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RU 41/2009 - FRANCE, Logbook of SOS Mothers

FRANCE (ru Oct.14th, 2009) : The association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) issued its "Logbook September 2009” that we are proud to be the first ones to publish, for your kind information.

"September 2009:

What an autumn ! We have been able to save from abortion, since September 1, mother and baby for 18 times. September 7: Sandrine (20 years, urgently to be sheltered), and Véronique (same problem) ; September 10: Carole (17 ½ years, Paris, driven out from her home) ; September 17: Amada (aged 20, we could redirect her to her family in Sicily), Gilhane (17 years old, Lille, driven out from home because she expects a baby from a black friend), and Anelys (aged 21, Dordogne, to be housed immediately) ; September 21: Irina (Russian, redirected towards his family in the east) and Ilga (aged 20, Russian, sheltered by us) ; September 23: Roxana and Nikita (2 girls of 15 and 17 years, disavowed by the genitors of the babies of whom one is the lover of her mother) ; September 26 : Ursula (student, 20 years, his father knocked her violently because of an unplanned pregnancy, we had to bring her to hospital) ; September 29 : Anastasia (16, Belarusian, came to Paris to become a model and was in fact placed in a brothel, tortured by her Ukrainian pimps, we had to redirect her very quickly to her family in the east) ; October 5: Salma (aged 17, housed) ; October 7 : Ingrid (aged 22, Austrian student, ejected today by the proprietor of her studio apartment in Paris, because she went to bed with her son, so she was to be sheltered to-night) ; October 8: Marouchka (21, Latvian, came to Paris by a modeling agency, raped and repudiated by his photographer, lost in the streets of Paris, quickly redirected to Latvia) ; October 10 : 2 friends Carole and Sandrine (18 years old, victims of a ‘rotating’ with 6 bad boys, pregnant from them) ; October 11 : Anelys (aged 16, saved from bed of abortion clinic…).

But we also had 16 births of babies saved previously, each time with a visit to maternity, birth premium of 225 Euro (315 USD), chocolate, flowers and first teddy bear) : Thomas (September 1), Mindy (Sept. 2), Karim (Sept. 8), Sylvain (Sept. 9), Pattie (Sept. 11), the twins Dilor and Rodolphe (Sept. 14), Sergej (Sept. 15), List and Amélie (Sept. 18), Millicent (Sept. 19), Lydie (Sept. 25), Yul (Sept. 28), Ali (Sept. 29), Clara (Oct. 2), Lucrèce (Oct. 8). Deo gratias!

That is a lot in 6 weeks, and too many expenses. Our account is negative, and the month of October only started … Everything is in the hands of God. Our accounting is very special, because literally suspended to the clouds… of graces which come or do not come in the form of checks. We were again, for 2 or 3 times, confronted to new mothers practically without a penny in our pocket. Shall we say them: "Go on, have your abortion, because we cannot assist you, we have already too many mothers'' ? Impossible! Until now God always helped us to find solutions and donors ‘fallen from the sky’. But will we have to learn, one day, to walk over the corpses ? To refuse our aid to young mothers simply by lack of means? Many of the missionaries must know what that means, when they have, for example, a small leper colony with only 20 beds available, and when they must leave die dozens of other patients in the village… Was it not our Lord himself who, on the Cross, must have had a glimpse of millions of souls as they went to hell, in spite of his extreme donation ? Will we have to go through this, also? The salvation through the Cross, taught us St John of the Cross: "If you knew that only the Cross will unite you to your Lord, you would ask for it on your knees! » What a way to go!

Sunday October 11th, 2009 :

Some are criticizing us for saving babies from foreigners, Jews, Muslims. This is nonsense. Of course, we all have some preferences, but in the face of life itself there is only one possible answer : Yes! Exactly as those firemen who, on the top of their ladder, cast with their jet pipe water into the flames without asking beforehand: "Is there anyone black in there? » We are the firemen of babies. As soon as God gives life, they are our brothers and sisters, and we must be prepared to give our life to save theirs. As He has done on the Cross! This is the first degree of love, it’s precisely the level of our association SOS MOTHERS. But there is a second degree, much higher: "Love your enemies! » This is probably only possible to individual souls. What an incredible program, what a challenge, our Christianity ! What donation of God! Such a program is impossible or even unthinkable to Jews, Muslims and other Buddhists and Hindus. This is often the decisive testimony of their conversion to Christianity, especially for Muslims. As one of our Muslim mothers told us so bluntly, well after the birth of her son whom we had saved from abortion: "Christians help, Muslims don’t help. That’s why we are coming towards you! » Disarming ! Yet we are not the Bank of France.

Here is another point we are concerned about : love. That is this love? Is it divisible ? Because some criticize us saying that, if we cannot save babies explicitly on behalf of Christ and bringing these babies to baptism, all our rescue actions are worth nothing, are purely human, signs of solidarity by superficial feelings, nothing more, and especially without any value for eternity, both for the saviours and for the saved. Therefore we are asking: is love divisible ? Can there be two different loves, one natural, and the other one supernatural ? God is love, sings the Church during the liturgy of Holy Thursday, and even: "Ubi Deus ibi Caritas » (where is God there is Love). We would be inclined to extrapolate further: Ubi Caritas ibi Deus (where is Love is God). One single true act of love, has it not by itself a supernatural scope, because it’s divine ? A man, by himself, is not able to love.

Here is an example: once, in the streets of Paris, we had a young pregnant prostitute before us, Anastasia, and she was to be sheltered because her pimps were already looking for her, wanting to punish her and to force her to abort her baby. We had no shelter free. So we went straight to a taxi stationed on the opposite side, explaining in 2 sentences the matter. Marvel ! Because the driver responded immediately: "Ah, what a chance! Within 30 minutes I shall finish my service, and I’ll leave for Lorraine to see my mother-in-law for the weekend. No problem, I can shelter her there for a few days! » Anastasia finally spent there several months of happy pregnancy. This taxi driver has been found back - by what means? - by the gangsters some months later, and by revenge they burned his car. He never complained to us. This man, once arrived to heaven, would not enter into paradise? We are sure, "God is Love", and any act of true charity cannot be done outside Him. "Come, blessed ones of my Father, I had hunger and you fed Me, naked and you clad Me… » (Mt 25:34). And the elected ones to ask: "Lord, when did we feed You, clothe You… ? » And Jesus: "Each time you fed, clothed… one of these smallest ones, it’s to Me that you have done it ! » Here we have the whole secret of Christian charity.

Monday October 12th, 2009 :

Balance account on this very day : we are at 569 babies saved, including 47 yet to be born. We are sheltering presently 29 pregnant mothers. Our account: deficit of 2560 Euros (3584 USD), borrowed from friends.

Dear reader of our "logbook" of SOS MOTHERS,

you probably belong to our donors or assistants, and we are glad to share with you, through the excerpts of our 'logbook', our happiness and our griefs. This ‘Logbook' becomes a monument of hope, proving that the crime of abortion can be defeated by the Christian charity. We are proud and happy to know you at our sides. Please continue to stay there! You are really part of the SOS MOTHERS team, thank you, and let’s go ahead!

SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, Ph/fax +33-(0)134120268, , (chapter SOS MOTHERS) » - END OF QUOTATION

- O.A.M.D.G. -

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