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- FRANCE: What exactly is going on concerning those recent 'profanations of churches' in Brittany? According to our research, 6 churches, chapels and holy places have been desecrated by unknown gangsters in Brittany within about 10 days, around February 1st, 2006. 1) The chapel Saint-Guen at Saint-Tugdual: a church built in 1540, registered as 'historical monument of France', the roof and the interior was completely burnt, satanic inscriptions, texts of songs of Death Metal (group Metal), five statuaes were cfound rucified upside-down in the adjacent cemetery. 2) Calvary at Rosporden: broken, with a black painted cross fixed upside-down. 3) Cemetery of Saint-Thurien: 63 tombs (out of a total of 432 tombs) have been desecrated, satanic inscriptions. 4) Cemetery of Mellac: similar. 5) Church of Lanvénégen: satanic inscriptions, 1 stained glass window broken. 6) Chapel Saint-Guénaël at Guiscriff: broken stained glass window, satanic inscriptions, cross upside-down, number 666, burnt cross inside... The mayor of Saint-Tugdual, Guy Jaouët, 70, exclaimed face to face with the statue of St Michel of which the devil under his feet had been reduced to ashes, but not the remainder of the statue: "Look at Saint-Michel's statue! He has not been touched! He survived Lucifer! With him, we are going to launch again the legend and rewrite history!" An old Breton of Saint-Tugdual added: "It's incredible, only the ossuary didn't burn! This is a sign. History will continue, and Saint Michel will open up the future for us!" - And the minister Sarkozy - a miracle? - telegraphed at once: "We are going to rebuild this for you, and the guilty ones will be punished"! But the good villagers - 400 inhabitants - trusting neither Paris' daily sirens nor Satan's nightly monsters - have already begun a collection to rebuild by their own means their church. Already 5000 Euro in the moneybox! Here is the address for possible donations: Mairie de Saint-Tugdual, F-56540 Le Croisty, specifying: "for the reconstruction of the chapel Saint-Guen". - (ru; cf. AFP Feb.5, Lib. Feb.6, JdD Feb.12)


- EUROPE AND ISLAM: Following our critique (RU 05/2006) of the communiqué of the Press Office of the Vatican concerning the 'caricatures of Mahomet', several commentaries arrived to our editorial office, some of them defending the communiqué of the Vatican, but most of them being perfectly OK with us. Here is one of the most moving of these commentaries. Speaking of God's humor (!) in this affair, a reader imagines God telling us: "You will not get down on your knees before Me, your God and Savior present in the tabernacles of your churches, freely and and of love? OK then, one day you'll find yourselves prostrated in their mosques, before an empty niche, compelled and out of fear!" - Thank you, Brigitte! - (ru)


- RUSSIA: The Russians - and Poutine the very first one! - get more and more worried about their demographic decline. They are the only ones in Europe, because the others don't dare to look this reality into the face. Now Russians dare even get worried about their moral decline, while revealing very bad numbers to the large public. Thus, the President of the Academy for Education sounded the alarm while indicating that 33 % of the children were born out of wedlock. Twenty years ago, this number was only 5 %. The reason? According to him, the people have got too far from their Christian traditions. He brought the proof 'a contrario': in Greece, an Orthodox country, this number is said to be only 4 %, and in Italy, a Catholic country, only 9 %. On the other hand, in France, he says, 'a country which is eminently atheistic since the Revolution of 1789', the number of children born out of marriage is even said to be higher than in Russia: 40 %! Hence, nowadays it's necessary to go to Russia to get to know the truth about our own miserable countries! The president of the Academy added that there are yet more serious numbers: almost 40 % of the Russian children come into the world with disabilities, of which half are of psychic domain, and the reserve of health of the population decreases with every generation. According to him, the Russian people is degenerating in the true sense of this term, due to the fact that the parents practice an unhealthy way of life: alcoholism, addiction to tobacco, dissolute lifestyle. By the way, which are the true numbers in our own countries? You are courageous, dear Russians, to tackle the true problems looking them straight into the face! - (ru; cf. EdM 128).


- DUBAI (EMIRATES): The construction of an Orthodox church, the first in the United Arabian Emirates, is due to start in the beginning of the year 2006 at Jebel Ali, a suburb of Dubaï. It will be called "Saint Mary the Egyptian", commomorating a saint who lived in the beginning as a hermit in the desert beyond the Jourdain river in the 6th century. In fact, it's the prince heir of Dubaï (and Defense Secretary of the United Arab Emirates), Sheik Mohammed Ben Rachid El Maktoum in person, who offered a building plot of land of 1800 m2 to the Orthodox church. The building should be finished by end of 2007. Until now the Orthodox community of Dubaï celebrated its 'divine liturgies' in places of cult lent by other Christian communities. - You said there are no good news any more? - (ru; cf. EdM 128)



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