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RU 38/2009 - H1N1 - A FLOP? BILDERBERG

H1N1 - A FLOP?(ru, Sept.24, 2009): The flu H1N1, which finally turns out to be less serious than the seasonal influenzas, deflates like a balloon. Now the governments must save their face. Under the best pupils of W.H.O., i.e. the U.S. and France, only the States already understood. The first delivery of 195 million doses of H1N1 vaccine which have been ordered by the United States, will be delivered during the 1st week of October : i.e. 3.4 million doses of vaccines in the shape of … a NASAL SPRAY called "MedImmune"! A little blow of spray, and it’s all done, the honour is saved, we did something against ‘the first pandemic of the 21st century’ … In France, however, the Government is fully in the process of requisition of hundreds of gymnasiums and halls in order to transform them into vaccination centres H1N1 "for four months starting end of October » for the entire French population, according to health minister Mrs. Bachelot. At the same time she announced that the vaccine will be delivered at a rhythm of "2 million doses per week". Let’s calculate : since she ordered 95 million doses, the whole delivery will continue over 47.5 weeks. That’s not 4 months, but 11 ! Naturally, she cannot clearly admit this, because it proves that her vaccination will be made largely after the peak of the pandemic. Everything is wrong with this vaccination: the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself (the dangers of the admixtures mercury, aluminium, solvents etc. , and especially the mixture of different types of flues which may lead to a dangerous virus mutation) ; the planning of vaccination is out of schedule; the numbers of the patients are false (Mrs. Bachelot recognized that she only knows the total figure of people suffering from influenza, without having the rapid means to know whether they are infected by the seasonal influenza or the H1N1) ; 1/3 of the medical staff refuses to be vaccinated (survey of AP-HP Public Assistance - Hospitals of Paris; in the U.S. this number is even 60 %); the list of Mrs. Bachelot of persons to be vaccinated in priority is dubious and probably dangerous, because it determines pregnant women as people to be vaccinated first (yet she excludes the born babies of 0 to 6 months age!), when precisely in the U.S. pregnant women seem to be excluded from this vaccination. And all of this circus for the modest sum of 1.3 billion Euro (1.8 billion USD)  for the purchase of vaccines, plus 300 million Euro (420 million USD) for the payment of the vaccination staff specially to be hired (since the normal medical services are skipped!), total 1.6 billion Euro (2.2 billion USD) from our pockets! With this, we would have been able to establish for example the salary of the mother at home, which the anti-abortion party AMEN postulates: with such a measure we would have done more for the nation than with that useless H1N1 bluster. And in premium, with the maternal salary we would solve the problem of unemployment. But is this government truly interested in the ‘common good’, final objective for any politician according to the Social Doctrine of the Church?

BILDERBERG (ru, Sept. 24, 2009): The globalist group Bilderberg which includes some of the richest persons of the world, meets regularly : Bill Gates (leader of Microsoft, 40 billion USD), David Rockefeller jr. (dynasty, 2.2 billions USD), Warren Buffett (financial, 37 billion USD), George Soros (financial, 11 billion USD), Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York, 16 billion USD), Ted Turner (tsar of the media, 1.9 billion USD), Oprah Winfrey (2.7 billion USD) etc. The billionaires of the world include in 2009, according to Forbes, 793 persons who share 2400 billion USD. The last time that the cream of Bilderberg club met, was, according to the Sunday Times of May 24th, in May 2009 in Athens, a secret meeting convened by Bill Gates "to come to the rescue of the current ills in the world". It’s true that this group made donations of about 100 billion USD since 1996 and weighs on the developments in the world. In Athens each one could talk during 15 minutes to explain his favourite project. At evening dinner they sought to draft an "umbrella cause" which would serve the interests of all of them. Bill Gates obtained the general consensus: the overpopulation problem is to be tackled, universal cause of all ills of the planet, according to him. Already in February 2009 Bill Gates had stated at Long Beach, California: "Official projections say the world’s population will peak at 9.3 billion (up from 6.6 billion today), but with charitable (!) initiatives, such as better reproductive healthcare (!), we think we can cap that at 8.3 billion”. They agreed to use for that purpose ideas which are independent of governments agencies, "which are unable to head off the disaster we all see coming.” Everyone knows that in the globalist language the expression ‘health care’ includes above all abortion. There are too many people in the world? Kill those who are too much! The governments, in the understanding of the billionaires, are eliminating already  a fair number of persons (abortion, euthanasia), but this is too slow, and far from being enough. One has to cut from the mass. For example by vaccinating everyone with a poison, for decimating mankind? Those Gentlemen apparently do not discuss these projects with hatred for humanity, on the contrary, these killers believe to be themselves the very apostles of charity. In former Russia, there was always reserved at table a seat "for the Good Lord", for the poor who would knock at the door. Today the globalists are hating God - and want to kill the newcomers.

- - O.A.M.D.G.- -

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