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FRANCE (ru, Dec. 15th, 2009): On November 20th an evening session of  "Students for life" was held in Paris which we would like to comment. In front of 200 young people a highly erudite lady explained, during 2 hours, which principles are to be followed in pro-life battle. These can be summarised in 4 points, all of which are in total contradiction with the action of SOS MOTHERS (and AMEN). Here they are:

1) "Judge the acts and not the people! » - On the contrary, we must put the guilty ones to the pillory: parliament members, ministers, judges, doctors, social workers, crazy parents and bad buddies, THE WHOLE SYSTEM of this culture of the death! Except for the young pregnant women and girls who, according to the experience of SOS MOTHERS, are very often the least guilty ones in the perfidious system of abortion. They are, with their babies, the victims and they should be defended.
2) "Awareness for life in an apolitical and aconfessional framework ! ". - What a non-sense! Especially in the political and the confessional world ! POLITICS: by preaching the apolitical, we have left to our adversaries, since 30 years, the field completely free. RELIGIOUS: abortion is a problem between Christians, as France is 70% Roman Catholic. We have a religious problem facing the abortion, this must be said very clearly!
3) "Express unwavering support to women in distress ! » - 'Express'? What’s that? No, we should go to their encounter, help them, finance them, rush to their rescue. Of whom? Of women placed before the terrible spectrum of abortion. Does that erudite lady believe that the Good Samaritan only 'expressed' himself?
4) "Advocate, always advocate, in order to make our message heard! » - With this, we’ve always got more abortions, since the law of Simone Veil (1975). A pernicious path, without any result, as the evil is pushing ahead always more. While our Christians are writing useless letters to the politicians, or distribute fliers which nobody appreciates, the babies are thrown in always bigger numbers into the waste bins of the abortion clinics in order to be burned, if they are not sold under the table to medical or even cosmetic labs for spurious and lucrative experiments. In the U.S., where the pro-life defenders have followed this strategy of pure activism for 30 years, the result is Obama, the most pro-abortion president of America’s history. Yet the only realistic Christian way is proposed since 2000 years in the Gospel: direct assistance to women (and babies) in danger. The worst is, that when people with good intentions have thus ‘advocated’ , they cross hands in considering that they have done what they could, but the slaughter continues. Yet, the Christian way could solve the problem of abortion 'from below', bringing simply relief to women and girls. It could lead to a country, for instance France, which would have hypothetical abortion laws, but no real abortions. Condition: forget ‘advocating’ and finally use your valuable capital of time, energy, prayers and money in order to act and LOVE personally, in one word in order to become a Good Samaritan ! How many young girls are crying on the benches in public parks, and nobody comes the sit down near them, nobody puts tenderly his hand on their hands, telling them quietly: "I’ll help you» ? The Christian way to cut abortion is here, nowhere else.

COPENHAGEN (ru Dec. 15th, 2009): While the politicians and other NGO groups are fighting to unblock billions of Dollars to "lower the climate by 2 degrees in order to avoid a greenhouse effect on the earth", taking themselves for God, certain scientists are already one step further: "the greenhouse effect" is only a hoax which arranges well the one-world fanatics of neo-Soviet style. So one can read, since September 16th on the Web page of BBC an article entitled 'A disturbing truth on global warming", and since October 9th another article entitled "What happened to global warming? , written for the first one by Tom Program, and for the second one by Paul Hudson, scientific writers with BBC. They tell us that, during the last 11 years, temperature has been falling, while at the same time the values of CO2 have increased. They discuss the influence of the solar cycle and of the ocean temperatures. The last one makes appear a cooling phase of thirty years. Scientists, such as professor Mojib LATIF (Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences of the university of Kiel/FRG, member of the IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change), predict for the next 10 to 20 years that the temperatures will constantly decrease. But in Copenhagen they are yet discussing the greenhouse effect due to Ozone and to CO2. They are more than ten years back! This is logical, because their objective is everything except ecology, it’s totalitarism.

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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