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BLESSING OF THE ORGAN (ru, Nov. 14, 2009). On November 7th took place, at the St Nicolas du Chardonnet church in Paris, the blessing of the main organ after its complete restoration and restructuring which spread over two years. The organ has been blessed by His Exc. Mgr Fellay (FSSPX). This solemn blessing included the wonderful liturgical dialog, between the bishop and the organ, according to the “Book of the Blessings of the Church", as it was practiced before the Second Vatican Council :
“ORGANUM , sacrum instrumentum, - Patris laudes personabis, - Jesu Christi sacrificium decantabis, - Spiritum in terra et in caelis ubique diffusum invocabis .
Organ, sacred instrument, - You will intone the praises of the Father, - You will sing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, - You will invoke the Spirit which is everywhere, on earth and in heaven.
(Short response of the organ !)
ORGANUM, sacrum instrumentum, - Dei misericordiam et amorem et bonitatem manifestabis, - Angelorum gloriam celebrabis, - Ecclesiae universali lingua loqueris, - Sanctuarium jucundis canticis tuis implebis.
Organ, sacred instrument , - You will testify to God's mercy, his love, his kindness, - You will celebrate the glory of the angels, - You will talk the universal language of the Church, - You will fill the sanctuary of your joyful songs.
(Short response of the organ!).
ORGANUM, sacrum instrumentum, - Lugentes in afflictione eorum consolaberis, - Orationes nostras ad Sanctam Mariam Dei Genitricem extolles, - Potentiam et majestatem trium Personarum Sanctissimae Trinitatis confiteberis.
Organ, sacred instrument, - You will console the afflicted ones, all those who are suffering, - You will elevate our prayer up to Mary, the holy Mother of God, - You will proclaim the power and the majesty of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. »
(Short response of the organ !)

THERAPEUTICAL FURY ? (ru, Nov. 14th, 2009). In June 2009, the administrative tribunal of Nimes in France condemned the hospital of Orange, in French Vaucluse province, for having saved the life of a dead born baby. The lawyer of the baby’s parents claimed 500,000 Euro (USD 750,000) of indemnity, arguing that the child presents today heavy physical and mental handicaps. The fact dates back to December 14th, 2002, when the baby, whose heart was beating at a very low rate before birth, was born in a state of apparent death. The medical team attempted a resuscitation during 25 minutes, but later only the heart of the baby resumed its activity, which means that his brain has not been irrigated during ½ hour. The parents criticize today the physicians for unreasonable obstinacy . – One may comment all kind of things on this case, but one thing is clear: for those parents, life in itself isn’t the highest value, the greatest gift of God. If the child is not as they think, i.e. beautiful and perfect, all means are good for drawing a maximum profit out of it. In Japan have been observed cases where parents dastardly pushed their own children in front of the cars which were rolling in the street, for receiving huge compensation sums from the insurance. If Christian parents know that their baby to be born will be trisomic, and if they yet prefer to welcome their baby rather than going for an abortion, it’s henceforth quite probable that the State will sue such parents for ideological obstinacy. That’s the logic of the judgment of Nimes. On the long run, if things continue on this path, the preferential love of the Christians for the poor, for those who are crying, who are naked, who suffer, who are despised, according to the Beatitudes, will be pilloried as addicts of unhealthy, execrable and…punishable sadism : it will be the persecution of the Christians. How were they yelling? "Crucify him!”

-    O.A.M.D.G. –

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