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RU 25/2010 - PARIS, An SOS from SOS MOTHERS

PARIS (ru, July 3rd, 2010). Here's a S.O.S. sent by the association of rescue of babies from abortion SOS MOTHERS in Paris (Press release of July 1st, 2010) :

"Having saved, since 15 years, 649 of babies from abortion (of which 97 yet to be born!), by coming directly to the aid of their mothers in distress, we know that there are 2 major obstacles for this kind of work:
1) The difficulty of "finding" babies in danger of death,
2) The difficulty of financing our aid to their mothers in distress.

The first obstacle is indeed enormous, as pregnancy is considered as a strictly private matter. Therefore, how to get involved with this, without being called to help? One must apply oneself to open the eyes, in order to detect desperate pregnant women right in the street, on the public benches, in the metro, the medical labs ... and to have the courage to go towards them, delicately, without wanting to interfere in their privacy. It’s a Christian art which can be learned, but this needs time. At the beginning of our work we succeeded to save only one or two babies per year, today we are at approximately 100 per year! We have new SOS MOTHERS groups in France which are already established, but are unable to detect a single baby to be saved. In fact, there has thousands of them in each city in France, even in each school class where there are young girls... In one word, thanks to God we have now easy access, especially here in Paris.

That’s where comes the obstacle N° 2, the difficulty of financing our aid. An baby rescue "costs" us on average about 1,250 USD in total. No French administration is subsidizing us: it’s quite logical, because they are all in favour of abortion. The Church doesn’t subsidize us neither, as she has herself the greatest difficulties to survive financially in a context of generalized decadence and apostasy. Our only resource is our donors. Some of them are sending us punctual checks, other send us monthly bank transfers taken on their poor income. So we had to build a true network of donors around SOS MOTHERS to ensure its effectiveness. Currently we have around 1000 donors, including about hundred with monthly bank transfers (of generally 25 or 35 USD per month). All these private donations allow us to save babies. The donors are truly part of our rescue teams. To them applies the word of Our Lord: "What you have done to the smallest one of my brothers, it’s to Me that you have done it". Who is smaller than an embryo, a little human being who is innocent and without any defence, who needs our love?

And here comes our actual problem: currently we detect more babies in abortion danger than financial resources. So we launch an SOS, in full summer time, because the work with women and girls in abortion risk leaves no holidays nor truce, on the contrary. On behalf of the babies to be saved: please help us !

SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/Fax +33.134120268 , (under the heading SOS MOTHERS).
PS: a pre-filled form to establish a monthly bank transfer can be sent to you by our secretariat upon request ! - THANK YOU ! »

End of the press release of SOS MOTHERS.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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