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RU 26/2010 - ZAITZKOFEN/FRG, priest ordination


ZAITZKOFEN/FRG (ru, July 7th, 2010). Here's a press release by COSTA (UNEC) concerning the recent priest ordination of the Swedish ex-Lutheran pastor Sten Sandmark in the German seminar of the SSPX. He is now a Catholic priest, and he will, hopefully, be sent to start the new mission of Sweden, formerly 100% Roman Catholic, but today only 1%.

"Dear pilgrims and other friends of UNEC, here are 5 important points, in full summer time:
1) A delegation of UNEC visited on June 26th and 27th 2010 the seminar SSPX at Zaitzkofen in Bavaria in order to attend the priestly ordination of our friend Fr. Sten Sandmark, ex-Lutheran Swedish pastor. He had taken the resolution to convert to the Catholic Church at our ‘pilgrimage to Catholic Sweden’ of 2005, and particularly after our Gregorian Holy Mass (called illogically "extraordinary") which was celebrated by our chaplain Rev. Fr. Peignot SSPX in Fr. Sten’s Lutheran Church at Oskarshamn where he was pastor for 25 years. It was a great day, with 3 priestly ordinations. You can look at our slide show on these two days passed at Zaitzkofen on the Internet address:é-sten---ordination-zaitzkofen-2662010 .
NB: if, by clicking on this address, you do not hear the Gregorian chant which accompanies this slide show, try rather by "copy/paste" on your Web browser.
2) We announce to you a great joy: Rev. Fr. Sten Sandmark will celebrate on August 15th, 2010, at 10h30 AM one of his First Masses at the church Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris (rue Monge, Paris 5th). You are cordially invited to this thanksgiving action to our infinitely good Lord.
3) In the evening of August 15th, our European association UNEC will organize a festive dinner in honour of Fr. Sten in a restaurant near Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet (Paris 5th). Since there are only some 30 places, the first ones who register, will be served first. You can book a seat for this festive dinner by sending a check of 30 Euro (USD 37) to UNEC. With the confirmation of your reservation you will receive a visit card of the restaurant with the name and the exact address. We will celebrate our priest. He will heavily need our faithful and cordial support face to the considerable task which waits for him: the new mission of Sweden.
4) You can discover on the attached photograph the beautiful ancient chalice which UNEC offers to Rev. Fr. Sten for his ordination. You can still participate in this gift in sending your participation check, mentioning "Chalice for Fr. Sten", to UNEC. The names of all donors, whatever the amount of their participation, will be engraved on the housing box of the chalice, symbolizing our humble support for the great mission to which Fr. Sten is called in Scandinavia. Handing over of the chalice: Aug. 15th.
5) Last point for our pilgrims, including the participants to our "Pilgrimage to the Holy Relics of Christ" of May 2010: 2 new books which are very interesting from the scientific point of view, even if they contain certain aspects which are still controversial: 1) Gerard Lucotte: “Verites sur le Saint Suaire” (Truths about the Holy Shroud), 2010, Edition Fol'Iron, BP 20047, F-28259 Anet (24E or 30 USD). You can obtain this book by ordering it by yourself with any bookstore. – 2) Avinoam Danin: "Botany of the Shroud", Printiv Press, Jerusalem, 2010 (24E or 30 USD). This book (in English, beautifully illustrated) can be ordered with UNEC.

Hoping to meet you again on August 15th with Rev. Fr. Sten, we wish you a good, calm and restorative summer, in view of the battles to be continued for our Christian Europe, faithfully in Xto Iesu, UNEC, secretariat, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/Fax +49-134120268 »
End of quotation of the press release by COSTA (UNEC) of July 5th, 2010.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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