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RU 33/2009 - FRANCE: "Down with the mothers!" ?

“DOWN WITH THE MOTHERS!” ? (ru, Aug. 21, 2009). Press Release of AMEN of Aug. 12, 2009:

"At the Labor Ministry, on Tuesday August 11th, AFP has known that the very catholic Minister Xavier Darcos intends to amend or even cancel "the advantage of the mother". What is this?
A woman employee of the private sector having raised children may receive additional annuities for the calculation of the duration of social contributions necessary to retire at full rate, which is about 2 years by child. As it’s necessary to reduce, because of the ‘crisis’, the wastage of the elites, the Government prefers to attack rather the small ones, even the mothers who work double and ensure the future.

Already the Union CFTC, the only one in France which still dares to call its movement Christian, came up and gave to the minister a warning against an eventual questioning of the social achievements concerning the woman: "If the situation of women becomes less good, we shall come up and say: enough is enough”, could one hear at the headquarters of the CFTC.

We from the new party AMEN (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naître = Stop the Massacre of the Unborn), determined to defend the unborn baby, the mother at home and the Christian family, have asked 4 questions , by posted letter, to Mr. Darcos, Minister of Labor and Family, citizen residing at 127 rue de Grenelle, Paris:

1) Sir, you raise the subject of the work of the mother of the family, but you say nothing facing the flagrant injustice that a woman raising children, forced to go to work for coping with the family expenses up to the end of the month, must perform, during the years of education of her children, 2 times the hours of work in comparison to men : 8 hours at the workplace, and as much for her children and the household. Totally 16 hours, of which 8 aren’t paid by anone. This injustice does not jump to your eyes ? Would the family, in your view, be a luxury, at everyone’s own expense? The future of France, would it be superfluous? Don’t bother?

2) The difference between the wages for equal work, between men and women, amounts today in France to more than 25%, and even 40% in matters of retirement, always in favor of the MAN. Mr. Darcos, you who lavish with your UMP party the revolutionary Human Rights which, already in the title, ignore cynically the woman and the child, you should know that God created man and woman with equal dignity ! Each child feels it and knows it, but you don’t? It’s not enough to incense Benedict XVI in the Osservatore Romano for his new encyclical, as you did, to be a true Catholic.

3) You are member of a cabinet which bears the responsibility of a failure budget without precedent : by end of June 2009 the State’s budget deficit has exploded to 86.6 billion Euro, compared to 30.5 billions by end of June 2008, or even to zero billion if France was a normal State. Do you know, Sir, that any crisis attacks first the small ones, the less well off, let’s say it clearly: the women, the children, the sick? This deficit is the real disaster for France, and not the imaginative pig flu with which we are being blinded. What are you doing for women and children, Mr. Darcos, in this crisis? Since Our Lady, Saint Mary, looked unsuccessfully for a shelter at Bethlehem to give birth to her Divine Son, nothing changed? What did we do during 2000 years of ‘culture and progress’?

4) If you really want come to the rescue of the mothers and of France, do everything to obtain that the latter one gets separated from those sick bodies which are the E.U. and the United Nations. Make that France, once again, becomes free and independent, to solve its problems by herself, by paying little by little its debt, as would do any good family father, giving advantage to the mothers because of their extraordinary vocation, but especially, meanwhile, don’t wait for anything from those globalist demons, ready to force all countries into their own inexorable fall. "After me, the deluge ! » shouted the big and little mad ones of History. And you, Mr. Darcos ?

Signed : AMEN (Stop the Massacre of the Unborn), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, 0134120268, ,, party registration 25 E/year, foreigners welcome. » - End of quotation.

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