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RU 47/2009 - FRANCE: Log book of SOS MAMANS (suite 35)

FRANCE (ru, Nov. 20, 2009) We have the honour to be the first press service to publish the last extract of the "logbook" of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), entitled ‘mid-November 2009’ :

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
Anne, a prostitute in Paris, pregnant, was brought to us by a former Swedish ‘colleague’ whom we helped already 11 years ago to escape from prostitution, at a time when she was pregnant (his son Rayan has been saved! – He’s already 11 years old!). Anne, 25, has a child of 8 years who is… autistic. They must be evacuated immediately from Paris, and we do that by sending them to one of our hosting families in the south. The expedition included therefore 3 persons : Anne, her unborn baby, and her autistic child. One of our valiant hosting ladies in southern France has welcomed them without problem, a real good Samaritan of today! This morning we didn’t know yet Anne, tonight she is already in security in the south. Our action is far from huge paperwork of social services, with waiting times for allocation of housing of three years, if not undefinitely. Those social services are antisocial, and the Government which abolishes the borders of France, which fact allows an endless influx of immigrants, is their master-accomplice. All guilty!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Tonight we managed to pack Anoushka, a young Russian prostitute, 20 years old, pregnant, into a truck for return to her home country. Otherwise she would have been sent on this very evening by her pimps ... towards Amsterdam. Because we discovered that these gangsters - generally Albanians, Byelorussians or Ukrainians - make change their ladies every three months to another bar in Europe, so that they have no time to get useful local contacts ... and escape. The French newspapers celebrate the 161th anniversary of the abolition of slavery? Do they really know what they are speaking about?

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
We installed a young French woman called Christine, practicing Catholic, 40 years old, with her baby Maud aged 2,  for 1 1/2 months in a hotel in Paris, it is to say until Christmas, and a little beyond (for 1000 E = 1500 USD per month). By that time she says to have found an HLM (low rate social housing) thanks to a girlfriend who leaves that apartment by the end of December. Christine is practically without home since 33 months. We take refuge to a hotel solution because all our lodging places in France are full. Everyone, including the parishes, Catholic pro-life associations and radios, played ping-pong with that poor lady in swinging her from one to the next one. Any one of these persons handed over to her, according to what she tells us, a single Euro banknote. Only sandwiches, baby clothes and pullovers!... Appalled, we put an end to this unacceptable Christian ping-pong game, emptying our thin purse in its favour, even if she’s not pregnant and if such cases are ‘not in our social goal’, as you can often hear nowadays in order to do nothing. This case shows how abortion in France is simply the result of lack of love and faith of Catholics, representing 70 % of the Frenchmen. We don’t follow the Gospel, we don’t listen to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, we don't care about his teaching, we don’t tend our hands and hearts (and purses) to Him, who is hungry, who is naked, who cries, who suffers injustice. Are we not installed, like all other pagans, in a comfortable rocking chair, and please that nobody bother us? Oh, the Good Samaritan is so far from us!

At the same time, Christine shows us her file of applications for a social home since 3 years, an impressing file of several hundred pages. All these social services and institutions refused her case, saying that there is no HLM lodging available, and moreover that she is not ‘preferential’ for the allocation of a HLM dwelling. Who is a preferential? She specifies: "The immigrants, Muslims, Blacks, Turkish, Chechens…," the litany is long. "Except the French", she laments.

But the worst of it is, that even our religious houses are kneeling before those pagan State services, that is to say before those professional abortionists. Why? Because they live of their subsidies. They must therefore establish records about the women they are accommodating, as required by the State, the region, the department, the municipality, the social help service for families; they require thick files of documents for asking for credits to ensure the management of the houses; all pregnant women must pass through a social worker (almost all of them are abortionists), if they want to be hosted by a religious establishment. All this takes each time weeks to establish and complete the necessary file. In addition, these houses are following the guidelines of the bishops, who want that priority is given to immigrants. In short, this path is impractical for our pregnant women in immediate distress or abortion danger.

By the way, our way of acting is ten times cheaper. Take an example, the house EGLANTINE, Paris 17th, a protestant foundation for the temporary lodging of women with their babies, 52 rooms, average stay 6 months. Total Budget in 2008: 2 million Euro (3 million USD), funded 57% by the State, 25% by the city of Paris, 11 % by Family Allowances etc. EGLANTINE hosted in 2008 some 120 women. We, with our poor means and with you wonderful donors! – hosted in 2008 some 60 mothers, also for six months on average, for a total cost of only 100,000 Euro (150,000 USD).

Moreover, with the same amount of money we lodge - and save - 10 times more mothers and babies than those magnificent establishments, and still without their slowness, nor their dependence of the powers of the culture of death. Indeed, how would these pious houses act in the case of minor girls who are fleeing their parents -how many times did we see that ! - since those ones want to force her daughter to abort her baby? Would these houses dare to lodge them, especially if the police, alerted about the fugue by their parents, is searching for them? Unfortunately the path of the girl ends generally already in the office of the Social Worker, who is supposed to open access to the religious house in question: as an officer obeying blindly to the State’s orders, she will give a discreet phone call to the police, which will bring the pregnant girl back to her family. And  it’s gone again for abortion. Except if by chance - or rather by Providence - the girl falls on SOS MOTHERS. Here is no death smell, everything is LIFE. Furthermore, never we would accept money from the system of the culture of death: saving the mothers from distress is a high privilege of Christians.

That is our daily bread, but we resist, we swim against the current, we are helping all mothers whom we encounter, without regard for her race, religion, colour, even French women! All this, we are doing since 14 years, without large waiting files, without delay, without obligatory electricity turn-off at 10 PM… With SOS MOTHERS are circulating only Christian name. "Long live the life', it’s the most beautiful work in the world.

And what to say about the other cases of pregnant women we met? It’s true that, since early November, we face a real blizzard : Martine, Dalila, Elolie, Katja, Inès, Flora, Ludmila, Marine… and all those mentioned above since early November. All in all, 11 women and girls in 15 days, each time with an unborn baby to be saved. Thanks to God and to our donors we were able help all of them to save their babies, sometimes in sending mother and daughter for safety reasons to other European countries, and even up to the extreme end of Siberia. We are at the limit of our capabilities, it’s pushing, it’s an explosion ! Well, how was described in the Gospel the approach of the Kingdom of God? "The blinds see, the deaf ones hear, the paralyzed walk, the dead ones resuscitate". We live these words every day, almost word by word. This is more than fascinating!

PS. As of today: 591 babies were saved from abortion, among them 62 are not yet born, 32 women and young pregnant girls are currently housed in our studios or with our lodging families, 3011 Euro (4,516 USD) in the cash box… SOS Mothers (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, Ph +33-134120268, »

-    O.A.M.D.G. –

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