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- NO PAUSE:  With SOS MOTHERS there are no holidays, on the contrary, it’s in that period that sometimes the most painful cases occur. Extracts from the last logbook of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC).

"Monday 1 June 2009. - We are meeting a major problem: the number of occasional donations has fallen by 50%, because of the ‘financial crisis’. We are trying to limit our rescue actions, but to do this, we must learn how to ‘walk over dead bodies’. We currently are even not able to meet our obligations which we took in response to the catastrophic situation of tens of women (monthly lodging costs etc. ). Right out 4,000 Euro (5,600 USD) are lacking in the cashbox. Problem. A very simple solution would be to double the number of donors, which requires to organize more conferences, interviews, articles. Vast program. We regularly mail (or email) our ‘logbook’ to all our donors, also for enabling them to make some publicity for SOS MOTHERS near their friends.

Wednesday, June 17 2009. - Sad news: an abortion! Until now, in 14 years of activity, SOS MOTHERS has only experienced three of them: one in Georgia, and two in the Paris area. Here is unfortunately the 4th one. It’s a young lady called Jessica, aged 20. We knew her for 2 weeks, but due to the need to reduce the number of our rescues owing to the strong decrease of financial means, we did not really take her in charge, for example by providing a separation - at least for some time - from her family in the form of a stay of 3 or 4 nights at a hotel. Meanwhile, her parents, a north African father and a Spanish mother – forced her to abort her baby, ‘since the father of the baby was a black’… We have met Jessica when she was roaming around near the Ourcq canal in Paris, crying. We did not immediately realize that she was in the process of swallowing all medicines that she had found at home. Finally she confessed that she was desperate and that she wanted to throw herself into the canal… Our assistant took her home for 2 nights, to console her, after having conducted her to a hospital (pumping of the stomach). This morning she returned to her family, empty, inconsolable… What a sadness ! Long life to the 526 otherwise courageous mothers, whom we could help to save their babies! May God bless their heroic courage of carrying, in our days and often under terrible conditions, their babies up to birth ! And may He also have mercy of those who have not that courage and who - by our fault? - cannot find help in dramatic circumstances!

Friday, June 19 2009. - Nadine, 20 years, 'slightly disabled', pregnant from a 'very violent' metisse (frequent physical assaults on the young girl). Nadine lives in the Paris region, with her 'slightly disabled' mother, as well as 2 other 'slightly disabled' brothers. The mother of Nadine is completely disturbed by this pregnancy and sees only one solution: to abort her daughter’s baby, in spite of religious remorses. Two social workers have strongly advised an abortion to Nadine (except a 3rd one, of the same service, who fortunately informed us). Two problems:

1)      Nadine should stay, during pregnancy, not in a studio, but in a family so as to be 'surrounded' (even if she seems fairly independent and earning money); but all of our places of accommodation are over-full (we are housing actually 38 mothers), and our bank account is empty to participate at least in the lodging costs already promised earlier...

2)      What should be done with the baby which is announced, after the birth? There is the possibility of an adoption by a Catholic association called "FOUNDATION ADOPTION - LIVE IN A FAMILY« in the Orne department of France; because the baby will perhaps also be 'slightly disabled’?
In any event, it’s necessary that we meet Nadine directly, without passing by intermediaries. We set a meeting with her for Tuesday, June 23 in Paris, and we’ll see.

By the way: what is that ‘social service‘ which, for potentially disabled babies, has only one reply, the famous response of a certain Hitler : EXTERMINATE ! One remembers his T4 program for extermination of the sick persons with disabilities, from 1939 to 1941, stopped finally by the unique courageous opposition of the cardinal von Galen, the "lion of Muenster". Is it normal that one must rely to a private micro-organization, such as SOS MOTHERS, to rescue a potentially handicapped baby ? They horrify us, those Pharisees who are preaching to everyone that they love the disabled ones by building everywhere private parking lots for them, let alone the lifts for the disabled ones, special toilets, hotel rooms, beds and so on,  but when a very little baby which is POTENTIALLY disabled, comes up, avid to live, they cut his throat ! Those people are only a gang of (conscious or unconscious) killers ! Whatsoever, we shall help the baby of Nadine to live, especially in bypassing the terrible barriers of the ‘social services’ – killer services - of the French Revolutionary Republic, … and her own mother.

Wednesday 1 July 2009 - Odile loses her nerves. We are sheltering this young mother since almost two years in one of our Parisian emergency studios, 9 square meters! Meanwhile she had her baby, but she cannot leave our emergency studio, since she cannot find a low cost housing, though she earns money. She said that at the 'counters' of the social services, the hostesses hide themselves behind 1 cm thick bullet-proof glasses. In the waiting room there is a terrible heat, the cries of many children of all colours do not cease. Here Odile is waiting long hours since 1 1/2 year, every 2 weeks, endlessly. She knows well all the 7 hostesses behind the 7 counters, all as insensitive one as the other. She despairs: "A low cost housing! A low cost housing!!!!!" - Nothing. "There are no housings available, Madam"... THE other day we knew the following figures: in France, there would exist 800,000 urgent requests of low cost housings, of which 600,000 in the Paris area. But the Prefecture of Paris indicated that it had, to serve this gigantic request, only … 50,000 low cost housings available per year. This is State dishonesty ! They say they are going to walk in the space, but they do not even know how to give sleeping space to their citizens, and particularly to women with small children. And all this, because they don’t dare to close the borders against wild immigration, on the contrary, they abolish the frontiers… When there is a flood in the house, it’s useless to evacuate the water by spoons, it’s better to cut primarily the central water tap. They don’t even understand that, those poor minds! Thank you, Madam Boutin (Catholic housing minister)! The case of Odile is symbolic for the anxiety and despair of many of our little mothers. We eventually shall come to the point to make understand to everyone: the services of the State, including his servants, are a cynical façade; they do not really get involved with the needy ones, except for the form, ‘from 10 AM to 6 PM’. With a pause at noon, please! But the real problems start in the evening at 11 PM, dear friends! In short, we shall not lose time any more with all those services , we shall build on our own poor Christian forces, on our Saviour Jesus alone. He ensures. At Gethsemane He prayed alone, while all others were sleeping…

Tuesday, July 7 2009 - The young Jessica, a pregnant Asian sexual slave that we could rescue from an embassy in the south of Europe, feels bad: she looks exhausted, her baby wants to get off, she still did not find back all her forces, in spite of the attentive care provided by our lodging person who is herself a doctor. A premature delivery is imminent ? And she is haemophiliac ! This day we gave 600 Euro (840 USD) for the supply of blood pockets, something which has done wonders with some of our little mothers in the past. We pray for Jessica. Other news: Verena, 17 years, living up to the birth of her baby with one of our friends on the Côte-d’Azur, made a stupidity: she took the keys of the car of the son of our lodging person and paraded proudly… Small accident without gravity. But the cost to repair the VW : 450 Euros (630 USD). Totally, Verena cost us until now, for her needs but also for her various stupidities, 2,901 Euros (4,061 USD). Compare with Jessica, for example : 2,620 Euro (3,669 USD=) up to this day. They are ‘expensive’ babies. Other babies are costing a lot less. The average is about 1000 Euro (1,400 USD) per saved baby. - And we have been able to save up to day … 537 babies, including 45 yet to be born. By the way, here are our births since 1 May 2009: Audray on May 5, Lorry on 11 May, Leo on May 13, Liza and Boris on May 15, Aurelia on May 18, Solene on May 25, Yziz on May 28, Kalina on May 31, Leon on June 1, Courtney on June 2, Calista on June 3, Mendy on June 12, Liam and Alizae on June 14, Erika and Matthew (twins) on June 15, Zoltaw and Kora on June 18, Lisa on June 20, Ekaterina on June 22, Alex on July 1, Steven on July 3… Thus 23 babies saved, born over 9 weeks, that’s approximately 1 baby every 3 days. GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO !” - (ru; cf. UNEC site, under the heading SOS MOTHERS)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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