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RU 31/2009 - WORLD, universal vaccination?


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- WORLD (RU, Aug.8, 2009): As to the flu H1N1, they want to impose a general vaccination as soon as by autumn 2009. Already in our last RU dispatch we mentioned several elements which suggest that this epidemic turn finally out to be a trivial influenza, perhaps even less dangerous than others. It follows that the reasons for general vaccination which are planned for the U.S. and France are nil. France has already spent firm orders for 94 million doses of vaccines ! There must be other reasons than the fight against this influenza. Madam super-minister Christine Lagarde (France) just stated, in response to the accusation that the French Government unnecessarily amplified the importance of this influenza by announcing the preparation of a general vaccination as soon as by autumn 2009, that the French Government "could only follow the recommendations of the WHO » (World Health Organization of the U.N.). What an avowal ! As if France had just to wait for the instructions of the world government, with the fingers put on the seam lines of the pants! What interest has WHO, and behind it the U.N., to push towards such a general vaccination? Currently everything is going towards a arpid establishment of a world government, logical fruit of the new world order which is under way since a decade in the world. We don’t know exactly who are the instigators who are hidden in the shadow, probably on the side of internationalist secret societies, but we know that they are killers. The evidence: 1.2 billion babies aborted since 40 years in the world, i.e. 20% of humanity, and it continues at an accelerated pace: 1 baby assassination every 3 seconds, somewhere in the world… These killers hesitate before nothing to achieve their goals. It’s obvious that, for the world government to function expeditiously, they will use all means at their disposal to enslave humanity and make them docile slaves, including by questionable means destroying freedom. One of these means could be a universal vaccination, not to stop a disease, but to kill the freedom. Thus, on the surface, they will speak of an epidemic , but in fact this vaccination will focus on the abolition of our human freedom. Please find hereafter an analysis of two technical systems which are currently available to carry out such a liberticidal general vaccination.

- 1) They would take advantage of this vaccination for implanting into the human body a tiny apparatus of the size of a pin head called the RFID (Radio frequency identification). It consists of a chip and an antenna module, normally without any energy element. The chips have a memory to store a certain number of information coming from the outside, and can report these data as soon as they are solicited by an external source which may be a badge reader or… a satellite. This external source gives during a limited time the necessary energy to the chip for memory storage and communication. The RFID, whose cost is today of only 0.10 Euro (0.14 USD) has been installed, since the deposit of the patent in 1969 in USA (for the counting of locomotives…), in various areas to facilitate the chain of production, the management of stocks and other functions, and is now already commonly used for example, in the traceability of gas cylinders (Air Liquide), the monitoring of packages (Wal Mart), the monitoring of rented work clothes (Elis), the identification of millions of animals in replacement of tattooing (Ordicam), the management of library books and the identification of railway cars (SNCF). One understands immediately the interest of implanting such a device into each human being. This would permit: counting (demography), local tracking (number of participants in a demo), detection of kidnapped or disappeared persons (in this case the chip would act like a black box equipping the aircrafts), pursuing of gangsters, but also the follow up of all movements of each individual upon request, including information on the privacy of everyone: the partitioning of the occupations of the day, counting of the hours of sleep, eating habits, frequentation of specific places, why not of certain churches... Beyond the commercial applications, it is clear that this device is the ultimate tool for the fanatic ideologues of globalism and that they seek a practical opportunity to fix it on - or even to implant it into - all human beings, if they are consenting or not. Because, as indicated above, these people will not take gloves to operate such intrusions into the personal life of everyone, having the habit of murdering millions of the most innocent ones between us, the children before birth.

2) A much more advanced technical solution would be an injection of artificial DNA (invisible to the human eye) into man, transforming him into a bio-computer. We know that the DNA is a kind of liquid or flexible crystal, which is a substance capable of acting as a transistor or transponder which may function as information storage and communications centre. We know that 90% of our human DNA "does apparently not serve to anything" and therefore represents an enormous informative capacity. That’s what this technique wants to exploit, pushing the capacity of the RFID described above much further. All men would become itinerant computers, detectable by anyone wanting to do so, or wanting to mechanically impose it that way, totally beyond the conscience of the bearer, because the DNA operates independently of human conscience. The impulses given from the outside to those artificial DNA, which in fact communicate with the biological DNA of every human being, could be used for control by a third party, including by a central power, a world government , by creating desires, causing anger, or even pushing to riots and why not to suicide. Millions of transponders of this kind are already in place in the animal world, one is waiting only for an opportunity for applying this technique to man himself, putting aside the ethical concerns related to such an intervention by the simple procedure of keeping it secret. Universal vaccination would be an ideal way to proceed with the project of transforming humanity into a data machine, since it can be achieved by keeping informed only a very few persons about the procedure, in our case only some major vaccine manufacturers in the world (Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Baxter etc. ). Other intermediaries of the operation, as the French minister Christine Lagarde and other ministers like Hortefeux, would obey blindly without asking any questions, as explained above – and therefore without necessarily being aware of what’s really going on, which does not excuse them but facilitates the process.

That’s where we are. What will happen? We have to remain very attentive, in full independency and identity, we have to stare less to the addictive TV emissions (one can start by reducing or cancelling the sound, which considerably increases the capacity of discernment of everyone), lead a Catholic and healthy life, keep the mind cool, trust in God and RESIST to sectarian atheist globalism. Especially let’s be on extreme guard as to the general vaccination announced for autumn in France and the U.S.. (For further study, with our reserves: A. Givaudan "LES DOSSIERS SUR LE GOUVERNEMENT MONDIAL» ; website Wikipedia under “RFID”; conference “VACCINS A VENIR" by Dr. Guy Londechamp, Feb. 10, 1996 ; review “VOTRE SANTE” of August 2002 ; Magazine "Le Point" of June 9, 2008 ; website "SCIENCE ACTUALITES » of Aug. 3, 2009).

- - O. A. M. D. G. - - 

PS: During the present peaceful (?) holidays let’s not forget that SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) continue rescuing, searching in the public parks and on the city sidewalks, particularly in the Paris region, on the Côte-d’Azur, in Normandy, Benelux and in Georgia…, in looking for pregnant women and girls, often minors, who are thinking, most often confronted to their entourage and extreme situations, to abort their baby, and sometimes even to commit suicide. For information, the account of SOS MOTHERS is now of 2,306 Euro under zero, i.e. in deficit. If you can help financially during this summer: SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, T/F 0134120268,

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