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PEASANTS IN FRANCE (ru, Oct.8, 2009): Our correspondent in Alsace sent us, on Oct. 2nd, a desperate message:

"The farmers of the Lower Rhine Province demonstrated yesterday in Strasbourg. Along the tradition of peasant demonstrations, they rolled through the streets with their 1,500 tractors at 10 km/h speed, threw firecrackers, poured their surplus milk, pulverized and sprayed straw, etc. Beyond this folklore which becomes customary – alas! –, one must understand that this social class is totally desperate by the increasing indifference towards them among public authorities, and even by the complicity of the same authorities with those who, especially in Brussels, are doing everything to cause its ultimate destruction. For the benefit of productivity and intensive cultivation, they made polluters of the peasants... and intensive ones, and now they criticize them to have become so; the peasants are particularly criticized to depend on public assistance, while the grotesque system of European quotas could only lead to this disastrous result. Yet, the peasants were once ‘the lords of the earth’, and it’s probably not a coincidence that a great number of names with a particle are among those to whom sometimes the television tends a micro. Of course, they loved their land that they would have been the last ones to want to starve by the chemical accelerators, and they stuck fiercely to their independence, which was the price of a life of hard work without holidays, without social protection, without income warranty. Therefore modern society had to finish with this class of the past , or even reactionary , attached to traditional values which are hated by the present world, in particular the values preached by the Catholic religion, the real one, not the one of the modernist sect which is watered-down, protestantized, masonized, and carried to extremes. The barely concealed objective is to industrialize once for all the agriculture by the proletarization of its workers, considerably reduced in number because of a mechanization which continues to increase. The latest lords of the earth – in fact the new real condemned of the earth - are more and more numerous to lower their arms and to go away. So they will swell the suburbs of the cosmopolitan cities, where their direct descendants will not fail to enrich the human humus in which the globalist revolution will recruit the thugs of the Apocalypse. The peasant class composed formerly the overwhelming majority of the French society. It’s the faith, the courage, the tenacity, endurance, the admirable patriotism of its members which enabled France to subsist up to present… ‘No country without peasants !’, were shouting the last farmers in Strasbourg. One cannot say it better. A country without peasants dies. In fact, it’s already dead without wanting nor even recognizing it, like a duck of which the head has been cut off and which flutters around in the coop." End of quotation.

To illustrate the relevance of the passionate comments of our friend : in France, there were in the sixties about 1.4 million peasants. Thirty years later they were only 650,000, and today authorities are aiming at … 140,000 ! The PAC (Agricultural Program of the European Community) which had been envisaged already in the Treaty of Rome in 1957, and implemented since 1962, had the purpose to render Europe self-sufficient, without depending on outside countries to supply the necessary food, which was a necessary and commendable goal. This program was denatured only a few years later by the authorities of Brussels, by dragging it surreptitiously towards a radically different objective: the industrialisation of agriculture in order to make it a major export item in view of the improvement of the trade balance (Giscard d’Estaing: "The agriculture is our green oil”). Result: a mad race towards competitive agricultural products which would be saleable on the world market, rampant mechanization, invasion by chemicals to increase productivity, impoverishment of European farmers who could not live with the low prices practiced by the farmers in India or Brazil. In short, a policy which was fatal to the agriculture and the peasants in Europe! Brussels did not pursue a European policy, but a globalist policy, which was far away from the intentions of the fathers of Europe like Adenauer, Schumann, and other outstanding Christians.

And now comes up the last mad idea, the elimination of the soil, after having it excessively exploited, impoverished and polluted. It’s called the hydroponics (cultivation of plants without soil, feeding directly their roots with nutritional fluids). Let’s hope that by this way Brussels will lose foot and get evaporated in foolish utopias, and that we will very soon, by a magic blow or rather by overwhelming grace, find back our peasants, our roots, our traditions, our faith. The European Union is not eternal, because nothing is eternal before God. In spite of the recent catastrophic Irish vote pushing France and Europe towards a new totalitarian abyss, this time a bureaucratic and internationalist one, let’s continue to hope. Saint Theresa of Lisieux liked to pray to Saint Jeanne of Orleans: "Jeanne, you are our unique hope. – From Heaven please listen to our voices. - Descend towards us, come and convert France, - Come to save it for the second time! » We want simply to add: AMEN.

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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