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WORLD, accomplices of abortion (ru, Sept. 29, 2009). Unfortunately many promoters of abortion are hidden in the episcopal ranks of the Catholic Church. Here are 3 examples:

- The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) just promoted again UNICEF, an organization of the United Nations for the children, which distinguishes itself, since several years, as a genuine promoter of abortion in the world. For this reason the Vatican, by a spectacular step, had terminated its annual symbolic financial contribution to UNICEF in 1996. The Canadian bishops defend themselves by saying that their support of UNICEF is strictly earmarked for specific projects of UNICEF Canada, including the campaign "Schools for Africa". However, UNICEF Canada indicated that the objective of 50 million Dollars is already achieved. The call of the bishops for subsidies to be given to UNICEF appears therefore doubtful, especially by comparison to the financial needs of Catholic Canadian agencies like Mater Care International (MCI) running a project of assistance to mothers in Kenya, which is terribly lacking 4 million Dollars in order to continue its program, or the Canadian Campaign Life Coalition which is suffering from a catastrophic lack of funds. As for the argument of the bishops that their donations are specific for such or such project of UNICEF, it must be remembered that the Vatican, by the voice of Archbishop Renato Martino who was then the Vatican’s representative to the U.N., had indicated in 1996 as the main reason for this withdrawal that UNICEF was unable to prove, in spite of several solicitations by the Vatican, that the specifically earmarked donations were actually used for the purposes specified by the donors. Therefore, how can you still support UNICEF, killer organization of babies, dear Bishops ? Money from Catholics to massacre children?

- Another example: On the eve of the 2nd Irish referendum against the Lisbon Treaty transforming the European Union into a super-totalitarian state - this referendum will be held on October 2, 2009 – the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ICBC) doesn’t find anything better to do than to declare that the treaty of Lisbon "does not undermine existing legal protections in Ireland for unborn children", prohibiting the advertising of the "NO" vote on its grounds (churches and schools). But everyone knows that the 'guaranties' which Ireland has obtained from the chiefs of the E.U., are worthless, because they are not integrated into the Lisbon Treaty. The Treaty simply stipulates that the E.U. will have primacy over the laws of member States, and that its European Court will be able to impose its interpretations of the “Charter of Fundamental Rights" of the Treaty. These rights are dangerously ambiguous about abortion and pave the way to the institution of a real "right to abortion" to be respected by all the member states of the European Union. This catastrophic objective has even a completion target: “by 2015" (proposal to the Committee of Ministers of the E.U. of mid-September 2009). Do the Irish bishops dream? Or are they Judas ? However, very prominent voices come up to tell the truth on the treaty of Lisbon, for example Mr. Klaus Vaclav, president of the Czech Republic, has warned, on September 22 at Aix-en-Provence in France, against "a new form of tyranny in Europe”. He wondered if some former Soviet countries such as his own would not fall into “another blind alley of regulated society, of unproductive welfare state, of brave new world of European social democracy and of empty and artificial Europeanism”. But the good Irish Catholics – without and despite of their bishops and their scandalous support of the Treaty - seem perfectly to understand the stakes of the referendum of this week. The polls (Gael Poll) say: 59 % NO, 41% YES. At the first referendum in 2008 the predictions (Gael Poll) were 54-46%, with the real outcome 53.4-46.6%. The victory of "no" - without and against the bishops?

- Last example: the archbishop of Vienna/Austria, Cardinal Schönborn. He simply forbade to a colleague, the auxiliary bishop of Salzburg Mgr Andreas Laun, to participate, on September 3rd, in the rally of all pro-life forces of Austria in front of the City Hall of Vienna to protest against the celebration "in the City Hall» of the thirtieth anniversary of the capital’s largest abortion centre. There were, at the rally, 500 pro-lifers, and 300 counter-demonstrators. Mgr. Laun, a well known supporter of the pro-life cause, conformed himself humbly to the NJET of the cardinal de Vienna in saying that "there is a special blessing on all the legitimate forms of obedience in the Church". An excuse which is a little easy, because if Mgr +Marcel Lefebvre had used such an excuse, what an immense damage would have resulted for the Church! What is particularly sad, is that the Holy Father does not send to the monastery the recalcitrant bishops in the struggle for life, and does not replace them by courageous pro-life priests. If the Church was united in the fight against abortion, the babies would be saved, at least in the Catholic countries. Up to now, 1.3 billion babies have been thrown into the scrap bins of the world… My God, send us good bishops !

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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