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RU 01/2010 - FRANCE, Party AMEN

FRANCE, (ru, Jan. 6th, 2010): The party AMEN published a press release, with a report on the press conference of Jan. 4th, 2010 at the hotel Claude Bernard, Paris 5. Please find here the text in exclusivity.

"AMEN = Arrêtez le Massacre des Enfants à Naître (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn).
AMEN is in fact an emanation of the association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) which was founded in 1995 to save babies from abortion. In our 14 years of efforts - in the streets, public parks, coffee shops, busses and subways - to rescue pregnant women and girls placed before the nightmare of abortion, SOS MOTHERS has been able to save, up to the present day, 614 babies from death by assassination in the womb of the mothers. This work continues at a rate of 2 to 3 babies saved per week, especially in the Paris area, in Normandy and on the Côte d'Azur, but also in the province and abroad (Benelux, Lithuania, Georgia…).
If SOS MOTHER’s work is symbolized by the Good Samaritan in the Gospel, AMEN’s work is rather characterized by the prophet Jonas in the Old Testament: "Nineveh, Niniveh, if you don’t convert yourself, you will perish ! » And Nineveh accepted conversion. AMEN is the voice of the suffocated babies, in transmitting their ‘silent scream’ towards the political arena, which is the nest of vipers of the murderers of the babies.
However, right from the start of the project AMEN in mid-2007, we received many objections against it which can be read again on the Internet site of UNEC ( under the heading AMEN, but sorry, only in French language. Today AMEN has a new site: .

French Catholics represent more than half of the 40 to 45% abstentionists who don’t vote (70% of the Frenchmen are yet baptized Catholics, by the grace of God). A huge reservoir ! Why this absentism? Disenchantment, disgust, the harmful principle« No policy in the Church! » preached by the bishops, many priests, and even Catholic pro-life associations. The disastrous result is, that we have left the field free to the other pagans: abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, messing around with genetics , anti-family politics… The actual strategy of the Catholics makes one think of people who are hiding themselves in a trash can, in trying to well close the lid from inside, so that the storm pass, allowing themselves even to judge: ‘They will all go to hell’, and hoping that the Kingdom of God arrive all alone. This is not the way we’ll save the babies from death by human egoism. AMEN says ‘no’ to this Christian absence which is a disaster and little evangelical. - Examples: Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman, the Minister of the ancient German family minister Dr. Franz-Josef Wuermeling...

NO !
We must stand up and act as Jonas in the Bible. Tell the truth, if they like it or not: ‘You are all murderers!’ The abortion issue is to be tackled from below (SOS MOTHERS) and from top (AMEN). Perhaps later on also by the sides (conferences on abortion and Life in schools, at least in the Christian schools). Nobody, and no party (except for Solidarity-France), puts up unconditional defence of life and resistance against abortion in the first line of their program. They are perhaps somewhere in the rear package of the party’s principles, i.e. ‘negotiable’. It was absolutely necessary to create AMEN, because this theme will become one day in France, as it is the case today in the U.S., the issue number 1 which will decide about the choice of the president of the state, and all the rest

In summer 2007, UNEC’s solemn call: STOP THE MASSACRE! A kind of historical moment! A team was set up to work out and develop the program and the terms of the future party AMEN.
On Oct. 27th, 2008: the French ‘Official Journal’ publishes the foundation of ‘AMEN’, with its total program.
On Jan. 4th, 2009 : 1st press conference at Hotel Claude Bernard, Paris, Latin Quarter. The press, the pagan one as well as the Christian one, boycotted the event by silence. One year later, at the same place : 2nd press conference, same boycott.
AMEN is proud of its first 100 members, with ‘party card’. It’s not the number of registered members which will decide the battle for life, but their commitment, under the protection of God Creator of Life, of his angels and his saints. AMEN’s participation in elections: European Elections (in June 2009), and then the upcoming Regional Elections (March 2010).

We need 225 candidates, just on the list in the Isle-of-France region (Paris area)! Conditions: to be French, major, living in Isle-of-France, and to be registered in the city’s list of electors. Possibility for the sick, jobless, pensioners to become active: become candidates on our list! AMEN envisages an association with different movements to find together the necessary huge number of candidates, under the unifying and very clear name: "THE CHRISTIAN LIST", under the conduct of ‘Solidarity-France’ which has been able to obtain the official status of a political party in France.

Administration board of AMEN: chairperson Mrs. Jacqueline Robert, secr.gen. Mr. Win Wuermeling, treasurer Mrs. Christine Bischoff. Foreign donations, even small ones, are welcome for this election campaign! Address : AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France, Ph/Fax +33-134120268, , . »

- O.A.M.D. -

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