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NOBEL PRIZE (ru, Oct. 26, 2009). So Mr. Obama has been chosen, between 205 other candidates, to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace 2009, i.e. one million Euro. What a shame! The president who is currently the most warrior of the world – think of the American troops in constant increase in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the American attacks apparently in preparation against Iran and North Korea - is therefore honoured everywhere as the "greatest promoter of peace in the world". This Norwegian decision has degraded the famous Nobel Prize for Peace to a futile and negotiable thing, without any link to peace. Shame on the steering committee of the prize! Some 30 years earlier – exactly in 1979 – this one was still a meaningful non-mercantile matter: it was granted to Mother Teresa, beatified later (on October 19th, 2003) in Rome, who had accepted it on behalf of all the poor and neglected persons in the world, especially the millions of aborted babies: "The biggest destroyer of peace is abortion," said the little sister without fear face to the media of the whole world. "If the mothers destroy their own fruit, how can you hope that nations do not stand up one against another for destroying themselves? Peace starts first in the family, and not first at the United Nations," she hammered. What says Obama on this subject? He is probably the most abortionist president of the history of the United States. Upon its accession to power, he channelled millions of dollars towards the organizations promoting abortion in the Third World. Obama is a killer president. He even voted against a bill which was supposed to protect the babies who survived an abortion. These babies, in absence of legislation for those who are supposed not to live, are often murdered by leaving them a few hours without any care or food, up to their last heartbeat. On Dec. 10th, when killer Obama will come to Oslo to receive his loot, the Nobel Prize for Peace will cease to exist, it will under our eyes mute into the Nobel Prize for War.

ISLAM (ru, Oct. 26, 2009). According to a recent study of the American Institute PEW 1.57 billion people in the world are supposed to belong to Islam. Consequently Islam would be, behind Christianity with its 2.1 to 2.2 billion faithful (including 1.2 billion Catholics), the 2nd religious community of the world. The survey PEW appears to be, to this day, the most detailed inventorying concerning Islam, providing for the first time a specific number of Muslims. So far the estimates differed sharply in oscillating between 1 and 1.8 billion believers in Islam. The report contains some surprising results: in Germany where about 4 million people say to be Muslims, there are more Muslims than in Lebanon, and almost as many as both in North and South America (4.6 million). In China live more Muslims than in Syria, and in Russia (16 million) more than in Jordan and Libya. The spiritual heart, if one can speak about such a concept, remains the Near East, but since long time already it’s no more the centre of gravity of Islam: following the report, in total 20 per cent of Muslims are living in the Middle East and North Africa; however 60% live in Asia. The country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia where about 203 million persons adhere to a rather moderate version of Islam, if this exists. In the rest of Africa they are barely 15 %, in Europe only 2.4 %. The ancient battle of Islam against Europe, and in particular against its Christianity, is by far not won for Islam. This should be said more often and more loudly, in the face of so many whimpering prophets here and there! High the heads, Christians! - (Source for the figures: Der Spiegel, Oct. 8th).

ABORTION (ru, 26.10.2009). It is wrong to say that women want abortion. Even if, in our civilized countries , almost 1 women out of 2 has already aborted, their free choice is very often not the origin. She does so like an animal caught in a trap, wanting rather to grind off a leg than to perish. Scientific studies have demonstrated that most women who abort their baby, are doing this without wanting it, without their intimate consent. Is that the freedom which are advocating the laws of abortion? The whole society around the woman literally forces her to abort her baby, including her best girlfriend, or even her own mother, without counting the hits which many women and young pregnant girls receive from the concerned men who do not want to have a child. For the men this story is quickly forgotten, but for women the committed abortion ravages her always more while the years pass on. Often, when she sees play a little girl of five years age in the street, she says to herself: "This could be my little daughter! » … And she starts to cry bitterly. A used doll, hanging out from a waste bin, may produce the same effect. According to a study made in the United States, these anxieties may lead to suicide which occurs most often 8 to 10 years after the abortion. Many women who aborted their babies seek refuge in alcohol, drugs, become depressive, take pills to calm their nerves, look for treatment by psychologists and other doctors, without necessarily understanding the connection with the abortion committed many years ago. In short, the women of today have surely more freedom, money, education, posts of responsibility in society, but in exchange for a terrible price: they seem no longer to be happy. Contrary to what people tell them, it’s not the doctor who can heal them, but the priest, the confessor, in one word God Himself, the Creator of all life. Does He not, in his goodness, wait for each woman in order to forgive her, grant her joy and peace, which fact may be decisive for the eternal life of the aborted baby, precisely because of the grace that his mother requests and finds in God? "O felix culpa !» - oh happy fault - dares to sing the liturgy of the Church in the night of Easter. Women, young girls, do not lose hope, God is waiting for you - with your baby !

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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