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- WORLD: Please find below, like in the beginning of each year, the list of missionaries killed in 2005 for their Catholic faith: 5 in Columbia; 2 in Mexico; 2 in Brazil; 4 in India; 2 in Europe; and in Africa 1 bishop, 6 priests and 1 laïc. Total 23 known martyrs. R.I.P. (Requiescant in pace). - This number is not very high compared with the enormous and ever growing anti-Christian tensions. It's necessary to expect, for the years to come, the numbers of martyrs tremendously increase, in the light of the growing combativeness of the Islamists, but also of the homosexuals against the one true religion, the Catholic Church. Except in the United States where, after 30 years of hard struggle by the Christians, the accession of the new Catholic judge Samuel Alito, and of the new president John Roberts to the Supreme Court of the country, definitely skipped the scales, so that the majority of the Constitutional Court of nine judges are pro-life. It means, for years to come, a succession of pro-life legislative corrections, hopefully achieving in the end of the path the abolition in America of the main moral pandemic: the legal murder of unborn babies (abortion) and the gayness against nature (homosexuality). Naturally, with the usual time lag, this happy and necessary major change will arrive sooner or later in our old Europe, as Coca-Cola and all the rest. Therefore, for 2006 and the following years, let's prepare ourselves: we must be expecting more martyrs, but there are also more victories in perspective, God willing. - (ru; cf. M+V Jan. 28)


- FRANCE: The powerful 'Catholic' media group BAYARD slides completely down the hill in the recent numbers of its magazines for children: TRALALIRE (for 2 to 5 years) and ASTRAPI (for 7 to 11 years). A typically feminist speech is adopted in those papers in a pragmatic, if not catechist way: "A baby when I want!" The presented models are associations like the MLF (Movements of Feminist Leagues) or 'Ni putes ni soumises!' (Neither prostitutes nor accepting subjection!). There is obviously - in spite of evidence - supposed to be no difference any more between girls and boys: "All this is a cultural matter. It's preferable that everybody does his own thing, even though it doesn't correspond to the habits of one's country or family". Bayard belongs in fact to the Order of the Assumptionists. The rumor spreads that this dissident group might acquire the television channel KTO which had been founded by cardinal Lustiger, a channel which is currently in bankruptcy. Is Benedict XVI informed about Bayard? Would it be possible for one of our episcopal readers to inform him about this problem? It would really be too bad if the apostolic nuncios harass a profoundly Catholic organization, Radio-Maria in Poland, while remaining silent in France face to face with a giant of the 'Catholic' press which has unquestionably become immoral. - (ru; cf. M+V Jan.28)


- CHRISTIAN EUROPE: The association UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians) is announcing a pilgrimage-excursion under the theme "On the Footsteps of Charlemagne" from the night of February 24th to the night of February 27th. Itinerary: Paris (France) - Herstal (Belgium) - Aachen (FRG) - Cologne (FRG) - Maria Laach (FRG) - Linz on the Rhine (FRG) - Paris. UNEC explains: "This time, by comparison to the same journey already organized in 2002, we could include a Franco-Belgian symposium at Herstal, close to the city of Liège, in fact the birthplace of Charlemagne, in cooperation with the local museum, on the theme: "Charlemagne - 1st Emperor of Christian Europe." That's something, a mere 28 km away from Maastricht, the city of the foundation of the atheistic European Union! We will have 2 Belgian lecturers who will talk to us about Charlemagne and his youth, and 2 lecturers from France who will explain to us the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil which was one of the most prestigious gifts of Charlemagne to France. Thus, a wonderful afternoon is announced for Saturday February 25th, on top of the Sunday visits of the cathedrals of Aachen and Cologne, and to our dear "Our Lady of the Ruins", and without forgetting our calm Benedictine abbey of Maria-Laach, with its wonderful hotel nearby (run by the Benedictine monks), and on Monday the Carnival parade in the small city of Linz/Rhine putting a suitable end to this excursion. The all in price is 350 Euro per person for a double room (and of 400 Euro per person for a single room), alcoholic drinks not included. For more information, or for registering definitely, it is sufficient to send a downpayment of 150 Euros per person, by check to UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien. Please do this at once, at the latest by February 10th, 2006, in order to enable us to book definitely the hotels etc. The balance is to be paid, if possible in cash, in the bus. Let's go and browse three countries, in fact the central part of Charlemagne's Europe - which was CHRISTIAN! Long live that Europe, ours! - Cf. the site of UNEC which is , under the button 'pilgrimages'. - (ru)

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