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RU 11/2010 - FRANCE, post-electoral press release AMEN

FRANCE (ru, March 19th, 2010). Here's a post-electoral news release from AMEN of March 17th, 2010.
"Dear friends of AMEN,
a huge  thanks to all of you, on behalf of the babies in danger of abortion and on behalf of their little mothers! A giant step has been accomplished by all of you, members, friends, candidates (or virtual candidates), distributors of posters and fliers, clergymen, journalists... and our 25,000 voters. You were fantastic! After 1 ½ years of existence, AMEN has succeeded, allied to Solidarity-France for establishing THE CHRISTIAN LIST for the regional elections in the Paris area, to create a first crack in the wall of the tacit consensus concerning abortion. Imagine, almost 1% (exactly 0.85 % on average in the Paris area, but with peaks up to 4.7 % as at Versailles), that’s more than double of the votes obtained for example by the old communist party Lutte Ouvriere (“Worker’s fight”). David has launched his first stone on Goliath, that baby eating moloch who is present everywhere. These stones will swell from election to election, up to the victory over the culture of death. This struggle, let’s be convinced of it, is more important than any other struggle, exhibited by the other parties, because this issue is about life or death, light or dark, and finally about God or Satan. Abortion isn’t just a little thing between others. It’s the tip of the iceberg of the downfall of modern man: a sea of contempt for the human being, the woman, the child, the family, the nation, and even Church and God. Innocent babies are the first victims. Who fights for Life, fights for the coming of the Kingdom of God.
The presence of our CHRISTIAN LIST worked as a catalyst for existing large parties, some of which suddenly discovered a vocation for values, principles and foundations, without daring to go up to the end of the road in pronouncing the word morals, Ten Commandments, or God. However, our contemporaries have thirst precisely for that, as they are totally disgusted, especially of politics (53 % of abstentions!). Man has thirst for God and His Kingdom of love, justice and peace. Modern man needs the Saviour O.L. Jesus Christ. AMEN wants to finish with the habit that Christians provide endlessly the flesh for the canons of the other parties, having only materialistic objectives and being often non-Christian, or even anti-Christian. AMEN wants finally to allow to the Christians to stand up for their own objectives: the Kingdom of God, with its characteristic preference for the poor, the disadvantaged, those who cry, who have hunger and thirst for justice. And this would not be worthwhile to constitute a party? As 72% of France are still baptized Christians, if they are practicing or not, AMEN’s reserve tank is enormous. Everything is to be recovered, dear friends!
Voting recommendation for the 2nd election round of March 21st, 2010, in the Paris region: none.
Just a word for the criticism that the Front National party put forward, saying that it’s THE CHRISTIAN LIST vote which destroyed the FN in the Paris area, as this one did not reach the 10% level for having elected deputies. According to our analysis, the provenance of our electors are as follows: 1/3 ex-Modem (such as Axel de Boer, head candidate of THE CHRISTIAN LIST), or from other established parties; 1/3 ex-FN ; 1/3 Catholic ex-abstentionists. So please calculate with us: one third of 0.85% = approximately 0.3%. THE CHRISTIAN LIST has therefore theoretically "taken away" maximum 0.3% from the (former) electorate FN.
But 0.3% + 9.28% - percentage obtained by the FN – makes up only 9.58% ; always not enough to pass the hurdle of 10%. It’s indeed a proper defeat of the FN party. If anyone would design now THE CHRISTAN LIST as the origin of the FN disaster, he would reveal himself as a liar and a very bad loser.
Finally, here are some specific comments:
- We have taken some loans in order to contribute 10,000 Euros for the election campaign expenses of THE CHRISTIAN LIST. There are still lacking 1500 Euro for the full reimbursement of these loans. If all the candidates of our LIST had given 100 Euro - some didn’t do so or were unable to do so –, the question would have been solved. Perhaps some others can help out? Checks please to “AMEN” (see address below).
- If between the candidates or activists some would like to join our commission AMEN which meets every 1st Friday of the month from 8 PM to 9.30 PM (in the Latin Quarter of Paris, at different locations), please let us know ! That’s where strategic subjects of AMEN are developed and discussed. May God protect all of us !
AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, Ph/F 0134120268, ,"

 -  O.A.M.D.G.  -


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