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RU 04/2010 - FRANCE: SOS - SOS - SOS

FRANCE (ru, Jan. 30th, 2010) : SOS SOS SOS.

For the "6 million victims” in the Nazi camps, what does the world not do to remember that! But the fact that 30 million babies aborted in Europe, lie, shredded and bleeding, at the bottom of the waste bins of the abortion mills, everyone seems to laugh at that. Just that they do not spit on it, is it not a waste bin ?

THIS MUST BE STOPPED! The new party AMEN (Stop the Massacre of unborn children), a creation of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), wants to pass the silent cry of these babies towards the nest of vipers where the laws of abortion are concocted, voted, maintained and amplified : the political arena, it is to say the regional, national and European parliaments. To do this, one must enter by the big door, i.e. the elections, which are so much repudiated by the Christians who, by this fact, leave criminally the field free for the godless people to legislate against God and men, trampling with their feet the natural law printed by the Creator into every human heart : YOU MUST NOT KILL !

First stage: the regional elections of March 2010. In the Paris region where we present a list, we have to find 225 candidates who are necessary to constitute a list. We have already 140, there are lacking 85 to complete “THE CHRISTIAN LIST» formed by AMEN and Solidarity-France (a small 100% pro-life party).

If you are a believer, meditate on these words of Christ: "What you do to the smallest one of my brothers, it’s to Me that you have done it", and still: "No one has a greater love than the one who gives his life for his neighbour». We do not ask as much of you for defending the murdered babies, but we ask just for your name on our list, to enable us to act. Each one of you can give his name and be candidate, even the very old or very sick ones. We therefore expect your urgent OK, so that we can send you the candidature form to be filled in, signed and sent back to us. The only conditions for this candidature are: to be French, major, and registered as domiciled in a commune in the Paris area.

If you have already offered your candidature to us, make sure that your application form (cf. site has been completed by you, signed and returned to us. There are left to us only 15 days to give the complete list of 225 candidates to the electoral authorities. Please take notice that your candidature risks nothing, especially you don't have a risk to be elected, but the very presence in the poll stations of the CHRISTIAN LIST will be a far flashing signal for everyone: THE CHRISTIANS ARE BACK ON THE POLITICAL SCENE AND WILL FIGHT AGAINST ABORTION, FOR BABIES, FOR LIFE! Those who are already on our list; should not sit back, but should find a 2nd, even if possible, a 3rd candidate. If we double the candidatures during the 15 remaining days, the battle will be won. A race against the clock, a first sacrifice for the unborn babies !

Let us never again forget them! "The cry of the innocents is rising until Heaven ! » (Saint Pius X).
Many thanks in advance. We are counting upon you.

AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, Ph/F 0134120268, ,

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