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RU 24/2010 - USA, BP-leakage

USA –(ru, June 23rd, 2010) : You are starting to ask yourself what is happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico, near the U.S. southern coast? You aren’t the only one. We investigated. Our RU news are not aiming at frightening anybody, but when there are dangerous realities, voluntarily obscured by the secret powers, it’s up to the Christians to shout loudly and clearly the truth. Who else would take the risk to say it? It’s the truth which will free us. Without it, no human action has a sure basis.
We are talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is not an accident, it’s a disaster. According to the Pastor Lindsey Williams of the United States (cf. video Daily Motion referenced under this article) who interviewed several insiders of BP, operator of the disastrous oil drilling platform which is stationed in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a well which has been drilled at an extreme depth. Already the Russians had begun their drilling program SG3 since 1970, going down to some 12,000 m of depth, but on solid ground, not on the sea. Today they exploit some 310 oil wells of this type, and since 2009 the Russian firm YUKOS exceeds the production of Saudi Arabia, thus becoming the largest supplier of oil in the world. It is an abiotic oil , i.e. it’s not of biological origin, but the result of a chemical process occurring deeply inside the earth, with almost unlimited quantities, and the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, Africa and Mexico are fed by this very deep oil stratum of batholitic shape, indeed a sort of immense underground lake like the groundwater. The Russians were cautious enough to undertake these drillings on solid ground, and not on the sea as it has been recently done by the oil group BP in the Gulf of Mexico where the conditions of safety are much more difficult because of the pressures encountered in these very deep oil reserves. The BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico is located on the deep sea with 1600 m depth, and the drilling below was of 10,000 m ! Drilling of oil normally meets pressures of about 1500 PSI (lbs/inch2). But here in the Gulf of Mexico, they are talking about figures which have never been published until today, as the pressure varies between 20,000 to 70,000 PSI. By comparison, car tires have a pressure of about 35 PSI, lorry tires about 100 PSI… No safety valve resists to such extreme pressures, and this is exactly what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. It failed, and an explosion occurred which blew up the whole BP submarine apparatus, burned the over-sea platform and finally made capsize the whole installation. According to internal information, BP had noticed the malfunction of the safety valve, but the management was not ready to stop the exploitation under the pretext : "We’ve got no time, go on with production! ". Then came the failure, the fire, an explosion and an enormous submarine leakage of oil. In the beginning they mentioned some hundred thousands of spilled gallons per day, today they are considering about 4 to 5 million gallons per day (also a concealed figure) ! In addition, the submarine pipeline, under this enormous pressure which is released by the exploded safety valve, is damaged over several places, approaching submarine oil leakage to a distance of only 12 km from the U.S. coast, according to the NOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).
Very recently the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) began to talk about gases which are leaking together with the oil, and that their impact could be more disastrous even than those of the oil leakage. It’s highly toxic hydrogen sulphide gas (rates allowed : 5 to 8 ppb = particles per billion ; rate measured: 1200 ppb), then benzene gas (rate admitted: 4 ppb ; rate measured: 3000 ppb), and finally methylene chloride gas (rate admitted: 61 ppb ; rate measured: 3000 to 3400 ppb). These gases may cause the death of men by many kinds of damages, including blood and cardiac diseases, and the deformation of unborn babies. In addition, the last mentioned gas (methylene chloride) is inflammable… These gas clouds currently are going towards Louisiana, Mississippi etc. , without anybody who would prevent the population, neither president Obama, nor any governor or parliament member or mayor. The slightest hurricane can bring today a major disaster in carrying those extremely toxic gas clouds toward the coast and even up to the eastern coast of the United States.
The worst is that they are discussing now at BP, as the ultimate solution, of an artificial nuclear explosion for closing the leakage source which becomes less and less controllable by any other means. The nuclear power could perfectly obturate the oil flow, in the best case, but it could also open an enormous breach which would directly link this immense batholitic oil lake to the sea of the Gulf, with incalculable consequences… … Of course, we have verified the source of this information, the Rev. Fr. Lindsey Williams, and this source looked reliable. He is since 25 years chaplain of people working in the oil industry, including those of Canada, and has excellent informants in this business. His books - often prophetic - are serious and the facts he announced have not been contradicted by the reality later on. Therefore it was necessary that we talk to you about these things, waiting with much anxiety for what may happen to-morrow.
God said to Noah that he would not make perish the world by water, but he could perfectly allow that the world gets destroyed by itself, i.e. by the stupidity, if not by the greed and haughtiness of men.
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- O. A. M. D. G. -

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