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RU 42/2009 - WORLD, FRANCE

WORLD (ru  Oct. 20, 2009) : The vaccines against flue H1N1 start arriving in big quantities to the various countries. In France, in particular, this vaccination started officially on October 19th, with the known scandalous priorities: pregnant women, medical personnel, education staff… Yet the German army refused last week this vaccination, as did 60% of the medical staff in the U.S., and 40% of them in France. There is definitely something fishy about it. In France, the Code of Public Health specifies : "No medical act or treatment can be practiced without the free and informed consent of the person" (law of March 4th, 2002). One can – and must - refuse categorically this vaccination, for ourselves and for our children, mainly for the following reasons invoked by Mr. Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur, physicist and specialist on medical practices in Montreal, according to his press release of October 13th, 2009 (translated into English by “ru”, summary) :

1) because there doesn’t exist, to date, any influenza pandemic in 2009 (this mini-flue made ‘only’ 4,525 deaths in the world - figure given by WHO on Oct. 4th, 2009), i.e. 50 times less than the death rate of normal seasonal influenza (250,000 to 500,000 deaths);
2) because forty years of influenza vaccination brought no evidence of its effectiveness;
3) because it’s 50 times more likely to die from the consequences of this vaccination than to die from this influenza;
4) because recent history has shown that the last vaccine prepared in the precipitation against a so-called ‘pandemic’ of swine influenza in 1976 caused many more deaths than the pandemic itself, and has caused numerous side effects (USA);
5) because it must not be accepted to serve as guinea pig to test a new type of vaccine which has never been tested in depth nor in sufficient numbers;
6) because no serious test has been made to measure the effect in the long term (from some months to a few years) of the admixtures (e.g. squalene) contained in this new type of vaccine;
7) because this vaccine contains more mercury (in the form of Thimerosal) than all vaccines ever made ;
8) because no sample testing on a sufficient number of people is under way to detect the severe and rare secondary effects of a vaccine;
9) because all the light has not been made on the mysterious origins of this vaccine (some say it’s a criminal product of laboratory, or even a weapon, according to various information);
10) because it’s preferable to be sick of the flu for four days, than paralysed for the rest of one’s life;
11) because there is no guarantee that they will not inject, on this occasion, a micro-chip manufactured by Verichip precisely for the H1N1 flue (cf.;
12) Because we can no longer have confidence in the integrity of our scientists and politicians, since they have left plague the scourge of abortion and even promote it;
13) because one must be wary of the independence and neutrality of the World Health Organization, funded by private banks (Rockefeller, Rothschild and Morgan) which are holding major shares in the big companies manufacturing the vaccines;
14) because this vaccine risks to make of any vaccinated person a slave submitted to the globalist gang.

FRANCE : a student was travelling by train. He found himself sitting across a man who had the appearance of a rich peasant praying his rosary. “Sir, said the student, do you yet believe in these outdated things ? Follow my council, throw your rosary by the window and learn what science says. " - "Science? Perhaps can you explain me? » replied the old man with humility and tears in his eyes. The student saw the emotion of his travel companion, and to avoid hurting yet more his feelings, he told him: "Please let me your address, I’ll send you a documentation." Throwing a glance on the visit card that the man had taken out of a inner pocket, the young man became silent. On the card was printed: "Louis Pasteur, Director, Institute of Scientific Research, Paris". This happened 100 years ago. (Journal "Vers Demain", Montreal, May/June 2009 issue).

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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