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RU 53/2009 - PARIS

FRANCE, (ru, Jan. 1, 2010) : In Paris was held, on Dec. 31st,  2009, the General Assembly 2009 of the association UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians), to celebrate its 20 years of existence. There were 22 people, including 4 children (!) for a joyful St Sylvester dinner, punctuated by the report of the secretary-general (audible with difficulties for some of them, if not for all…). We have the honour to publish below the text of this report, in exclusivity. Quotation:
"REPORT of UNEC’s General Assembly of Dec. 31st, 2009.

UNEC celebrates its 20th anniversary !
Founded in January 1989 by a group of French and German friends.
Basic idea: to (re)build CHRISTIAN EUROPE, especially with the European east.
Immediately was identified the major concern: preserving life (anti-abortion, pro-family!).
Main Axes of activity, maintained and developed until today:
-    European Network, started at the outset in 1989,
-    Work on the Holy Relics, since 1993 : COSTA (Holy Tunic of Argenteuil), and COELI (Shroud of Turin),
-    Rescue operation SOS MOTHERS, founded in 1995,
-    (mini)press agency RU, founded in 1997,
-    Radio on Internet station RADIO-SILENCE, founded in June 2000 (,
-    Political party AMEN (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn), founded in 2008 (

Overall figures of UNEC
300 members, budget 100,000 Euro/year (90 per cent of that concerns SOS MOTHERS), balance 5,426 E.

Activities, in the light of initiatives coming from Unec’s members :
-    COSTA, responsibles Mr. Didier Huguet and Miss Roseline Libeau : defence of authenticity of the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil, annual pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic before Easter, pilgrims of each day.
-    COELI, responsible Mr. Jacques Burel : monthly broadcast on Radio Silence , postcard action to the pope, crusade of prayers for the reign of Christ-King.
-    PILGRIMAGES, responsible Mr. Win Wuermeling and Mr. Christian Bourmaud: 2008 Turkey, 2010 Relics of Christ, further on in 2011 Ireland/Iceland, 2012 Catholic Quebec, 2013 On the traces of Christian martyrs in Algeria, 2014 Armenia 1st Christian nation.
-    RU, responsible Mr. Win Wuermeling : 1 dispatch per week, in 3 languages, via email, Internet, letter.
-    SOS MOTHERS : responsible ‘Lea’ : 611 babies saved from abortion (including 50 babies yet to be born), 38 pregnant mothers actually housed by us, ‘logbook’ of SOS MOTHERS soon to be published
-    RADIO-SILENCE: President Mr. Michel de Poncins, 20 journalists, continued expansion,
-    AMEN: Chairwoman Mrs. Jacqueline Robert, already 100 ‘party cards’, press conference of Jan. 4th, 2010, at the hotel Claude Bernard, Paris 5th. Participation in European elections in June 2009, and in regional elections in March 2010.

Administration Board in office, re-elected for 3 years (2010 to 2012) :
-    President : Mr. Alain GUILLO, aged 46,
-    Vice-Chairman: Mr. Jean-Pierre HUGUET, Belgium,
-    Treasurer: Mrs. Christine BISCHOFF,
-    Secretary-General: Mr. Win WUERMELING,
-    Regional officials:
Belgium : Mr. Jean-Pierre Huguet
Germany : Mrs. Lucie Zander
Sweden: Mr. Oskar Porath
Austria : Mrs. Traudl Wally
Holland : Mr. Jan Leechburch-Auwers
Ukraine : Mrs. Irina Kone
Georgia: Princess Veronique Murat
Hungary : Mr. Rainer Wadewitz
Poland : Mr. Jan Graff
Russia : Mrs. Elena Gonsharova

Christian Europe is more necessary than ever.
This Christian Europe is there, present, it’s just necessary that the Christians, largely in majority, take courage, get on their feet and drive off from power the 30% pagans actually ruling over Europe, so that Justice can return (Social Doctrine of the Church). After twenty years of preparation, we come into the political scene with our foundation AMEN, designed to make hear, without any compromise and at the precise place where it’s necessary, the silent cry of millions of murdered babies. Abortion is the worst problem of Europe.
Our mission: awareness, stand-up, encourage, start, prevail, triumph, on behalf of Christ King !

UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, Ph/Fax 0134120268,,,; site: "


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