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RU 13/2010 - FRANCE, Declaration of War

FRANCE (ru, April 14th 2010). Here's a news release from AMEN, dated Easter 2010, entitled ‘Declaration of war’. Quotation :

We, unworthy advocates of babies murdered in the womb of their mothers, we accuse your lies and your acts against life perpetrated since the year 1975 (legalization of abortion in France):
- 7 million human beings that you have authorized to be slaughtered before birth!
- 7 million babies whose innocent blood is sticking for ever to your hands!
- 7 million babies whose road to life you barred, so they never will see their mom and their daddy, never will admire the sun and the flowers, never will discover the human smile… !
- 7 million babies who are leaving today a tremendous hole in society!
- 7 millions of lives that you have ripped, right at the tender beginning, from the hands of the Creator !
- 7 million babies who will ensure you, according to the words of God, eternal damnation after your death!

You should know that now a voice will rise in the political arena, to accuse of this genocide not the martyred women, but you the murderers barricaded behind your laws. This voice is A. M. E. N. (Arretez le Massacre des Enfants a Naitre = Stop the Massacre of the Unborn). KILL US, NOT THE BABIES!

At the regional elections of March 2010 we obtained in the region of Paris, by the list submitted with our pro-life allies, 0.85% of the votes, which are to be added to the 7 million dead babies who will never be able to vote but whom we represent. On each future election this percentage will grow. Our reservoir of ballots is enormous: 70 per cent of the French are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost, God of Life and of Love. But you, by your laws, you only have created death, despair and emptiness.

We are decided to lead this political fight for the babies up to the total abolition of the death penalty which is presently practiced exclusively on them, and up to the introduction of the death penalty for all those who are part of the coward gang of abortionists, may they be presidents, ministers, MPs, doctors, social workers, pharmacists, bad buddies, execrable parents, rapists or others. Because there is nothing worse than to kill - or to let kill - a baby, supreme gift of the Creator, living image of God on earth. With the grace of God who loves the very small ones, we shall obtain that abolition by the most democratic way in the world, i.e. by a National Assembly converted to Life.

Count your days, politicians, accomplices of death, you are politically finished, unless you convert yourselves from your crimes against life. "The cry of the innocent ones rises up to the heaven" (Pius XI).

Signed: A. M. E. N. (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn Children), political party in France.

Coordinates: AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, T/F +33-134120268, , (membership 20 Euro/year, or 15 USD for foreigners residing or not in France)»
End of quotation.

NB : AMEN s is committed by its statutes to help financially associations which come to help of mothers facing abortion of their child. AMEN is, to our knowledge, the only party in Europe to do so.

- O. A. M. D. G. -

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