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RU 40/2010 - ABORTION

ABORTION (ru ;  Oct. 18th, 2010) : Several persons indicated to us the video of an American lady which was saved  33 years ago from an abortion by saline injection, but who miraculously survived (, in English but with French titles). Please find hereafter a statement from SOS MOTHERS on this subject :

"Naturally this is a percussive story, and also a very Christian testimony. However, the real struggle is not to generate the horror of the crime of abortion (which seems to be the very worthy goal of this video), but to go for the rescue of those who are terribly suffering of this evil: the babies and their mothers. Imagine a death camp. The people who are living around the camp can have two very different reactions: some put all their energy to cry ‘horror!’ in the streets, with many tears ; the others organize, at the risk of their own lives, dangerous intrusions into the death camp, during the night, to liberate at least some of the victims, if not all of them. Unfortunately, the "battle for life" is indulging too often in the first role, which is more comfortable, leaving the role number 2 empty.

Underlying is also a serious mistake in apprehension: as if women and girls who go for abortion, have not horror of that murder towards which their surrounding - and our whole beautiful society – pushes them! Already with this false interpretation, right from the beginning, the relief which may possibly follow (sometimes), is biased - and by consequence inoperative. That is what we are witnessing: these posters, these films, these fliers, these rallies... One wonders if these gesticulations diminish the abortion by a single victim? But they have a pleasant effect on their conscience: ‘I did something against the crime of abortion, I am a good Christian!’ In reality they did nothing or almost. Everything is to rethink, the real battle of the charity is just only starting. The charity is to be reinvented. Let’s stand up, Christians, up to the top, very high, where our Lord is suspended - on the Cross. Let’s go courageously to the battlefield, where the babies are bereaved of their life and their mothers of their soul! Yes, there is a huge risk: the words can kill the verve of this fight for life, depriving it of any result, letting this noble effort miserably dry out in the vocal sand. When we move only our tongues without making act our hands, we let the area free to the devil to kill, always more. Thus we ensure the triumph of death. Let’s go back to the lived charity, to that Caritas, incorporated in O.L. Jesus-Christ! Let’s stop talking, let’s rather act! Let’s replant the Christian love between mankind, this is the only way to stop the horror of abortion , all the rest is pagan chatter. Because what’s the essence of abortion? It’s the absolute sign of the disappearance of the love of God on earth, the horrible seal of apostasy and the subsequent reign of death. It’s not too late, this is not yet the end of the world, we can still love, planting the charity, dear Christian brothers and sisters ! Stand up! Combat ! To the fire of Christian charity, following closely the ‘Prince of Life, dead living’ (liturgy of Easter) !

One last thing, which is very positive in the video of Gianna Jessen: she makes us understand that the poor, the small and those who are hated - centre of the Kingdom of God - are in the hands of God, and therefore of the One who was - and is always! - Himself small, poor and hated, but that the true problem is on the side of us adults, of us rich ones, who do not want to hear the cry of the poor in remaining immobile. Here is the real danger of death, it’s on our own side! By rescuing those who are in danger of death, we win our own Life: that’s the Gospel. Let’s say it honestly: as long as, because of our active commitment with the babies and their mohers, we are not hated with them, we are not (yet) in Christ Jesus, crowned King of thorns. This morning a dying friend sent us a gift of 500 Euro (USD 625) for the rescue of babies . Dying, she yet fights heroically to save the life of the most tender ones, the one that the world of today disdains, hates and kills. That is an act which exceeds mere words! This is a sign of the Kingdom of God ‘which is coming’ . He who has ears, may listen! » End of quotation.

For any help : SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/Fax +33-134120268, , (heading SOS Moms).”

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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