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HOLLAND (ru, Dec. 28th, 2009). On this feast day of the Church called "The Saint Innocents”, the association AED (Aid to the Church in Distress) recalls the memorable words addressed by its founder, the Dutch Father Werenfried von Straaten (dead in 2003 aged 90), to the German people in July, 1986: "You Germans have the goods of this world. You belong to the richest nations on the earth; but concerning what is the most precious thing given to a people, its children, you have become as poor as a beggar.» And he continued, from the top of his 73 years: "In our days there is no longer required a Herod to murder innocent children. Now the State handles this slaughtering. It is financed by the Social Security. Everywhere are standing assassination clinics, stained with the blood of those innocent little human beings to whom life is defended, because their parents feel threatened on their solitary throne of selfishness, exactly as Herod felt threatened on his throne in Galilee.» We may add to this that, since any murder ends up by disturbing mentally its author - Herod committed suicide ! -,  the German people becomes, like all abortionist nations, schizophrenic. Two totally contradictory principles are coexisting in that country: on one hand, the German Constitution solemnly declares that human life is sacred, and on the other hand, a law, under this same Constitution, allows the abortion of innocent children. Herod was one of those insane people. Today it’s the turn of Germany. Tomorrow it will be the whole world, transformed into one immense asylum of madmen, gulag of children sacrificed each second into the mouth of the moloch of selfishness, up to the moment when there will be no children any more on earth. Only schizophrenics still manage to doubt about hell.

EUROPE (ru, Dec. 28th, 2009). By a national poll on Nov. 29th, 2009, the Swiss have decided, with a majority of 57 %, that the minarets are to prohibited on their soil. Now everyone cries on those poor Swiss, who are politically and religiously so little correct. Yet they are only the tip of the iceberg of a general refusal of Islam and its minarets in Europe. The Swiss have the immense merit to have dared to ask this question to the people, a thing which is unthinkable in the rest of Europe. But the polls flare up, thanks to a certain freedom of press which still exists. Indeed, this poll in Switzerland could represent a turning point for Islam - or rather against it - in Europe. A true anti-Islamic tsunami can be observed since this referendum in one of the smallest - but most courageous – countries of Europe. The leaden cover of political correctness is cracking,  the consciences are speaking up, languages are loosened. It has to be noted that an abyss separates the political - and religious – classes from the vast majority of Europeans. Here are the results of a few opinion polls of Nov. 30th, 2009, just after the national poll in Switzerland:
LE FIGARO: "Shall we prohibit the construction of new minarets in France ? » - Yes (76.98%). No (23.02 %). Voters: 7671.
LE MONDE: "The organization of a referendum on the construction of minarets, as it was made in Switzerland where it has been rejected by the population with a 57% majority, is that, according to you ... a sign of democracy (61.5%), … or a sign of irresponsibility (33.2%), … without opinion (5.3%). » Voters: 15763.
L’EXPRESS: "If there was a referendum to prohibit new minarets in France, I would vote… Yes (86 %), No (11%), No opinion (2%). Voters: 8475.
RMC: "Would you vote for the prohibition of minarets ? » Yes (83%), No (17%). Voters : 945.
M6, the question of the day: "Are you shocked by the rejection of the minarets in Switzerland? » - Yes (25%). No (67%). No opinion (8%). Voters: 45021.
LE SOIR (Belgium) : "The Swiss have voted for the prohibition of the minarets. In Belgium, this question deserves to be asked? » - Yes (63.2%), No (34%), No opinion (2.8%). Voters: 3428.
20 MINUTOS (Spain) : "How do you think about the prohibition of the construction of minarets in Switzerland?» Well (94%), Badly (6%). Voters: 3629.
DN GLOBO (Portugal) : "Is it reasonable that Switzerland prohibited the construction of minarets ? » - Yes (68%), No (32%). Voters: 1694.
ELSEVIER (Holland) : "Switzerland voted Sunday for the prohibition of the construction of minarets. Is this a good idea? » - It should also be made in Holland (84%), in this case the Swiss should also prohibit the construction of churches (8%), Yes if the minarets are not too high (8%). Voters: 2107.
LEGGO (Italy) : "No minarets any more, like in Switzerland? » - Yes (84.4%), No (13.6%). No opinion (2%). Number of voters: ?
DER SPIEGEL (FRG) : "Should the minarets also be prohibited in FRG ? » Yes (76.30%), No (21.41%), No opinion (2.3%). Voters: 29164.
DIE WELT (FRG): "Do you think that the vote of the Swiss people is reasonable? » - Yes (87%), No (12%), No opinion (2%). Voters: 4664.
Conclusion: not one poll is below the 57% in Switzerland. Those are rather wise children by comparison to the other Europeans. However, let us not be too optimistic: still a lot of water will have to go down the Seine, Rhine, and Tiber rivers before the rise of a XIIth Crusade, cherished by the missionary Rev. Fr. Maurice Avril. But the dawn flares up on the horizon !

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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