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RU 32/2009 - ABORTION, man's responsibility

ABORTION (ru Aug.14th, 2009). - The association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) reported: "Friday 7 August 2009. Lily, aged 16, pregnant. His boyfriend is a Muslim. Today he wanted to throw her out of the train by which they returned to Paris from vacation, because she had revealed to him his paternity. "If I don’t abort my baby, he will kill me…” We help immediately Lily in placing her in a little hotel for 3 nights and providing some clothes and restaurant tickets, totalling 250 Euro (350 USD). We’ll have to find a lodging for her, far away from this young criminal.

This leads us to a bitter reflection: the responsibility of men in abortion. In spite of Eve, the main responsible is Adam.

Let’s first talk about the men of the Church. We have always considered that abortion is an  inter-Catholic issue. If our Holy Father and the bishops took the necessary measures (preaching against the pill; promotion of Billings method ; public request that the death penalty - applied today exclusively to babies – must henceforth be applied to the physicians, judges, doctors and husbands or boyfriends involved in abortion ; excommunication of all defenders of abortion...), the problem would be solved, at least in blessed countries like France, where the majority of people are, thanks to God, Catholics. But how to do that with so many modernist bishops? Hence the immense responsibility of the Pope in this case of 1,3 billion murders: to send the recalcitrant bishops back to monasteries and to replace them by courageous pro-life priests. 

Then the ordinary men, civilians. Yes, the role of the 'male' is predominant. They have perverted the woman: from the miracle of human engendering, which by divine will was supposed to be the most beautiful reflection on earth of intertrinitary Life, they made a nightmare. 2/3 of women are today  humiliated to pure sex objects, hormone cows, cesspools of baby cadavers, mass graves of human remains (an American study revealed that each abortion leaves in the womb 'traces' of each baby murdered in her body, mostly from abortions done by curettage, it is by hacking-up the living body of the baby with a sawing knife !) , and that women returned horrified from the toilet - excuse the term please - after having seen a tiny finger or some other remnant of a baby...). As to the last abortion achievement which is the Auschwitzian poison RU 486, it’s the same way: it’s again men who are cynically delegating to the women (under the Pharisean pretext that it’s her ‘free choice') to undertake all alone by herself the abortion of her baby, while the doctors wash cynically their hands like Pontius Pilate and drink a beer in the pub. In fact, excuse again this term: it’s up to her, at home, to flush the water of the toilet after having achieved the RU 486. That’s what men have made of the women, of the Holy Immaculate Virgin, of the WOMAN image of God, which He has sought to place in the midst of us in order to elevate us from our lowness! There are no words any more to describe what’s happening under our eyes. Let's look at Genesis and Revelation ! Adam, yet endowed with force by the Creator, denatured Eve, the master-piece of divine Creation, created last. By abusing the apple of Eve, Adam attacked himself to God and fell back to become none, a dwarf marked homo.

However, instead of soughing endless Jeremiads, SOS MOTHERS chose to act, at the lowest level since most of the fine persons upstairs (both civilians and religious) don’t lend their hands. We chose to save baby by baby, an immensely joyful task, even if this work is hard. When the ship burns, there is no use to whimper, nor to gloss over the causes of the fire: don’t lose one second to save human lives. What did Our Good Lord, on the Cross, do otherwise? He redeemed us, one by one. With our foundation AMEN (Arrêtons le Massacre des Enfants à Naitre = Stop the Massacre of the Unborn) we have created a prophetic tool, right in the political arena – that almost purely male amphitheater -, in order to accuse these crimes, decry the murders, call the assassins by their names, call the men to their noble destiny, in relaying the endless silent scream of the babies. It’s a political party which is totally incorrect, but necessary, even if it will probably not, for a while, have a large influx of members (60 until now, but with you this would already be 61, as foreigners are welcome!). As with pincers, the crime of abortion must be attacked by 2 sides: by the action of the Good Samaritan face to all pregnant women in distress and to their babies at risk, and by a ruthless political action. This last one is, by the way, rather a prophetic action. Only the prophets know how to preach in the desert, all other become discouraged and go away. 

    In short, our response to the abortion is double : tenderness without limit to the women and children (SOS MOTHERS), and force without faltering against the men and their criminal political world (AMEN).” – End of quotation.

PS: Membership fee to AMEN (25 E/year, or 35 USD) to be sent by check or bank transfer to AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France, email , site - (ru)


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