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DEATHS (ru Sept.9, 2009) : The number of deaths of the First World War was 10 million people (1914-18) ; Second World War 60 million (1939-1945) ; killings of Communist China 40 million (1949-1976) ; Soviet gulags 10 million (1950-1987) ; Korean War 2,8 million (1950-53) ; Jews killed by the nazis 6 million (State imposed figure) ; Vietnam War 1.8 million (1954-75) plus 0.5 million of perished boat people (after 1975); Iran-Iraq war 1 million (1980-88) ; genocide in Rwanda 0.9 million (1994); Russian war against Chechnya 0.14 million (1994- 2009) ; Lebanese civil war 0.15 million (1975-90); Arab-Israeli conflict 0.05 million (1950-2009) ; civil war in South Yemen 0.01 million (since 1986)… abortions in the world 1300 million (1967-2009), or in other words: 1.3 billion human beings murdered before their birth in the womb of their mothers. In relation to these martyr babies, the total number of deaths caused by the other conflicts mentioned above (133 millions) is only of 10.2 %. But no one ever mentions this universal war against the babies, there are virtually no monuments in remembrance of those martyr babies, no steles, no traces in the cemeteries. Not only are they killed, they are silenced. Radio silence ! This merciless war by white dressed doctors against the most innocent, weak and disarmed human beings continues to rage, with the consent of almost everybody. Which party stands up against this genocide? Which State leader talks about it ? Which minister declares war on the killing of babies? Nobody. To be precise: in France, there are 2 new parties which fight, from the very first line of their program, against this undeclared war: Solidarity and Amen. Together, in spite of one year of existence, they do not even count 100 registered members. This proves that the population, except for some tens of people, consents to this war and participates by its silence. It’s jointly responsible, ‘solidary’ as they say now, in one word: guilty ! There is only one solution: to stand up and fight. We need a political loudspeaker which attacks, loudly and clearly, this massacre, and recalls what God prescribed: "You must not kill ! ". Like the prophet Jonas: "Nineveh, Nineveh, if you don’t convert yourself, you will perish». And Nineveh got converted ! Yes, following the accusatory cry of a single prophet – who by the way was as recalcitrant as we are – the whole city of Nineveh s got converted. That’s the way of divine action with which we, today, have also to count. - You can become a member for example of AMEN in sending the annual membership fee of 25 Euro (35 USD for foreigners outside of France) to the following postal address : AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France. Each member receives his annual registration card. It’s time to stand up, people of Jonas!


INFLUENZA (ru Sept.9, 2009): Our previous dispatches on this subject (RU 30/2009, 31/2009 and 34/2009) have apparently been partially blurred by the system, and they have all reason to do so! Nevertheless they can be consulted at any time on the site of UNEC ( under the heading RU. - Here's an important supplement. We found out that France has subscribed a Convention of the United Nations allowing, in the event of pandemic (!), the takeover of the State by the world "elite", by depositing and replacing the present French government. WHO/U.N. (2005) :« According to the plans drawn up in 2005 for the world, including the USA, governments can be dissolved in urgent cases of pandemic and replaced by special crisis committees. These committees will deal with the health and ensure the infrastructure which relates to the security of the country. These committees will be responsible before the WHO (World Health Organization), the European Union and the United Nations in North America... ". Thus, such interventions by the United Nations - and its soldiers! – can be "requested "to substitute a government which fails or is "recalcitrant". A refusal of the vaccination is considered by WHO as a "crime". These provisions give considerable power to Margaret Chan (full name : Margaret Chan Fung Fu Chun), Chinese physician, born 1947 in Hong Kong, who is since January 4, 2007, general director of the World Organization of Health, the first instrument of the new world order, making this woman one of the most powerful people of the world! This seems impractical, you may ask. Is this really possible? Yes, this provision has already been applied last year to Zimbabwe, on the opportunity of a cholera epidemic ! And the Czech Republic which is getting ready to refuse the vaccine Baxter against H1N1, because of the involved risks, may be forced to accept, by WHO - and its soldiers. France has ratified this Convention two years ago, with almost 200 other countries. France is governed by night owls. Do they read at least what they sign? Do they know to read? For the good of France, may God give them what they lack, at least the courage to quit and leave their seat to those who know to read, write and think under the eyes of God, and to act for the common good. Amen.


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