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RU 39+40/2010 - POLAND, FRANCE

POLAND (ru, October 2nd, 2010). The news is to that extent astounding that we quote it hereunder completely, translated by us:  "Warsaw (agency, Sept. 30th, 2010). The Polish bishops are opposed to the idea of a citizen movement advocating the consecration of Poland to Christ the King under the title Christ, King of Poland . This project should be cancelled, declared the president of the Conference of the Polish bishops, archbishop Jozef Michalik on September 29th at the end of the autumnal plenary meeting of the Polish episcopate, specifying that the kingdom of Christ is not of this world. In the final motion the Polish bishops warn about the idea that the instalment of Christ as King of Poland would solve all problems . Instead, they are rather in favour of deepening the faith in Christ  the King of the universe . However Mgr Michalik expressly recognized the good intentions of the citizen movement. More than 1000 people demonstrated during the weekend of Sept. 25/26th in Warsaw for the proclamation of Christ as King of Poland. They wore national flags and images of the crowned Christ, rallying from the parliament until the presidential palace. It’s the Catholic Movement for the Sovereignty of the Polish people which had called for this action. Already in 2006 the Church had criticized about 40 members of the parliament who had also appealed to a consecration of Poland to Christ King. But the parliament never proceeded to a vote concerning this proposal. The initiators had attracted the attention on the fact that in 1656 the Holy Mother of God had been officially appointed "Queen of Poland". - This resistance of the Polish bishops confirms the horrible vision of Paul VI concerning the smoke of Satan which entered into the Church. It should be recalled that O.L. Jesus-Christ himself accepted to be honoured as a King, a historical fact commemorated each year by the Church by the procession of Palm Sunday, not to mention the eternal words that He addressed to Pontius Pilatus, "Yes, I am (a) King". They have uncrowned Him, as said +Mgr Marcel Lefebvre !

FRANCE (ru, Oct. 2nd, 2010) : The monthly meeting of AMEN (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn) was held on Friday Oct. 1st and published the following communiqué: "Points discussed or decided at our monthly meeting which becomes increasingly a regular inter-syndical briefing of the associations around UNEC including AMEN, BNM UNEC, COSTA, COELI, RU, SOS MOTHERS and RADIO-SILENCE:
- AMEN: For the presidential election of 2012 during which our political movement AMEN wants again to defend the babies killed by abortion, and to come to rescue of the mothers treated with their babies by the present society like sub-humans whom you can treat like slaves, three ways of alliances seem to be possible for us: (a) with our former partner SOLIDARITY-France, but the obstacle of 500 signatures of mayors seem to be an obstacle which is humanly insurmountable, making this alternative a hopeless path; (b) with Bruno Gollnisch of the FN (Front National), a Catholic who declares a pro-life commitment without ambiguity, but its presidential candidature is threatened by his competitor Mrs. Marine Le Pen; therefore we leave to each member or friend of AMEN the freedom to strengthen the position of our friend B. Gollnisch by taking temporarily the party card of FN in order to be able to participate in the internal election of the new FN president which is scheduled for January 2011, but they should do so quickly, before the end of October 2011; (c) and in the event of failure of the previous way, with Patrick Bourson, manufacturer of Champagne at Reims, orphan of France, Catholic, never divorced, chief of the political party ERF (Together let’s Re-establish France) which has already obtained 350 pre-signatures of mayors and has a budget of several million Euro ready for the presidential electoral campaign in 2012; we are in the process of developing with Mr. Bourson a formulation of the struggle against abortion and for the defence of life that can gather the full support of AMEN, a matter to be followed up, we’ll keep you informed.
- UNEC: The next annual pilgrimage UNEC will take place from July 25th  to August 3rd, 2011, to Ireland, called "Pilgrimage on the steps of Saint Patrick", by coach, ferry Cherbourg-Rosslare go and back, and 1100 km driving inside Ireland, including our participation in the Catholic national pilgrimage to mount Croagh Patrick on Sunday July 31st, when some 30,000 pilgrims will climb the 8 km up to the church on the top of the mountain in the wonderful landscape of Connemara, to celebrate their saint patron who gives them the strength of opposing themselves resolutely to the scourges of our time, i.e. abortion, homosexuality, and the atheist tower of Babel called "European Union".
- BNM : Disappointed by the strategies of all the present parties and of the vast majority of Catholic movements, not to mention the Catholic hierarchy itself, AMEN and UNEC have decided to form a new action group under the name BNM (Good News for the Moslem), seeking to conquer our Islamic brothers and sisters in France for Christ King of the universe, as this mission remains the only realistic possibility to avoid the final confrontation which is inexorably preparing a vast Molotov cocktail under our feet in France and in Europe due to an immigration which got out of control and which can be observed by everyone, a clash not so much between "indigenous" and immigrants than rather between the Islamic immigrants themselves who are internally divided up to bloody confrontation (cf. Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Algeria…). Only Christ can bring peace, justice and charity between humans, which means that the current politicians don’t have any realistic solution to cope with this existential threat to France and Europe, since they don’t want to accept God and his Kingdom. These irresponsible men lead therefore France to death. AMEN cannot accept such an aberration and will accordingly assist and support BNM. A first BNM leaflet is in preparation for this ‘proselytism’ which is rejected by our bishops but ordered by O.L. Christ: "Go into the whole world and preach them the Good News, and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". Those who want to participate in this initiative can use this new contact address: .
- COSTA : Costa announces a new symposium at Argenteuil, after the one held in 2005 at the same place, under the general title: "The Saint Tunic of Argenteuil and other Relics of Jesus". Distinguished guest lecturers already are enrolled: Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua, professor Gerard Lucotte, Mrs. Claire van Oosterwijck, Mr. Pierre Dor, and Mr. Marcel Alonso. The symposium will take place on Saturday April 9th 2010, i.e. the day before our annual pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic which we normally organize on a Sunday of the Passion, thus permitting us to propose a full weekend of Lent under the sign of this holy Relic that God has kindly left us on earth for our consolation and rescue.
- COELI: our group Coeli (Study Committee of the Holy Shroud) which is currently leading a crusade of prayers for the Christ-King, in particular with the mailing of thousands of postcards to the Holy Father so that he may declare the holy Shroud of Turin, genuine banner of Christ King crowned with thorns, as an authentic Relic of Christ, holds a booth at the Catholic associations day for the Tradition (SSPX) at Villepreux near Versailles on October 9th and 10th, 2010.
- RADIO-SILENCE: the next dinner-debate of Radio-Silence which you can hear only by Internet ( will take place on Wednesday October 13th - what a day! - at 7.30 PM at the restaurant Le Grenadier, 1st floor of the Parisian Austerlitz station, with as invited  speaker Mrs. Veronique Delacroix who comes for this evening from Vienna, topic: "Vienna - Always Catholic Bastion", conference held in French. Participation: 27 Euro, by check to Radio-Silence, 5 rue Dufrenoy, 75116 Paris.
- SOS MOTHERS : Our group Sos Mothers indicated that it particularly thanks the many donors who kindly sent donations throughout the summer period during which people generally only care for themselves. By this fact our fund currently amounts to 7,733 Euro (USD 9,666), which allows us to meet all the emergency situations we may encounter. In our 15 years of work we managed to save 665 babies from abortion by coming to the aid of their mothers whom we address in the streets, public parks, coffee-shops, metros, buses and the medical labs, of whom today 43 babies are not yet born. We are lodging currently some twenty pregnant mothers in order to shelter them from their surrounding and from a society which is hostile to their baby to come. You can help SOS Mothers especially in granting a monthly bank transfer, even of a reduced amount. Form to obtain from your bank such a transfer, through: SOS Mamans, BP 70114, 95210 St-Gratien.
- RU : this weekly communiqué RU (abbreviation for Unec Network), in French, English and German, is sent by e-mail freely to all those who want it, or against 30 Euro/year also by fax or letter. It gives since 13 years regularly Christian news from France, Europe and the whole world and ensures now also the rapid dispatch of press releases from its own network. Note that only UNEC, AMEN and RADIO-SILENCE are declared as separate associations of the “type 1901”, the other activities are affiliated either to UNEC (Costa, Coeli, RU, Sos Mothers) or AMEN (BNM). Contact for the whole network: UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, , .

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