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RU 43/2010 - WOMEN, security counsels

- SOS MOTHERS, Paris (ru, Nov. 3rd, 2010). In the light of growing insecurity in France, especially for the poor and women, a consequence mainly of massive wild immigration which became uncontrollable by serious fault of our successive governments, SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) publishes some security counsels which may be useful for women. These rules were apparently published by the (American?) association

«Training in Self-Defence for Women», about which we know little, and of which we cannot, by consequence, ensure the total integrity. Text retranslated by our agency :
"Inspired by the Tae Kwon Do: the elbow is the most solid part of your body. If you are near enough to the aggressor, go ahead with all your forces, and immediately!
Inspired from a tourist guide of New Orleans : If a thief requests your wallet or your hand bag, DO NOT DIRECTLY HAND IT OVER. Throw it away from you! There is a strong likelihood that he rushes towards the object, instead of attacking you. TAKE ADVANTAGE TO RUN AWAY AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! Avoid shoes with high heels in order to run quicker when necessary.
If you have been locked up in the rear trunk of your car : push your fist through the rear lights, and then put your arm through the opening and shake it frantically. That will draw the attention of everyone except for the driver. A counsel which already saved several lives.
As soon as you enter into your car : lock the doors and start! Women tend to sit down for some time in their car to make their accounts, write a note, etc., for example, after having worked or having done some shopping. DO NOT STAY SITTING IN YOUR PARKED CAR ! A predator can observe you and seize the opportunity to swing himself onto the passenger’s seat and force you to drive somewhere, holding a gun on your temples . If a predator is already in the car and points his pistol towards you, DO NOT FOLLOW HIS ORDERS! Try instead to damage your car: choose an obstacle and press on the accelerator. Don’t be afraid: your airbag will protect you. It’s the person on the back seat who will take the shock. As soon as the car stopped, get out and run away. A good solution if you don’t want someone to find your body in a lost place. - Some advices of prudence in parking lots and garages:
A.)    Be vigilant.. Look around you. Inspect the interior of your vehicle : the rear seat, the space before the front passenger seat.
B.)    If you are parked at the side of a van, enter into your car by the opposite side. Most serial killers attack their victims when they open the door of their car, and force them into their own van.
C.)     Observe the cars which are stationed at both sides of your car. If you see a man sitting alone, especially if it’s on the side of your car, perhaps it’s preferable to return to your office or to the commercial centre to ask the help of a custody or a policeman for escorting you. BETTER ACT WITH CAUTION ("Better be paranoid than dead!")
ALWAYS TAKE the lift instead of the stairs. Stairwells are perfect places of crimes! Especially at NIGHT!
If a predator points a firearm on you but doesn’t hold you, RUN AWAY! The chances that a bullet reaches you are 4 out of 100, and even if it’s the case, the bullets reach seldom vital organs. RUN, if possible zigzagging !
As women, we always try to be kind: LEAVE YOUR KINDNESS ASIDE ! You may be violated or killed. The serial killer Ted Bundy was a pretty and well educated man. He always relied on the kindness of women to hijack them: he walked with a cane, was limping, asked for help to enter into his vehicle…
A last counsel: Never cry “For Help” ! But rather “FIRE!” , People will get out for the fire, but rarely for help. It can also stump the aggressor, he will ask himself if he’s dealing with a mad woman and he might well leave you on the spot."
End of quotation.
It seems useful to forward these few counsels to your wives, children, and friends, to save human lives, particularly under your own acquaintance.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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