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RU 32+33/2010 - FRANCE, Press release from SOS MOTHERS

FRANCE (ru, Aug. 23rd 2010) : Please find hereafter a news release of our association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), dated Aug. 22nd, 2010. Quote:

“SOS MOTHERS, logbook, suite No. 40 (Summer 2010).

Friday May 21st, 2010.
This day the Pope stated, after the prayer of the Regina Caeli: ‘I greet the members of the movement for Life [Movimento per la Vita], which promotes culture of life and effectively assists so many young women to carry out a difficult pregnancy. Dear friends, I recall the words of the blessed Teresa of Calcutta : ‘Any little child, born or not yet born, has been created for a great thing: to love and to be loved .’ It’s as if the Pope had sent to us, also, a letter of encouragement. Thanks one thousand times!

Tuesday August 17th, 2010.
Yesterday the French daily LE PARISIEN published this news: "It is a sad and surprising discovery that have made Monday morning a deliverer and a passer-by from the rue Broca, in Paris. At 7 AM, this cyclist residing in the neighbourhood, and the driver delivering fruit and vegetables to the near supermarket, discovered, wrapped in a blanket and deposited on a cushion, at the foot of a building of this street of the 13th district of Paris, an abandoned new-born baby. Alerted by these passers-by, the fire-fighters rushed to the spot and discovered that the umbilical cord of the little boy had not yet been cut, according to the news agency RTL. The baby was quickly carried to the hospital, where he is currently treated. His life is not in danger. An investigation has been entrusted to the minors Brigade of the Parisian judicial police.” People are horrified when reading this information, but the crocodile tears of the newspapers are in reality only cinema. Some hours earlier, this baby was still in the womb of his mother, and if this mother had aborted this big baby - this is commonly and legally done in France ‘upon medical council’ - e.g. in the event of a serious illness which is suddenly detected - no one would have said a single word. They all have become mad, totally crazy. They cry as if they had a heart. In truth, nobody dares to look into the face of reality: each abortion is a murder! About this assassination everyone is laughing, one walks over it, ‘move on, there is no nothing to be seen!’, as say the French. You can kill a baby, yes, but to deposit a baby, well wrapped, on a cushion in the corner of a sidewalk, that is the absolute horror… Bravo to this mother for not having chosen abortion some hours earlier, like thousands of other women are doing, pressed by their doctors or by their criminal husbands or boy-friends, or by their best friend girls and even their parents, with the accomplice and even satanic consent from the whole world!

Friday, August 20th, 2010.
We are invited to sign a petition against the traffic with the Russian prostitutes that the Institute AVAAZ (?) plans to hand over to the French Government, so that they ask Mr Putin to stop this new slavery. But we are asking the question : you want to address yourself to the French authorities? That’s a morally corrupt club! We have evidence from Russian prostitutes in Paris saying that officials from the Prefecture of Paris are their regular customers... These people will not move, on the contrary! All that remains to be done, is to progress by our own actions and networks. We even wonder what is that AVAAZ organization? If this is not a Catholic organization, or at least a Christian one, it should be feared that everything is good for them to collect, such as signatures, addresses etc., and then to exploit them otherwise (e.g. by selling these addresses). Because what reason can motivate such people to make pure charity, outside of Christ? Therefore: forget them! (Editor's Note: : On the next day this same organization AVAAZ released a global petition against the Pope because of his firm position against the ‘anti-Aids’ condom !). Support our own catholic networks, as LE NID or SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) which are handling with true Christian charity this modern slavery and defending those women concretely by saving babies and mothers. SOS Mothers has succeeded in evacuating more than 50 Russian prostitutes from Paris, by helping them to return to Russia on the occasion of their pregnancy when they are particularly seeking for help and easy to approach. "Blessed be the poor ones! » said Our Lord. Yes, the poor and abandoned are almost the only pregnant women to whom we find easy access to help them, the rich women being so self-sufficient and haughty that even our Good Lord found some difficulties to approach them, even pregnant. "It’s more difficult for a rich to enter into the kingdom of God than for a camel to pass through a needle eye…," says the Gospel (even if “needle eye" may mean here, according to the exegesis, one of the doors of the Temple of Jerusalem of particularly reduced size). As to the political aspect, the reasoning is identical: for those gangs their God is their belly, said Jesus. We must finally build a Christian political force in France and Europe, as are trying SOLIDARITY-FRANCE, or AMEN ( Our advice: let’s adhere to the latter ones, instead of wasting our time with signatures entrusted to non-Christian, unreliable and always disappointing global activists!

Saturday, August 21st 2010.
Our team of anti-abortion fire-fighters stays at work, because our work does not permit holidays, in spite of the summer break, as abortions continue unabatedly. Would the municipal firemen close because it’s August? This week we were able to organize the return of two pregnant prostitutes to their homeland Romania, of whom one was only 16 years old, and a young lady with the beautiful name Anastasia, aged 19, back to Russia. At the same time we welcomed - with the humble pomp necessary - the birth of a little Samantha, from Carole, aged 17, whom we saved last November and installed since that time with one of our sheltering families in Brittany. In addition, always this week, we could snatch a young pregnant girl of 16 years, Zoe, from the claws of her 'terrible mom’, a French woman who wanted literally to sell her daughter to pimps for a considerable amount of money. We never met such a 'terrible mom', yet we have seen some of them. After hot discussion, it needed 1000 Euro (USD 1300), cash on the table, to obtain the security that the baby will not be aborted (in a brothel a baby is automatically sentenced to death!), plus our promise to provide 500 Euro (USD 650) per month until the birth of the baby. But we’ll try to get rid of this financial obligation in seeking an accommodation elsewhere for little Zoe who is completely shattered. May the Good Lord grant her the necessary peace and strength during the time she is still with her ‘mother’!

Balance sheet on August 22nd, 2010 :
656 babies saved, 69 of whom are yet to be born. We lodge currently 32 women and young pregnant girls, in our studios and mainly with our affiliated families (for the minors). Current situation of the Fund: +7765 Euro (USD 10,094), thanks to the magnanimity of our donors even during summer time.
Dear reader, dear friends, you are part of our donors or associates, and we are happy to share with you, through the excerpts of our 'logbook', our joys and our griefs. This 'Journal' becomes a monument of hope, proving that the crime of abortion can be overcome by the Christian charity. We are proud and happy to know you at our sides. Remain with us, please! You are really part of the SOS MOTHERS team. Thank you, and let’s go ahead!
SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/F +33-134120268, - Internet site: (heading SOS MOTHERS) »

End of the communiqué of our task force SOS MOTHERS (UNEC).

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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