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A BENEDICTINE NUN ON THE H1N1 (ru, Nov. 7th, 2009). Sister Teresa Forcades i Vila OSB, Benedictine nun in the famous monastery of Montserrat near Barcelona, doctor of medicine, was interviewed about the influenza A (H1N1). In this interwiev she launched an appeal for a serene approach to the disease, in insisting on the right of citizens to refuse to get vaccinated.
Here's a transcript of the text, according to El Periódico de Catalunya, of Oct. 7th, 2009:
”You are a religious who speaks on the Internet of the dangers of the vaccine against influenza A? - Our
rules require five hours of prayer and six hours of work. Ora et labora. I devote a portion of my hours of work to medical research. I am a doctor in medicine and I published in 2006 a study, ‘Crimes and Abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry’.
When did you decide to speak about this influenza ? - In May of this year I was asked to give a conference on the vaccine of papillomavirus and I was very impressed by the absence of scientific references in the official recommendations. A few days later, I spoke on TV-3 about this vaccine, and since I have received requests to speak on the vaccine influenza A.
The World Health Organization is not worthy of trust? - I don’t understand the reasons which led the WHO to act in such an absurd way.
Absurd ? - Yes. Last May, WHO changed the official definition of a pandemic: it has moved from a logical definition (a pandemic is a contagion on a global scale with a high mortality rate) to an illogical definition (a pandemic is a contagion on a global scale).
What are the consequences of this change? - Under this new definition of ‘pandemic’, the annual (seasonal) flu broadly corresponds to these conditions. Will we launch a worldwide health alert at each return of the autumn? In addition to this absurdity from a scientific point of view, this involves serious political and financial consequences.
You do not trust this vaccine. Why? - This vaccine contains adjuvants which are so powerful that they may bring the normal immune response to increase by a factor of 10. In addition, two doses are recommended, to take after the injection against the seasonal influenza which also contains adjuvants, certainly less powerful. Never these substances have been previously injected three times in the population, starting with the children, the chronically ill and pregnant women.
What effects may result ? - The artificial stimulation of the immune system can cause autoimmune diseases.
That is to say? – Two vaccines of the same type which have already been approved in Europe (Pandemrix and Focetra) indicate that it can be expected that for every million of vaccinated persons, 99 will make the experience of an evolutionary paralysis known under the name of Guillain-Barre syndrome.
If this happens, pharmaceutical companies will be pursued... - But the U.S. already approved a decree which exempts the politicians and the companies from any prosecution.
You suggest that the action of the pharmaceutical cartels is irresponsible? - They have worked for their interests.
Can anyone be forced to get vaccinated ? - In 2007, WHO has taken a decree establishing the exception. In all cases, WHO only gives recommendations, except in one single case where it can then give orders that go beyond the sovereignty of member countries.
In the case of a pandemic? - Exactly. In 2007, WHO has adopted a rule which, in the case of a pandemic, gives to WHO legally the possibility to compel the member countries to proceed to an entire or partial vaccination of their population. The governments of these countries would then be obliged to impose fines or other penalties to individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.
Do you believe in conspiracies? - I think that there are interests at stake which are not good for the population. How can you justify the money invested in the purchase of influenza vaccines when the latter is of a less virulent type than the seasonal influenza ? To spend as much money for vaccines and other preventive measures without scientific references, is a scandal and we should claim for accounts.
What are thinking your religious sisters of your Internet site and your statements? - An old sister, aged almost 90, made an objection, saying that the flu A was a very serious matter and that I should not speak against the vaccine without having very strong arguments.
And then? - I gave her my report. After she had read it, she approached me after the Vespers and I just said: "Understood".
Are you afraid? - Sometimes.
Do you pray much? - As much as I can. »
See also the new site of Sister Teresa OSB, with a remarkable video interview of Sept. 23rd,  2009, concerning all aspects of this so-called pandemic , from medical and polical point of view (in Spanish, subtitled in English). This Benedictine sister is very courageous.

PERU (ru, Nov. 7th, 2009). In this ancient catholic country, abortion remains illegal, but powerful international organizations want to overturn this prohibition. In this context, the cardinal archbishop of Lima, S. E. Juan Luis Cipriani, delivered, on Sunday April 5th, 2009,  in its cathedral a strong sermon accusing the pro-abortionists of being traitors. Here are some quotations : "Human rights are often spoken of, but who defends the most defenceless one who is still within the womb of the mother?” - "We don’t want to participate in this parade of traitors, because although they might be powerful throughout the world, they are a parade of traitors. They don’t defend the family, nor life, nor peace, nor justice”, hammered the cardinal. "The Church must protect mankind like a sanctuary from the murder of the lives of the unborn, and from causing death to the elderly.” To those who would be tempted to accept subventions and bribes from the international pro-death organizations, the cardinal launched: "Cleanse yourself from the sin of criminal activity. One can’t have hands of violence, of corruption, of robbery. Leave behind those jealousies, manipulations, and lies. If the heart isn’t cleansed, the Cross does not enter.” (Source:

ITALY (ru, Nov. 7th, 2009). Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, archbishop of Bologna, recently ordered by decree that, from now on, the communion in the hand will be prohibited in the three main churches of Bologna : the cathedral of St. Peter, the Basilica of Saint Petronius and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Saint Luke. Only the communion on the tongue will be permitted. The cardinal insisted that the internal devotion and adoration with which the faithful is approaching the Lord, must also be visible in the external way of  receiving the Holy Communion. He designated the tolerance of communion in the hand as the cause of several desecrations which occurred. On the same occasion, he decreed that "only the priests and deacons are the ordinary distributors of Holy Communion”, by reserving the distribution by lectors, religious or trained lay people only to “very exceptional cases”. (Source : Sankt Josef News, June 12th, 2009).

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