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- WORLD: ‘Caritas in veritate’ ! What is the truth behind the apparently so charitable (free of cost) universal vaccination campaign announced for this autumn? It’s the official response to the H1N1 flu, or as the Anglo-Americans call it more concretely, the pig flue. After the poultry influenza (H5N1), the mad cow disease and other cheeses, this one is not surprising. What will be the next beast that threats humanity? In short, one got the impression that the authorities panicked too hastily. Because behind this panic there may be quite another thing?… But let’s first have a look to the figures. How many people died in the world by the H1N1 flu ? The WHO, self-proclaimed health authority for the world, just announced that it will stop the counting of the deaths by country in front of the vastness of the attack of this epidemic, called already pandemic to simulate the Apocalypse. Maybe they are not paid for counting beyond 100 ? According to figures that we could collect here and there, there have been reported, by early July 2009, 137 deaths of this influenza in Argentina, 125 in Mexico, 37 in Canada, 29 in England, 25 in Chile, 8 in Uruguay, 7 in Colombia, 6 in Ecuador, 5 in Costa Rica, 4 in Spain, 3 in Peru, 3 in Paraguay, 3 in El Salvador, 1 in Hong Kong… and 170 in the United States. Totally 563 deaths. When one knows that the flu causes each year the death of approximately 200,000 persons in the world, this figure of 563 deaths is tiny, poor, and even ridiculous. Yes, the authorities, including France with its firm order of 94 million anti-H1N1 vaccines, got ridiculed, and they are trying to conceal this by hiding now the actual figures, bombing us with always more alarming information and announcing the end of the world ‘if we do not protect ourselves’. What protection do they advocate? Wash often yours hands : this at least is reasonable. Then, everyone should be vaccinated in autumn: this is already much more suspect, because a general vaccination against a mild or imaginary disease, that hides other things which they don’t want to tell us. And now they start to say that we should wear masks. A detail on this subject. In Mexico where this disease is ‘ravaging’ the population (in fact 125 killed), the Secretariat of Health has implemented a gigantic distribution of masks which a large part of the population is in fact wearing, transforming this country into a huge scene of chirurgical operation room. But inside the Secretariat of Health, according to the newspaper El Pais, nobody is wearing the mask: "They acknowledge that face masks do little to protect the wearer, and that they are only distributed by the government to calm people’s fears". In USA one recalls the last pig flu of 1976 which ultimately caused  only 25 deaths, not by the virus, but by a vaccination program which was organized too hastily by a panicked government. When the figure of 25 deaths became known, the government quickly aborted the action. Today the situation appears similar. It is as if the entire globe was under the threat of a nuclear attack. In Switzerland researchers claim to have developed a genuine H1N1 vaccine, but to start industrial manufacture of this vaccine would not be possible before 2010; they say. Therefore, with what are they going to vaccinate us this autumn? What is exactly the content of this vaccine? Here and there, confessions start to come through. Thus, Dr. Richard Webby, a flu virologist, admits in the Los Angeles Times, that the flu H1N1 cannot ravage as the terrible flu of 1918, which killed some 50 million people on earth after the First World War, because "the pig flu lacks an amino acid that appears to increase the number of virus particles in the lungs and make the disease more deadly”. One knows that the deaths due to influenzas are not caused directly, but by the pneumonia which the influenza viruses cause. Thus this flu, concludes the journal of Los Angeles, may not be more dangerous than the usual influenzas, even less. Other confessions, this time from the WHO itself. First, it abandons the counting of the victims (!). Then it declares, in a politically correct way, that "the virus can no longer be avoided, and all the countries will need the vaccine; virtually the 6.8 billion inhabitants of the planet are likely to be contaminated". Then they continue maliciously, in unveiling the real situation of the pandemic: "We have noted the benignity, up to now, of the symptoms for the overwhelming majority of patients, recovering generally, even without medical treatment, within one week after the appearance of the first symptoms". - Then, why all this tremor, those huge announced vaccinations ? Could it be a criminal operation at global level? This question will be analysed in our next RU releas. Above all, let’s not get vaccinated this autumn! (ru; cf. LLB July 17, LifeSiteNews May 1)

- MONASTERIES: This summer, facing the monks encountered here or there on our holiday roads, remember that they want to die to the world and to themselves, in order to be more available to the divine grace. In a hyperprogrammed world, they deprogram, for having God as their unique program , their only comfort. In the middle of a universe which is closed on itself, they initiate the Kingdom of God for which all of us have been created. The life of the monastery is not a Christianity specialized for super-Christians; it’s the essence of Christianity, as the monk lives the promise of baptism until the end. Let’s say thanks to God in front of each monastery ! (ru) 

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