothing in the Kingdom of God". Dear friends, let’s be guided by the Charity of Christ, caritas Christi urget nos ! The collection is therefore opened: your fraternal gift, even if it’s minimal, can be given by check to the order of UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien (mentioning on the rear side of the check: "for the Bagdhad Carmel"). We’ll keep you informed regularly. If we can transmit the collected sum for Christmas, it would be great.» End of this urgent message received from UNEC. “

- MISSION OF THE MUSLIMS (ru, Nov. 9th, 2010). Face to the atrocities committed last weekend by Muslims against the Christians in Baghdad during their prayer, our response cannot be the hatred against Muslims. Jesus Christ , our unique Lord and Saviour, never hated. We must love, even if this seems to us against nature, not with our own love which is so fragile, but with the infinite Love of Christ who wants the salvation of all men. It’s for this reason that He suffered the Passion and the Cross. The only way to convert the Muslims is this divine fire ! But do we have that in mind when we declare to whoever wants to hear it: “Converting the Muslims? Impossible!" ? The Heaven would not exist for them? Jesus would not have given his Life, for them also, on the Cross? Let’s chase those selfish ideas from our minds, and let’s follow our Master ! Already many years ago Rev. Fr. Serralda, told us some experience he had in Algeria when he was missionary in that country. One day, dressed in his religious cassock, he waited for the bus with other people, but a barbed Muslim, in his djellabah, looked upon him with a clearly hostile eye. Providentially, these two barbed persons came to sit side by side in the bus. Fr. Serralda took courage and addressed him saying: "Sir, let me ask a question. I have seen your eyes. Do you have anything against me? » - "Yes, replied the Muslim with a firm voice, you don’t want go give us your Christ! » For this missionary it was clear why the Muslims are today as  they are: because we did not lead them to the peace of Christ, despite many occasions in history. They are the living reproach on our historical failure, particularly of France, which is the ‘eldest daughter of the Church’, being endowed with the special mission of evangelisation. But before the end of the world, nothing is lost. Everyone can still be saved in the Blood of Christ, as recalls us the continuous blood of the martyrs. Remember that UNEC and AMEN just formed a new group BNM (the Good News to the Muslims), in order to evangelise the Muslims with our poor means. The chosen method is : distribution of fliers (by us), first email contact (by them), channelling to the Internet site, personal contact, course of catechism, baptism. A similar approach has already been proven in Vienna, Austria, why not in France ? You can get these fliers (in colour) through : BNM (AMEN), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, .

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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