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RU 17/2010 - TURIN, the Relic of the Shroud

TURIN (ru, May 13th, 2010) : This Sunday May 2nd, during his visit to Turin, our Holy Father Benedict XVI was well kneeling down in prayer before the Shroud of Turin, currently in exposition up to May 23rd; he spoke well during his public meditation about "this icon painted by Blood, " but he didn't dare to pronounce the word "Relic" which would have designated it, on behalf of the Church, as authentic witness of the Death and the Resurrection of O.L. Jesus Christ, a kind of 5th Gospel announcing the salvation to men. Our association UNEC had requested, by an action of 14,200 postcards to the Holy Father, that he may declare the Shroud "true Relic of O.L. J. C. ", in vain ! The kairos passed over.

Yet the human probability, including the scientific one, the evidence of authenticity of the Shroud of Turin is overwhelming: according to a mathematician it is at 200 billion to 1, in other words there is a likelihood of only 0.0000005 % that it be a "counterfeit of the Middle Ages", absurd verdict which is defended by the ‘scientific’ orgulous Carbon 14 test, face to the contrary findings of most other scientists of the whole world. - Other popes, however, had the courage to declare authentic the Shroud of Turin. Thus, after the exposition of 1932, pope Pius XI, by a brief of March 23rd, 1934, designated it as a "Relic”, and even granted a plenary indulgence to all faithful who pray, in front of the Shroud or before an image of it, the following beautiful prayer: "O Lord, you who deigned leave the traces of your presence in this world and the wages of your undeniable Love on the most holy Shroud in which your adorable body was wrapped when it was taken down from the Cross, ah ! by the merits of your Passion, and in consideration of this venerable Cloth that has served to your burial, bestow us the grace, when comes the day of the resurrection, that we become participants of the glory in which you live forever. Amen.” The exact terms used by this courageous pope were: “Is granted a plenary indulgence for the 4th day of May, the feast of the Holy Shroud, and for two other days to their choice during the year, to the faithful who, after having confessed their sins, gone to Holy Communion and prayed according to the intentions of the Roman Pontiff, will venerate devotedly the Relic or an image of the Shroud reciting the prayer above. Moreover (is granted) a 500 days indulgence each time that one says the same prayer with a contrite heart''. That’s what one can call clear language face to all the doubters and detractors of the Church, of its salutary message and its venerable traditions and relics. We cannot avoid thinking of this word of Our Lord: "The one who will not be ashamed of Me before men, Me too, I will not be ashamed of him before my Father. »

Scientists themselves, face to the overwhelming mass of physical evidence of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, receded one notch admitting today the earthly reality of the ‘man of pains’ of the Shroud, giving up to challenge any more - as did once Ernest Renan and the scientific world behind him - his very existence on earth, but questioning, as does today professor Gerard Lucotte, the divinity of that real man. Yet the miracle of the Shroud certifies the opposite. It is revealing not only the Passion and of the Death of Our Lord (traces of sweat and blood), but also, and always more abundantly, his Resurrection (non man-made image). During the renovation work of the Shroud in 2002, pictures of the rear face of the Shroud have been taken: they reveal that there also the image of Christ appears, more faintly, but actually. The analysis of professor Giulio Fanti (University of Padova) and his research group, following the work of professor Oswald Scheuermannn on the effects of radiation, demonstrates that only a huge and precise electrical discharge from the body wrapped by the Shroud could leave this fine DOUBLE surface picture which we admire and venerate today, thereby transforming the Shroud into an extraordinary direct witness of the Resurrection. In a world which is sinking always more into sin and perversion, the message concerning the real existence of this divine man, announcing for all and for always the possibility of salvation, is essential. The pilgrims of UNEC, during their "pilgrimage to the Relics of Christ" from May 17th to 22nd, will kneel down before this real Relic of our Saviour in giving thanks to God for this miracle granted to our poor world needing Redemption.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -

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