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RU 03/2010 - ROME, unforgettable Sunday?

ROME (ru, Jan. 29th, 2010). One of our readers sent on Jan. 25th, 2010, a letter to the Holy Father that, because of its relevance, we should like to make known to our readers. Here it is.

"Very Holy Father, this Sunday, January 17th, was for you not a Sunday as the others; a Sunday which will remain full of consequences. In the morning, during the Holy Mass, the New Testament - the New Alliance - scrolled down before you during the reading of the Gospel: “Nobody is going to the Father except through Me; the one who sees Me, sees the Father; My Father and Me, we are One; nobody can serve two masters, God and the money, one can only love one and hate the other; may your yes be yes, and your no be no, all the rest comes from the demon; if you are blushing of Me before the world, I shall blush of you before my Father who is in Heaven”.
At the Consecration - as ‘sacerdos alter Christus’ - , you were at Golgotha, the highest summit of the world. The chalice in your hands, you pronounced these words: “This is the chalice of My blood, the blood of the New and eternal Alliance (‘novi et aeterni testamenti’); at this moment, remembering the suffering of the Passion of Our Lord, you were the link which connects our world to the Saviour; you are the accomplishment of all the Creation. The whole Christianity is with you, and is meditating about the magnificent sermons which you pronounced in Paris, at Lourdes ...

But on this Sunday, January 17th, as soon as this ecstasy ended, you filed this New Testament and fetched the Old one, although outdated, and you walked into the Synagogue. And there, forgetting that the Word has incarnated (‘et Verbum caro factum est’), you proposed the Ten Commandments, the ten ‘words’, to your hosts and friends, who applauded you on many occasions. You detailed everything that can unite us and that we must observe together, for greater humanism, understanding, brotherhood, etc. … The usual socio-politico-religious speech.
You did not omit to mention the Council Vatican II: irrevocable path of dialog, brotherhood and friendship . In hearing you, we could think that this Council is like another alliance with the elected people of the Old Testament. In some way a humanist simplification of the Alliance of Holy Thursday. You went up to forgetting the signatory of the New Testament, because the Osservatore Romano, French version, dared to entitle its editorial: “What unites Jews and Catholics, more important than what separates them”. One should not talk about what angers : O. L. Jesus Christ, isn’t it? I have the impression to find Saint Peter in the court of the High Priest: “No, I don’t know this man!” But fifty days later, Saint Peter, our first pope, inspired by the Holy Spirit, addressed the crowd gathered in Jerusalem for the holidays of the Pentecost: “Israelites, listen to those words: Jesus of Nazareth, the man whom God accredited to you by the miracles, ... this man who has been delivered according to the firm intent and providential thoughts of God, you made him die in crucifying him by the hand of the ungodly. God has risen Him, liberating Him from the pain of death, because it was not possible that it held power over him... It’s that Jesus whom God made resuscitate: we are witnesses.... Therefore, may all the House of Israel know with certainty that God has made Lord and Messiah this Jesus whom you crucified.” After hearing this, they had the heart pierced and they said to Peter and the other apostles: “Brothers, what shall we do?” Peter told them: “Repent, and may each of you be baptized on behalf of Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins, and you will receive the donation of the Holy Spirit, because the promise is for you, for your children, and for all those far away, as many as the Lord, our God, will call.” He multiplied his appeals and urged them by saying: “Save you by leaving this perverted environment !” Those who received his word, were baptized, and that day about three thousand people joined them (Act. 2.22-41). I would willingly also quote the second speech of Saint Peter (Act 3.12-26), but, Holy Father, you surely know it by heart. Eugenio Zolli, intercede for us, Venerable Pius XII, pray for your successor .

Such is the meditation that I was inspired on this Sunday which was really not like the other ones. As a simple faithful of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, please be assured, Holy Father, of my daily prayers, that the Successor of Peter perform his task for the greatest honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Mother. Jean BOJO, 95300 Ennery (diocese of Pontoise in France). » - End of quote.

-  O.A.M.D.G.  -


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