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FRANCE (ru,, Feb.17th, 2010) - A press release from A.M. E. N. reads as follows: "THE CHRISTIAN LIST” has been accomplished and was handed over on February 15th, the last legal day for doing so, to the Prefecture of Paris. The latter will publish the number and the names of all the approved lists by the latest on Friday February 19th, in view of the regional elections in the the Paris region of March 14th and 21st, 2010. Early in March a press conference will take place in Paris, where several top representatives of THE CHRISTIAN LIST, from the various departments of the Paris area, will be present. Thus the 1st page is turned over, a first battle is won, with the courageous help of hundreds of upright Christian. Friday evening Feb. 12th THE CHRETIAN LIST had only 199 candidates! But 2 days later, Sunday evening February 14th, 244 applications were gathered, including the necessary town hall certificates, to build the definitive list for the Paris region which must legally contain 225 names. Some candidates had to be omitted, either by insufficiency of documents or by redundancy. May they be consoled: there will be other occasions, other battles to be fought against abortion, for family and for Life, which are only starting now. It should be recalled that the incredible adventure of THE CHRISTIAN LIST in Paris was started by an alliance between the 100% pro-life party SOLIDARITY-FRANCE and our political movement A.M.E.N. (Arretez le Massacre des Enfants à Naitre = Stop the Massacre of the Unborn).

Now a 2nd battle this immediately following: financing. The authors of THE CHRISTIAN LIST were able to set a relatively low total budget of 22,500 Euro, or USD 31,500 (the major parties spend on this election a budget of 250,000 and 500,000 Euro, or USD 350,000 to 700,000!), basically for printing and delivering 2 million ballot papers and 2 million papers called ‘profession of faith’ (2 million = 1/3 the number of voters in the region of Paris). Already the fact that 2 million Christian professions of faith, with the clear annunciation of the holiness and inviolability of all human life, will be distributed by the townships to 2 million homes in the Paris area, with envelopes, stamps and mailing provided free of charge by the municipalities, fully justifies this (small) budget. This amount is to be paid very urgently to the printer, to meet the tight terms of delivery. By dividing this amount by the number of candidates, it comes up to a contribution of 100 Euro (USD 140) by each candidate. This is not an obligation, but a simple invitation. If anyone can give only 15 Euro, another may contribute 150 Euro, and thus the budget may be recovered. Non-candidates may also participate in THE CHRISTIAN LIST by sending some donation. Attention, you must word these checks as follows: "To the Association of Financing of Solidarity", in order to take advantage of the tax receipt giving legal right to a tax reduction of 66% granted by the State to political contributions in France, and send this check very quickly to the following address: AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien.

One can also pay through Internet by going to the website , which is a very fast and welcome means of payment, but in this case you must inform AMEN of your donation by a separate e-mail to AMEN (, otherwise AMEN could not know where it is with the global financing of our budget, which is 50% for AMEN. The other 50% will be provided by the partner of AMEN, i.e. by SOLIDARITY-FRANCE. In the worst case, one must think about one or several loans, not expensive banker loans, but personal ones, by one or the other candidate, or by any member or friend of AMEN, refundable within 12 months without interest. If anyone prefers it this way, paying 500 or 1000 Euros (USD 700 or 1400), we would be grateful. Of course, they will immediately receive a certificate from AMEN concerning its obligation of reimbursement. The way of paying of these loans would be exactly the same as for the donations. We count on the help of the readers of our RU press releases, accustomed to Christ front battles in favour of the babies, family and Life in the public area.

One remark: Some people criticize AMEN and THE CHRISTIAN LIST of ‘creating division’. Be aware that the politicians are indifferent face to talking and writing, but are very sensitive when there are suddenly hundreds of candidates and members, thousands of voters, in one word a new party staying up in front of them. This is the catalytic effect. For example, J. M. Le Pen has made a speech which hardly can be more Christian at the conclusion of his recent Convention for the upcoming regional elections: he never spoke as clearly in this regard. And we’ll see what will say the gurus of other parties when our list will be revealed on Friday Feb. 19th to the public (if God wants so). That is already an immediate result of our campaign. This alone would already represent a big step forward for defending human lives from the actual genocide which is occurring in our Christian country . Cf . other informations on the website of AMEN .»
End of quotation of AMEN’s press release.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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