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RU 29/2009 - USA, EUROPE

- USA: Mister Obama is a liar, that’s what we have said since the beginning of this apocalyptic presidency (RU 43/2008 of Oct. 31st, 2008). This time, he lied directly to the face of the representative of God on earth, His Holiness Benedict XVI. What did he say, when he met with him ‘privately’ in the afternoon of July 10th during 30 minutes in the Vatican City? According to the spokesman for the Vatican, Rev. Fr. Federico Lombardi S. J., Obama firmly assured to the Holy Father, in looking in his eyes, that he "will reduce the number of abortions, and will carefully listen to the concerns of the Church on behalf of moral issues". And what is happening right on his return to the States, during the same week? The same Obama is pushing by his majority a health care package through the Congress, including the reimbursement of abortion, which was not the case up today and which will, according to the studies of the politically correct GUTTMACHER INSTITUTE (of the American Family Planning), cause a net increase of 20 to 35 % of abortions in USA, since a large masses of poor women may now find access. In the light of the current number of abortions in the U.S., which is 1,2006,200 (in 2006) exterminated - or cut into pieces, recycled, cloned and cosmetically consumed – babies, this means a real increase of this barbarity of 200,000 to 400,000. Obama lied in a deliberate and brutal manner to Benedict XVI. Who can brazenly lie to the face of the Pope, except the one who is inspired by the Antichrist, the Beast, the ‘liar from the beginning’ ? If he is an honest man, what still too many Christians are thinking, he should retract and withdraw - or at least seriously modify - his health care package. If he does not do so, nobody will anymore be able to say that Obama is an honest man, except if he wants to become his accomplice, i.e. a liar like him. Now, when Obama, as he likes to do, will raise his head proudly above the crowds, we know that he’s the Snake which towers up for attacking its victims! Between these victims there is now ‘a man dressed in white’. Did the Apocalypse start? (ru; cf. LifeSiteNews July 16th)

- GERMANY: The hydra with a thousand heads – Internet - has given birth to a small miracle of God. Since July 6th, it made virtually enter into all homes of the globe equipped with Internet the oldest Bible, the CODEX SINAITICUS of the middle of the 4th century, with 800 pages of parchment scanned at scientific quality level. This is a good effect of the actual globalisation (well to be distinguished from globalism which is an extremely dangerous ideology). What is it? In 1844 a German theologian, Konstantin von Tischendorf, discovered in the monastery of Saint Catherine at the foot of Mount Sinai (today Egypt) several hundreds of parchment leaves belonging to a very old Bible, Old and New Testament. He returned there several times, the last time in 1859 when he succeeded to make buy 347 leaves (which means the double in handwritten pages) by the Russian tsar who made them ship to St Petersburg. The Soviets, for lack of money, sold them in 1933 to the British Museum in London, where this treasure is yet today. In 2005, the 4 Institutes of the world who are holding a few leaves of this Bible, i.e. the British Museum (347 leaves), the National Library of Saint Petersburg (7 leaves), the University Library of Leipzig (43 leaves) and finally the Monastery St Catherine of Mount Sinai (12 leaves and 40 fragments),  agreed to cooperate in order to create an Internet site where this Bible, including the complete New Testament, would be permanently accessible to all those who wish to study it in the original document. This was to be obtained by perfectly scanned images of each page, by a modern writing, scientific annotations, and some translations, each time directly in front of the image taken from the original in Greek. For the moment only the English translation is available on the site, later on translations are announced in Russian, German and Greek languages (which corresponds to the countries of the 4 institutes with provided this outstanding work), and perhaps in other languages. The leaves are in parchment and formed apparently from the beginning a real book of some 700 leaves (1400 pages), of which 300 sheets concerning certain parts of the Old Testament have not yet been rediscovered. This is the most ancient book that is as perfectly and completely preserved since antiquity. Here is an initiative which is worthy of this venerable document containing the Word of God. The site of the Codex is: It is worthwhile to have a look at it, even if one doesn’t read the Greek. -It is also a perfect example how the ancient Christian literature, which is currently disappearing - with complete religious libraries being closed, sold or burned – could be saved and even resuscitated in an unexpected way. Let’s hope that, upon this initiative, many Christians, particularly the Catholic pensioners, start to scan, page by page, their precious personal libraries, or at least parts of it. UNEC would accept to publish their scans, adding a small software for reading these scanned pages like a book which will be easy to work out, on its Internet site, in order to make these valuable old books accessible to everyone. - (ru; cf. SJN July 6th, 2009)

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