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- PARIS (ru, March 29th 2010). Paris, Notre Dame cathedral, on Sunday March 21st. Arthur Leroy reports: "On this Sunday of the Passion, Mgr Vingt-trois, cardinal archbishop of Paris, had invited to Notre-Dame, for a conference of Lent, the rabbi Krygier. Great first in the history of the Church. So we decided, Civitas, the MJCF and some youths of the Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet church, not to let pass by this scandal. A rabbi cannot come to teach in a catholic cathedral. The Jewish people, which refused Christ, is expected to get converted. Thus, arrived about one hour in advance, we got seated right in front. We were finally some 50 young people, occupying almost a full square in the first ranks, while the rest of the public was rather old, mainly of the pre-conciliar generation. We let Mgr Vingt-trois make his presentation, and as soon as he had finished, the responsible person chosen by our three groups stood up and said with a strong voice: ‘Dear Catholics, I invite you to recite the Rosary in repair of this scandal’. And immediately the 50 traditional faithful who were present started praying calmly but with a strong single voice the rosary. Then after the first ten Ave Maria they sang the Christus Vincit and the hymn “Vive Jesus, vive sa croix”, all this during at least ten minutes. The present cardinals and some laymen, as well as the order service of the cathedral, approached us and asked us to keep quiet, indicating that our attitude wasn’t charitable, that one should leave the citizens speak. Some of the faithful got excited and treated us as fascists, sectarians, and told us that if this were the Church, they wanted not to be member of it, and that catholic meant universal . Mgr Jacquin, Rector of the cathedral, approached a tiny lady between us, and a bit exasperated told her that if she wouldn’t sit down immediately he would personally and forcefully push her out of the cathedral. We tried to make the brave lady sit down to avoid too much scandal. From the beginning, some young people distributed leaflets explaining our action and the reason of the scandal : they handed them over to the men at the microphone and then to the invited personalities in the first ranks. As our prayer got quickly covered by the sound of the organ, once the television and the conference speakers took their distance in order to continue the broadcast in the sacristy, we all together left the cathedral by the central corridor, yet singing the Christus Vincit and other catholic hymns. Some parishioners applauded our exit, how should we take it? We then continued our rosary outside, surrounded by the police (which had accompanied the exit of some of ours and tried to prevent us from distributing our fliers). We continued praying, kneeling towards Notre Dame in repair of the scandal and for the conversion of the Jews. At the end of the prayers we unrolled our banner on which was written, 15 meters long and 80 cm high, "Notre Dame cathedral is not a synagogue'', but it was immediately taken down by the police. Then we continued our operations of distributing, closely surveyed by the police which gripped regularly our fliers and magazines from our hands". – Rev. Fr. Cacqueray, superior of the district France of the Priest Society of St Pius X, commented the event in the same evening as follows: "Let’s felicitate these young Catholics for the faith and courage they have shown on this Sunday of the Passion. Thanks to them, the cardinal Vingt-trois himself has been forced to do justice in relegating the rabbi to the sacristy. But is there any need to prove that a rabbi must not preach in the cathedral of Paris? Which pope, which archbishop of Paris or elsewhere, of all the past centuries, could be cited to justify the invitation that has been made to this rabbi ? The Cardinal Vingt-trois may question all the Catholics of before the reforms of the Council (Vatican II), he may ask any child having learned his catechism : he will not find anyone to give him reason. Unanimously, they will express their horrified disapproval of such an invitation and they will applaud to the profession of faith of these young people. The cathedral of Paris is neither a synagogue, nor a Masonic temple. It exists for the profession the divinity of O.L. Jesus Christ and not to be a loud-speaker of his dispraisers. It’s made for the meditation of the mysteries of the rosary and not for the evacuation of those who pray it. » - Dear readers, this was a true lighthouse action. – You can view 2 videos on this event: , and

- LORRAINE (ru, March 29th 2010). Here's a message we received from our correspondent in Lorraine regarding the Sunday formerly called "Palm Sunday". Is it a report - or is it a bad dream? Judge by yourself: "Sermon of Father François, Lorraine. My dear parishioners, two church holidays of obligation are listed today on the calendar for our dear Church of cosmic Love. I want to talk in the first place of Saint FightagainstAids. I invite all of you (all togetherrrrrrr – all togetherrrrr) to contemplate the small red ribbon that one can see during these days on the bold breasts of our TV speakers and spokeswomen, who are so wonderful benefactors of the suffering humanity. No doubt that the unfair and terrific Aids disease will decrease in the sight of such an implacable determination. – On the other hand, we will celebrate this evening in the whole world (all togetherrrrrr – all togetherrrrrrrr) Saint Gaïa, our dear Blue Planet, our Mother to all of us, which we must rescue at any price. For example, in turning off tonight (alltogetherrrrrr - alltogetherrrrrrr) our electrical appliances from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM. This will not fail to significantly reduce the extremely serious global warming due to the insane activity of men, this parasite against nature of our Mother to all of us, a warming up to be countered by all means (except by Aids). Brother Arthus Bertrand, Brother Hulot and Brother Doctor Christian will circulate among you to gather your financial sacrifices. We recommend this collection to your citizen charity. Now, let’s recollect and pray (alltogetherrrrrr - alltogetherrrrr) to the Grand Universal Ecologist. » End of quotation.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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