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RU 35/2009 - VIENNA honors abortion mill

VIENNA, once city of art and culture, honors 30 years of hacking-up of human embryos located at the ‘Fleischmarkt’ (meat market !). For information we are reproducing below a letter of UNEC of Aug. 27th, 2009, to Mrs. Wehsely, city councillor, Vienna, Service of Health and Social Affairs, about the cynical celebration in honour of the city’s biggest abortion mill. Quotation:
»Mrs. Wehsely, with horror we hear, up to here in Paris, European headquarter of UNEC (Union of the Nations of European Christians), that your mayor, Mr. Michael Häupl, has invited to a celebration in the City House on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the abortion mill "pro:Woman" (address: Fleischmarkt 26, A-1010 Wien). This is a shame, not only for Vienna or Austria, but for the whole Christianity in Europe. We shall, in the case that this ceremony would really take place, put this fact to the pillory here and throughout Europe by means of press releases, articles and radio broadcasts. In spite of all the love for women (we have ourselves been able to save, with our own foundation SOS Mothers, 550 babies from abortion by coming to relief, morally and financially, to their mothers), one must never kill an innocent human being, as this happens today all days, much worse than at the time of Hitler, in Vienna and everywhere in Europe (except in Poland, Ireland and Malta). Every 40 seconds disappears in Europe a baby in the hospital waste (every 3 seconds in the world), or even worse: it’s thrown into the crematoria of specialized clinics, if not sold to cosmetic laboratories to be recycled into luxury skin cream. This doesn’t impress your mind? This smoke of Dachau doesn't creep to your office, your living room, your conscience? Can you still sleep peacefully with that? We not. You as a woman, you should better understand than city mayor Mr. Häupl, and you have an absolute obligation, in your soul and conscience, to talk to him before this cynical ceremony of September 3rd. If you try to imagine exactly what is celebrated there, you would have the nausea. You would feel on your own hands the blood of innocent babies cut alive. Perhaps you would take refuge to the washroom to try to wash your hands? However, this kind of human blood is not cleaned off with soap, but only by the confession in the Holy Catholic Church, the only salvation for men. I hope that the grace, instead of brutal and totalitarian rights of women, will return to the City Hall of Vienna ! However, if this celebration will really take place in the Town Hall, we shall consider you and your mayor as public enemies of mankind, just as the nazis were our enemies. We owe this to the most innocent and vulnerable human beings, those whose ‘silent cries rise up to heaven’ (Pius X).
With my best regards, and with the urgent request to cancel the planned ceremony, and on this opportunity to get converted to our Good Lord who is Creator and Love, and has horror of the killing of the babies he created, in Christo Jesu yours truly, W. W. , secretary general of UNEC (Union of Nations of European Christians), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, phone/fax 0033-(0)134120268, , . » End of quotation.

PS: If you want to let speak your catholic heart and (always politely) write to Mrs. Wehsely, you can do so under the e-mail address post@ggs.magwien

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