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RU 35/2010 - ROME and the Romanies

FRANCE (ru, Sept. 4th 2010) : The president Sarkozy made expel several hundreds of gipsies to their homelands, Romania and Bulgaria. All the deportees were in an irregular situation (no work or resources at the end of 3 months of presence in France). Therefore there is nothing more normal and legal. But what an outcry from the side of the Church! Even if it’s proved now that the Pope, contrary to what the media tried to interpret from his words, did not express himself on this subject, the whining and even accusations made by our bishops and some Vatican agencies (including Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Migrants, who in the meantime resigned) were aired thru the media for days. According to the ZENIT agency from the Vatican, Mgr Marchetto stated in particular: “When there are forced evictions, there is suffering, so I cannot rejoice in the suffering of these people, in particular when this concerns weak and poor people, who have been persecuted, who have been victims also during the holocaust, and remain persecuted". As if the days of Auschwitz had come back!

As a result of these ecclesiastical heavy critics, the foreign polical nomenclature fell over France, until Brussels which is deliberating this week about the French ‘crime’. Yet these expulsions are made in the most legal way of the world, even by tourist planes, combined with a premium of 300 Euro in the pocket at the departure for their homeland, plus 100 Euro per child. When one knows that in Romania the gipsies have the right to a monthly allowance of only 25 Euro per household, this is luxury ! And even upon their arrival, our good France wants to ensure for these expelled ones a new start in life: they are talking about 3000 Euro of French aid per household for starting a new job in Rumania etc. Where is Auschwitz in all this? Rome is still defending the individual and the family, but as to the great family which is the nation, Rome has already capitulated: all aliens must be welcome, because they are part of the great family of God! In the Church one cares no more about the common welfare of a nation, a people, a culture. Together with this goes the abandonment of other intermediate bodies, the corporations of yesterday, the Christian networks. It’s as if the Church had become the self-sold slave of globalism... It is painful when we faithful are abandoned by those who should be our good shepherds. By the way, it seems that this happened to almost all the saints (+Cardinal Mindszenty: "My persecutions by the Soviets were terrible, but more terrible was the one which the Church bestowed on me after my liberation: they wanted to silence me. But I didn’t accept that, I have denounced Communism by all my forces."). Without mentioning here the poor Padre Pio...

Let’s come back to the expulsion of some gipsies by France. One must, however, not flatter Mr. Sarkozy, but for reasons which are quite different from those mentioned by our princes of the Church: because for expelling someone outside the country, there yet have to be borders. There are no borders any more in the European Union. They have been dismantled, and cannot even be recognized. In many places, as at the ancient borderline between Belgium and Germany near Aachen: you have to drive your car at 80 km/h speed or more if you don’t want the Polizei to follow you and to give you a Strafe for non-compliance to the minimum speed on the main track of the road. Thus the gipsies have full freedom to return to France, even on the day after their tourist class expulsion, and to ask, for instance with the passport of a cousin, for a new premium of departure from Mr. Sarkozy, and so on. In considering that there are two million gipsies in Romania, and they are in France 15,000 for the moment, we’ll have fine days of tourism coming. On the side of Mr. Sarkozy and the government, this is a pure pre-election measure. The minister Eric Besson just declared that "may be » it might now be necessary to "control better our borderlines" so that the expelled gipsies don’t come back. Eighteen years after Maastricht, here is a minister who dares to open his eyes? By the way, already at this time we would have liked the Church to intervene in favour of peoples, nations, and their solid borders, in one word of all those intermediate bodies that the Social Doctrine of the Church always has advocated and defended. To quote once again the +cardinal Mindszenty: "The Church, in her wisdom, has built around the faithful three bastions of defence: the family, the school and the nation. The Communists destroyed them, one after the other. » Today some authorities in the Church are responsible for this destruction to continue. Fortunately not all of them. Deo gratias !

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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